Got too emotional and started ranting in class even though I'm neither the only one nor the worst off.

I can't help it if I'm not fucking over it. I'm in this damned University because of it. It's not something I can divorce from my being because it follows me every day. I'm not special or the pitiable martyr but it's still integral and affected me and damaged me noticeably.

I know that the shame at not controlling my emotions is just a cultural thing (thanks, Linguistics class) and I shouldn't hate myself because I didn't try to talk over anyone and I acknowledged the guy who said something similar before me, but I still feel mad even though I know it makes sense I'd get wound up. Though I didn't expect tears to come out.

Just quietly finished the rest of my notes, composed my face and asked my teacher about re-grading my missing assignment that I just found out didn't get through.