This is a one off story that I just had to get out of my mind. Rated M for sex scenes.

Word Count: 6369

"When does her flight land?" I asked my blue-eyed lover.

"It should've landed by now. She should be home soon."

"Can we…"

"No. We promised ourselves we would tell her this time. We've been procrastinating from Thanksgiving last year and now it's almost time for Easter break. We must do this… I must do this." I sighed. I knew there was no way of getting out of telling her. Frankly, a part of me feels that I should get this over with, but another part of me is just too afraid of what might happen, of what she might say and how that would affect us.

You probably don't realize how much shit I'm in right now, or about why all of this matters that much. Well, it'll take at least an hour for her to get here, so I might as well fill you in.

My relationship with Kate Chambers started around a year ago… Actually, no wait, that won't explain why… Okay but then I'll have to… Fuck it, I'll rewind it a few more years.

My story starts way back when I was sixteen. I'm Marissa Sparks and up until that age, I was just your average closeted lesbian teenage girl from a typical American family. I was never that proud of my body, with a mousy little appearance, frizzy red hair, brown eyes and chest almost as flat as a board. Most people mistake me for an Irish person, and while I do come from Irish ancestry on my father's side, it was still quite a surprise to my parents in the hospital. They thought the nurse had switched their child for someone else's.

As a family, we were doing pretty alright, dad had a rather stable job that kept us afloat, I kept up my pocket money by working at a fast food chain, and my mother worked as a receptionist at some doctor's office to compensate for her hobbies, also known as her drinking problem.

But my family like many others, had its fair share of issues. The long sparring matches between my parents kept our house lively, to put it mildly. Usually my mother was drunk during said fights, making her quite unbearable during such times. And I had my 'in the closet' problem, so I was quite unsociable with them as well. Dad just assumed I didn't want to see them fighting, and I chose to leave it like that.

We got by, living in our twisted tranquility. Every day was no different from the previous, and while that may seem a little drab, it was actually quite nice.

Then life intervened, and it all came crashing down one Sunday night in March, around a month after my sixteenth birthday. Dad had passed away in a car crash.

It was nobody's fault really, no drunken douchebag or impatient asshole to blame. He was driving at night through a somewhat dark and empty highway. The police said a stray dog must've run by the front of the vehicle, causing him to swerve sharply and crash into a tree by the side of the road. He died before the medics could even get to him. That night was the saddest and darkest night of my life… or so I thought until it all settled.

Mother was never the same since dad died, partly because he kept her in line, but mostly because she did love him, even though it rarely showed. His death was killing her inside, and she chose to drink until she forgot that fact, instead of taking care of me. It made her even more unbearable to me, now that dad wasn't there to take the brunt of her torture. On some days she would mourn dad's death, on other days she would complain about how unsociable and ungrateful I was. I couldn't stand her anymore, and I usually locked myself in my room before she got home to avoid a confrontation. Those were the nights I hated the most, when it felt like I had lost everything in my world.

Alas, it was dad who ultimately came to my rescue. He was looking out for me from beyond the grave and that's what gave me the strength to continue. A few weeks later, our lawyer contacted us about my father's will. He had left my mother his pension, but for me he had set up an education fund a long time ago, and had been saving up for my college fees. It basically covered a large portion of my education fees until I made it through college. Coupled with the money I had been saving up as my pocket money and a scholarship, I could get through college undergrad without having to worry too much about my education and living expenses.

Since that day, I threw myself into my studies, setting aside any other issues like my mother, my sexuality and high school. I basically lived between school, the library and my part-time job, and didn't care for much else.

Finally, after a year of hard work, I got the scholarship I wanted and got into NYU Stern as a Political and Business Economics Major. It took some rope, tons of coffee, a garden hose, and a wet kitchen to get my Mother sober enough to realize what I'd been doing for the past year. She was finally proud of me… until she realized I was leaving her for good. The rest of it went down something like this.

"B-But you can't… You can't leave me…"


"You can't… I won't let you… I won't pay for your college."

I chuckled. "Mother, you will not be paying for my college fees. I can assure you that much."

"B-But then…"

"Dad left me an Education fund in his will. If you had been sober when we met with the lawyer, you would know that. Also, I got myself a scholarship from NYU and have been saving up on the money from my part time job. I have more than enough for the small amount I should pay for my living expenses after dad's fund and my scholarship pitch in."

She went silent for a while after that. I took the time to make myself something to eat from the kitchen, while she just sat there, wet, in the middle of the kitchen, tied up to a chair while she processed all the information I just fed her.

"Why… Why are you leaving me?"

I was genuinely surprised. Was she seriously asking me this question? Wordlessly, I grabbed her bottle of vodka and held it up. Thankfully, she understood and had the decency to feel ashamed of herself.

"Oh, while we're here I might as well just throw this out there. I'm a lesbian."

She seemed like she might challenge me but one look from me silenced her.

After some more time, she piped up again as I was doing the dishes. "Can… Can I meet you again sometime?"

I turned back to her, my gaze softened. "Maybe… if you can start getting rid of this." I held up her bottle once again.

She took a deep breath and nodded. Tears glazed her eyes as she finally realized that she had to face the reality if she wanted her daughter once again. I loosened her ropes and we shared a brief hug.

Since then we've met a few times, but not really enough to say we're back to the mother-daughter relationship we had when I was a child. I am happy she mostly got rid of her habit, and even happier she did it for me. She's got a new family now, met a guy once she was sober again, got married to him after a year or two, and is now helping him with her now step-children. I made her promise not to neglect them like she did to me, that much was enough for me. But I digress from me and my current situation.

Shortly after I got into college, I met up and became fast friends with Rachel, my best friend, my rock, and at the moment, the person I'm most afraid of.

Rachel looked like your typical Korean chick, except she was extremely tall and voluptuous, courtesy of her mother. I found out much later that she only half-Korean, and her mother was American.

Rachel and I were attached at the hip back in college. We became friends because we had the same majors, same interests and didn't have a fatherly figure anymore. But we were so much more than just friends, we were like sisters. She was the first person I told anything, the first person I went for any help, the first everything. She was also the first person I told in college about my sexuality, and she supported me all the way through. She even became friends with my girlfriends… until they turned into exes of course. We've been through a lot together and I knew could trust her to be on my side no matter what happens.

Well… until I went and fucked it all up. I don't really know how she could forgive me for this.

It started way back, just before freshman year ended. Rachel had noticed that I hadn't gone home for the entire year and asked me about it. I told her all about my life and the shit I've been through. It was then that she suggested I come home with her for the vacation. I tried to talk her out of it. It was for the entire summer vacation, not just a weekend or a holiday. I obviously didn't want to burden her with that, but she insisted and even showed me an email from her mother welcoming me into their home. The two of them pressured me into it and eventually I caved.

Just before we left, Rachel was held back by one of our professors and asked to help out with a short project. I wanted to stay back and wait for her, but she pushed me to leave. I don't remember what she said but she's very good at convincing me. The next day she dropped me off at the airports with my bags, a ticket to San Fransisco, and her home address.

From the moment she opened that door, I think some part of me knew I was in love with her. Ultimately, that part dominated the rest of me and now I can't really imagine a world without my Kate. I spent a blissful few days with her, not knowing why I was so happy at the time, while we waited for her daughter, my best friend, Rachel Chambers to arrive.

Yes, that's how bad I fucked up. I was, and still am hopelessly in love with my best friend's mom.

Kate has always been beautiful, anyone can attest to that. She looks and is too young to be a mother. She was unfortunate enough to have a teenage pregnancy at the young age of 17. Disowned by her family and having an unsupportive father of her child, she had to work extremely hard to give Rachel the life she has today.

When I first met her, she was just 36. She had straight brown hair up to her shoulders, a thin frame, bountiful breasts, and a soft behind. She reminded me of Jennifer Aniston from the final season of friends, but she was taller. At five foot eight inches, most would assume that her model like build was what captured the hearts of many a man and lesbian she meets. But it's actually her striking blue eyes that leave people falling for her.

But it's not just her physical beauty. She's as kind as she can turn heads. And those few days with her made me happy like my own mother never had. She is the most wonderful person I've met, and I'm lucky to have her… until now.

While I was a sucker for her within a second, she still saw me as her daughter's best friend. It took a while for her to start seeing me as a woman who's in love with her. It started with Halloween that year. The summer vacation had ended with me realizing my growing love for her, and the three months that followed were filled with random one night stands and lots of dates to try and get rid of it.

But it just wouldn't go away. If anything, it got stronger.

After that summer, Rachel convinced me, once again, to visit for Halloween. And that year, the three of us decided to wear costumes and head out to meet a bunch of their friends. That year, Kate had decided to wear a costume that involved body paint. And seeing as Rachel couldn't paint if her life depended on it and Kate didn't want to change her costume, the task was left to me.

Yes, I was asked to paint on my insanely hot but forbidden crush while she stood naked mere inches in front of me. The whole ordeal took about an hour. Imagine yourself in my position for an entire fucking hour. I wore a pad to soak up my moist pussy as I worked. And it didn't fucking help. The intense sessions in the bathroom afterwards were amazing though.

It was then that I finally decided that the crush was probably going to stay. I gave myself one more chance until Christmas to see if I could get over it. But as we all now know, that didn't work out.

And so it started. Plan 'Get Kate to fall in love with you' was under way. I thought it was a hopeless cause that would finally help me move on with a rejection. But in the microscopic chance that it might actually work out, I didn't want to lose her over it. So I gave it everything I had.

She didn't seem respond to the little touches and the sudden increase in intimacy between us, no matter how long I tried. I almost gave up as the first semester of junior year ended with little progress. And entire year of my plan, and no progress whatsoever. That winter I decided to leave it all out on the floor. Rachel had taken up a project with one of her professors once again. But this time, she had to leave from break a few days early instead of arriving late.

Two days before I left for college and four days since Rachel had already gone back. I gathered all my courage, and walked into her room at night, just before she went to sleep.

"Kate… there's something… there's something I have to tell you."

She set aside the book she was reading and sat up. She looked delicious in her satin black pajamas. They didn't look like something a 38 year old would wear, but she rocked even those.

"Yes Marissa, what is it?"

"Umm… It's… umm…"

"Come here darling, have a seat." She motioned to a space on the bed beside her. I sat down as close as I could to her.

"It's… it's actually quite… quite hard to say. I've been dealing with this for a year now, and I can't take it anymore."

"What is it darling? You can tell me."

Maybe it was her hand on mine, or the way her eyebrows scrunched in concern. Or maybe it was just the way I could see the curve of her breasts, or the tiniest hint of cleavage as the top part of button up satin shirt opened. Mostly, I think it was her eyes. I was always a sucker for her eyes. Whatever it was, it compelled me to do what I did next.

I lifted my hand up, grabbed a handful of her shirt and pulled her into a kiss. It was a kiss filled with all the yearning and pining from the past year and a half. All the nights spent crying, dreaming, and fantasizing, everything into one long kiss that hopefully lasted a few minutes. I honestly couldn't tell.

Once the initial surprise wore off, she started to pull back. I didn't let her at first, trying to savor the moment as much as possible. But when pulled back once again, I couldn't do anything but let her. Steeling my nerves as she pulled back, I awaited the harsh reality that was about to be thrust in my way.

"Marissa… I… You… I didn't… know if you… the touches…" She shook her as if she was irritated, gave me the strangest of looks, and then did the most surprising thing I've ever seen her do.

She placed her hand behind my neck, and pulled me in for a kiss once again.

It was my turn to be shocked. Was she actually kissing me? My mind turned into a mush.

After what felt like ages, through the hottest kiss I've ever had, we finally broke apart. My brain was obviously still a mush.

"Finally… you made a move… You've been touching me… all year and I was starting to think… I might just be imagining it."

"So… you're okay with this? With me?"

She leaned back onto the bed. "I'd be lying if I said it doesn't bother me or make me worry. There's a lot of things to think about and we'll be facing a lot of hurdles along the way. But I've had a full month to think about those things and learn to accept the way I feel. So, I'm willing if you are. Just know that it won't be easy."

The words were out of my mouth before I could censor them. "Wait, you only noticed a month ago." WHAT THE FUCK WAS I DOING!? SHE ASKED ME IF I WAS GOING TO BE WITH HER AND I RESPOND WITH THIS!?

"Yeah… How long have you been trying to get closer to me?"


"Marissa, answer me. How long?"

"Since last December…"

"And you've been in love with me since…"

"The moment I laid my eyes on you."


"Kate, I love you and I want to be with you. So yes, I'm willing to give this a go."

She stared at me for another few minutes, before pulling me into another deep kisses.

We spent that night together in the same bed. No, we didn't have sex that night. It seemed a little forward for two people who had only just gotten together. That came a few months later, when Rachel was out with a bunch of her friends from middle school during our Easter break in junior year. They were going to a blink-182 concert, and I wasn't as interested in the band, nor did I know her friends. Also, it was a chance to spend some more time with my beloved Kate.

"Mom, Marissa, I'm leaving."

"Take care, darling."

"Bye Rach."


I silently crept up behind Kate, and grabbed her breasts from behind.

"Oh… Oh, of course you'd go for my breasts."

I nuzzled into her neck, and took a good hard sniff. She smelled amazing.

"Pervert, stop smelling my neck."

"Why, do you want me to smell some other place?"

"Maybe…" She blushed a bright red.

I was surprised, we hadn't gone this far before. But I got over it quickly. There was something bigger at stake.

I pulled back and then tugged at her, leading her to her bedroom. Once we were inside, she quickly grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down on her bed, straddling my hips. I had no idea she could act so sexy for me.

"Now look who's eager."

Kate blushed, but continued to pull her top off while she straddled me. She was wearing a lacy black bra that suited quite nicely with her mildly tanned skin.

"Did you wear this for me? Has someone been planning for this?"


I couldn't stand it any longer. I wrapped a hand around her midriff and pulled her down into a kiss, while my other hand reached behind her to unhook her bra.

She pushed against my shoulders and brought herself upright once again.

"Wha… Why?"

Shaking her head, she brought her hands up to the front of her bra and unhooked it. I gave her a sheepish smile and dragged her lips back to mine as she threw the annoying undergarment behind her.

Her tongue entered my open mouth, entwining with mine. My mind was turning into a mush from the kiss, even though we had kissed many times before. Her topless body sitting on top of me was giving me a sensory breakdown.

She grabbed two fistfuls of my shirt and ripped it open, buttons flying everywhere. I should be angry, that was my favorite set of pajamas. But I really didn't give a fuck with everything else going on.

"My, my, look at you, without a bra… I wonder, are you wearing anything down there either?"

Her hand snaked down to pants, her finger slowly trailing though the valley of my breasts. I shuddered in anticipation as her hand reached my stomach. I was ticklish down there and she knew it. I could feel her playful smirk on my lips. Please don't do this to me right now, I prayed. I desperately needed to be touched, to cum.

After circling my belly button a few times, she slid her hand further down my torso. I wish I had trimmed my bush. Her fingers gently crossed the waistband of my pajama pants. She brought her lips to my ear and whispered sultrily.

"Look at my little slut, running around the house all morning without anything underneath her pajamas."

Calling me a slut seemed to turn me on even more. I knew my juices had soaked my pants.

Kate ran her fingers through my bush a bunch of times. I ached for her to travel further down but she just wouldn't indulge me. Opening my eyes, I found her smirking at me.

"Kate…" I whined.

Her smirk only widened. She only said one thing. "Beg."

"Kate, don't do this."

"Beg for it, my little slut."

The throbbing in my pussy only increased, my juices started to flow faster.

"Please… mistress…" I had no control over my mouth in that moment. The word just slipped out. But the reaction was instantaneous.

Kate's eyes darkened with lust as she kissed me harshly once again, bruising my lips. Her hand rushed down and started to rub my clit as her other hand pinched my left nipple. I was overwhelmed by the sensations I was going through, and my moans had probably alerted the whole neighborhood of our activities. My hands gripped onto the back of her shoulders involuntarily, as if I was holding on for dear life.

Her fingers expertly alternated between pinching and rubbing my clit bringing closer to an earth-shattering orgasm. She was taking me on a rollercoaster ride and the only thing I could was hold on tight.

She pushed me over the edge, and I was lost to the sensations. I must've been screaming out her name because I could hear it in my ears, but I couldn't recognize my own voice, rough and hoarse. My hips moved with a mind of their own, gyrating against her fingers, trying to ride out my orgasm for as long as possible.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, my orgasm ended. I lay shivering on the bed as I tried to even my labored breath.

Kate brought her wet fingers up to my lips.


Her hand was completely drenched in my sweet sticky nectar. It kept dripping down from her fingers onto my neck. How much did I ejaculate?

"You were gushing like geyser, love." I must've been thinking out loud. "Now lick your own cum, my sweet little squirting slut."

I stuck my tongue out and gingerly sucked on the edge of her index finger. She slowly pushed her finger deeper into my mouth. I could taste my sweet tangy cum on it. I could feel a hint of pee in it.

Oh god, did I pee while I was cumming?

A blush took over my cheeks. I couldn't believe I peed onto Kate's hand like that. I diverted my eyes from her, unable to make eye contact after embarrassing myself like that.

"Don't look away."

I obeyed and brought my eyes back to hers. She quickly slipped two fingers, and then two more into my mouth. I lapped up my juices as quickly as I could.

"We're not finished." It was a statement. I wasn't to argue.


She stood still for a moment and then slowly asked me. "You should… you should call me… mistress."

I brought my eyes to hers and stared at them. Her gorgeous blue eyes, the color of the ocean on a bright sunny afternoon. I stared at the eyes that captivated me on the very first day I saw and knew there was only one thing I could say.

"Yes, mistress."

Her eyes darkened with lust once more. It made me happy that I could affect her the same way she did to me. She slipped her hand out of mouth, crawled up my body and sat down on my face, with her legs on either side of my head. My nose rubbed against her clit as her heated core was just mere centimeters away from my mouth.

She didn't even have to command me to do anything. My tongue was already halfway there when she said. "Lick."

Before I obeyed her, I just had to say one more thing. "Yes, mistress."

Her shudder made me happy as I wrapped my arms around her thighs, pulling her slit closer to my mouth.

"Oh Marissa…" She moaned out as soon as my tongue touched her slit. Her intoxicating aroma captivated me, and I fell into a trance. From that moment, I could think of nothing but the pussy in front of me. I felt at ease licking her pussy. It was weird that something like this made me feel this way.

I hadn't realized but my mistress was already close to orgasm. I picked up the pace, bringing her to a swift yet powerful orgasm. I let her ride it out on my face, but I didn't stop licking. Her smell, her moans, her taste, her pussy captivated me to no bounds.

Before I realized it, my mistress was already on her way to her second orgasm. I kept licking until she rode that out as well. It was only then that she pushed herself off of me.

Part of me was a little sad to be separated from my mistress' pussy. I wonder how it turned out this way.

"Wow… I… I never… I mean… Wow."

Kate pushed herself down to lay by my side.

"Are… Are you sure you've never… done that before?"

"I haven't."

"Wow. I mean, that was amazing. You're a natural."

I blushed and replied softly. "Thank you… mistress."

She gave me a look, and then we both started giggling simultaneously.

After that we cleaned up and waited for Rachel to come back from her concert.

I never really looked back on the pussy-licking. Loved it then, love it even more now. And Kate is still my mistress in bed. I love when she goes dominatrix on me. We've fulfilled many fantasies of ours since. Like the time I dressed up as the slutty nurse. Or the time when I fished out a rather tight catholic school girl costume and she spanked me with a ruler. Or when I spent an hour licking her underneath the desk as she skyped with Rachel.

Uhh… Excuse me for a second. I have to take a short bathroom break.

I'm sorry, I just had to go.

Now where was I? Oh right, the first time we had sex. Yeah, that was an amazing night.

Moving on, Kate and I continued our relationship without telling anyone. It was hard at times, and we fought on the phone and through skype many times while I was still in college. Most of my pocket money was spent on trips to San Fransisco. It was hard to do long distance, even harder with the mother of your best friend and then roommate. But we made it work, somehow. No doubt the amazing sex was a contributing factor.

Both Rachel and I graduated with Summa Cum Laude. Kate was very proud of us that day. She spent a lot of time hugging and taking pictures of us in our graduation clothes. Afterwards, she pulled me into the empty bathroom on the second floor and gave me a long hot kiss, and made me promise I wouldn't throw away my black graduation hat and robes until she had the chance to experience me wearing them in the bedroom. That was a fun night.

Mother was present at the graduation ceremony as well. I met my step-brother, 10 year old Robert, my step-sister, 7 year old Lisa, and my step-father John. They were a nice and lively family. I promised I'd visit them from time to time.

After we graduated, I got employed in a Business Consultation firm in San Fransisco, while Rachel got into a 2 year MBA program at the Yale School of Management.

I told Rachel that I wasn't joining her because my Education Fund had run out. And while that was true, it wasn't the biggest reason why I was becoming an employee instead of joining her for a master's degree. No, the biggest reason was Kate, but don't tell her I said that, she would never forgive herself for it.

I loved her and wanted to be with her, and that's why I got a job at San Fransisco.

I moved in with Kate straight from college. While it was still technically Rachel's house as well, she was gone for most of the year, so we had the place to ourselves. And for a blissful and nearly eventless year and a half we lived together as a loving lesbian couple. Now, as Rachel is about to finish her MBA in a few months and planning to get a job in San Fransisco as well, Kate was getting quite antsy about hiding it from her anymore.

And she's right, we shouldn't. But I'm still scared. I'm scared that I'll lose either… or worse, both of them by the end of the night. Just the thought of that terrifies me to no end.

And now you know why.

The doorbell rang, signaling my impending doom. Speak of the devil.

Kate walked up to me and pulled me into a short but deep kiss. I could feel her fear in it. She was just as afraid of this as I was. She gave me a look and walked to the door.

I took a deep breath and calmed my nerves as much as possible. It was now or never. We were going to tell her as soon as we could. We couldn't tell her all through Christmas break because we kept procrastinating it, under the pretense that Rachel was resting or was busy or otherwise occupied. That won't be the case this time.

Rachel walked in through the door and gave Kate a big hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Hey Marissa, I thought you'd be at work."

"I can never miss the arrival of my one and only best friend." Kate gave me a look.

"What are you talking about? Every other time I came home, you were at work. What's so different this time?"

"Just… this is the last time you'll be…" My words trailed off as I met Kate disapproving glare. I took a deep breath as Rachel stared at me, waiting for me to finish.

"Right… Rach, there's something I… We have to tell you… And it would be better for you to take a seat in the dining room."


I grabbed Rachel's bags and tossed them onto the couch. Kate disapproved of my messiness and if everything goes well, she would probably make me clean that up later, but there were much more important things to address right now.

Once we all settled down in the dining room, Rachel waited for me to say something.

"Rachel… I… I've always been your best friend… and I always will want to be, if you'll have me. But I don't know if you'll still have me after I tell you this. Please, I hope you'll still have me as one. I..." I knew I was stalling, but can you blame me.

"Rachel… Kate and I… we're dating and are in love with each other." There, I said it.

I averted my gaze, awaiting my judgement. What will I find if I look into her eyes right now? Will it be anger, disgust, or just plain hatred, I do not know. I do not want to know I-…

"I know."

"Huh?" Both mine and Kate's reactions were simultaneous. Did she actually say that?

"I know you two have been dating since Christmas. I mean, you two were so obvious with the touching and the caressing. And the staring, you guys really thought I wouldn't notice the two of you giving each other googly eyes whenever you were in within each other's eyesight. I may not be that chick who can tell who's dating who with a single look but I'm not completely dumb. Give me some credit."

Kate and I were too shocked to say anything.

"And I'll admit, it's quite weird for me. Fuck, the first time I saw Marissa's hand caressing Mom's ass, I locked myself in my bedroom for the entire day. But I know what the two of you have had to go through in your life. And it took a while, but I've learned to accept it. Just one rule though, tone the PDA down while I'm in the room."

I really couldn't contain myself. Jumping out of my seat I grabbed onto Rachel and pulled her into the tightest hug I could give. I broke down crying as I planted kisses all over her face.

"Woah, too tight… Marissa… Marissa, you're crushing me." I loosened my grip a little and let her hug me back.

As soon as I let go, Kate pulled Rachel in for a bone-crushing hug of her own. I could hear her murmuring "Thank You" over and over, against her daughter's neck.

After what seemed like an eternity, Kate let go and Rachel was finally free.

"But no matter what happens, I'm NOT calling you Mom."

The three of us burst out laughing.

"I love you, Rach."

"Hey, don't do that. Mom will get jealous." Kate gave her a look. "And about that, I don't understand. How did the two of you fall in love so quickly? I would assume declarations of love are something more of a 1 year anniversary thing instead of a 3 month anniversary thing. How did that happen?"

Kate and I shared a look. She was going to take this one.

"Rachel, Marissa and I… we've been dating since Christmas-"

"I know that, Mom."

"-of your junior year."


I gulped loudly.


"Rachel…" "Rach…"

"Why? Do I mean that little to you? Or did you two think I was a child and wouldn't understand such a thing. Or am I just that untrustworthy?"

"NO!" Both our voices echoed.

"No Rach… Please try to understand."

"I'm already being very understanding."

"Yes, yes you are and we're very grateful for that. But please listen to me... Please, I beg you."


"Thank you. Rachel, you're not untrustworthy and you mean the world to us. That's actually why it was so hard. For the entire of our first year together, we didn't even know if it would work out well enough for us to keep going. We were in a long distance lesbian relationship between a woman and her best friend's mother. Everything in that sentence screams either forbidden or failure. It was only when I moved to San Fransisco-"

"So that's why you didn't want to come with me."

"NO! I told you, I had no money left from dad's fund. I couldn't pay for my tuition fees, even if I got a scholarship-"

"But it contributed."

"Yes, I can't deny that. But it mostly contributed to the choice of the city rather than the choice of employment itself. After that, we took some time to properly get closer and see if we could actually be together. Finally, we've been trying to tell you for the past few times you came here, but we chickened out every time. So that's why we rushed you into the dining room this time to get it over with."

Rachel took a few incredibly long minutes to process what I had just said.

"Alright… I forgive you two."

"Thank You." I went back to hugging her. Kate joined in this time.

After we broke apart, Rachel gave us a stern warning. "But next time, if either of you is taking a serious, life changing decision. You MUST tell me. Understand?"


"Good. Now come on, I need one more hug and extra-large helping of Mom's delicious pancakes."

Kate and I shared a look and a nod.

As we hugged Rachel once again, the two of us leaned in and planted a huge kiss on either of her cheek.

"Now this, I could get used to."

That was my story. I've been through a lot and have worked very hard for this happy little bubble I'm in right now.

And I know it probably won't last. Because life's a bitch and it loves to pop happy bubbles.

And when that happens, I know the three of us will do everything we can to make the best of the situation.

But that's a story for another day.

Did anyone guess the connection between Kate and Rachel? How was the surprise?

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