Before the adventure:
"Lisa, should we watch Spider-man Homecoming again? Maybe even The Avengers: Civil War...",asked Samantha with a smile.

Lisa's eyes went wide with fun and nodded to Samantha while she said:"Of course! I'll never refuse to see Peter in action."

Suddenly, they saw a blinding light and began to scream in fear, well... Samantha did, Lisa was yelling curses in the air like:"Shit, shit, shit! I didn't even got to see the next Spider-man movie! I can't die in an explosion!"

"Do not worry, Lisa Riches, you are not dead in your world. You are merely sleeping. Welcome to the interdimentional gate, Miss Riches, Miss DeFreeze. I hope you'll like your stay here. You see, I need your help to change Peter Parkers future.",said a man with blond/brown hair while having blue eyes and wearing a black suit with dress shoes.

"What do you mean?",asked Samantha curious.

Lisa hit Samantha over the head and said:"Don't talk to strangers."

"Yes mom.",said Samantha in a mocking-voice while rolling her eyes and rubbing her head.

"And you, you little, strange creature who doesn't really exist. What kind of help could we give to change Peter Parkers future? He's just a fiction.",said Lisa while looking at the man with a demanding look.

"Peter Parker has no future with Gwen, Liz nor Mary-Jane where he can be happy and have kids. I want you two to become family to him. Miss Riches, you're going to be his girlfriend and later, you're going to be his wife. Miss DeFreeze, you're having the role of Peter's little sister. Lord knows, he needs more family."

"I may not know who you are but if you didn't know, people don't sleep for more tha-",said Samantha but cut off by the man who said:"100 years in Marvel's world is only an hour in your world."

"Well, what are we waiting for? Beam us to our first adventure!",said Lisa impatient and with those words, the man beamed the two girls to the Marvel world, totally forgetting to tell them that their bodies would change and their talents are more.

It's a rainy day when Peter ran out of the Daily Bugle and straight to the nearest bus stop. There, Peter saw a beautiful girl all drenched from the rain. The girl wore a brown leather jacket and a blue jeans. She wore normal but still awesome looking shoes and had her brown hair in a ponytail.

Peter went to her and asked:"Is this seat next to you free?"

But he thought:'That girl is definetly out of mine reach.'

The girl looked up and blushed when she saw Peter all drenched from the rain. She didn't really listen to who asked her but when Peter seated next to her, she looked up and her eyes widened.

Her only thought was:'Holy Chips! That's a hot guy!'

A blush began to crawl on her cheeks until it reached her ears. She wanted to say something but decided to look on her mobile what she could say. She saw that it was still warm even with the rain and asked him if he found today also a warm day.

Peter looked to her and gave her a smile and nodded to her question but he only thought:'She's so~ cute with that blush. NO! Stop that Peter Parker. Even if she's cute, she's still out of your reach.'

The girl looked at him as if he was crazy but before she could ask him something, the bus stopped in front of them and the busdriver told them that if they aren't fast, they'll be waiting for another few hours. Both stood up and ran to the bus. Peter let the girl go first in the bus and then went himself.

The busdriver muttered something about teenagers and love but they didn't care. Peter and the girl sat next to them in silence and even if they wanted to talk to each, they were worried that they would ramble from nevousity.

The busdriver told them that they were at the girls stop and the girl stepped out after saying bye to Peter. Peter said his own goodbye back at the girl and sat the rest of the way in a daze with bright red cheeks and waited for his own stop. When he was at his stop, he ran to his house that he shared with his Aunt May, Uncle Ben and little sister Samantha.

'Hi Petey!",said Samantha to Peter but was ignored as he ran to his room.

The rest of the day, Samantha, aunt May and uncle Ben didn't see a hide nor hair of Peter until the next day when Peter and Samantha had to run to catch the bus.

"STOP! PLEASE WE NEED TO GET ON OR WE'LL BE LATE FOR SCHOOL!",yelled Peter to the bus but was ignored.

Samantha turned to Peter and began to yell:"It's your fault that we're gonna be late. Why aren't you responding to our wake-up calls and to your own alarm?! You better think of a way to get to school on time or you'll be doing my chores for a long~ time."

Peter began to pale and went in search for something and stopped suddenly while hitting himself on his head and said:''I'm so~ stupid. We could've taken our bikes."

,,You're kidding me. You needed ten minutes to think of our bikes! Well, c'mon! We don't have all day!",yelled Samantha and began to run back to their house.

They arrived there and took their bikes but Peters wheel was destroyed and was about to run but Samantha hit him behind his head and shoved his skateboard under his nose while she muttered something that sounded like idiot. They went as fast as their feet could and were on time at school. Samantha went after she locked her bike to her best friend Lisa and saw how she was also in a daze like Peter was yesterday.

"Did you see a new horror movie or something?",asked Samantha to Lisa.

Lisa looked at her and said:"I think that I found my soulmate."

Samanthas eyes went wide and she demanded:"Tell me Every. Single. Detail!"

,,He's hot. He's a package of coolness, mystique, he's a real gentleman and he's got the looks of an angel.",described Lisa to Samantha with dreamy eyes.

Samanthas eyes went wider and she asked with a voice full of curiosity:"And what happened?"

Lisa told Samantha the whole story about the meeting in the rain by a bus stop to how they were silent on the bus and only said bye. Samantha wanted to know the name of the guy that had such a big impact on her best friend but Lisa blushed and told Samantha that she didn't know or rather, she didn't ask.

"You fell in love with a boy and you don't even know HIS NAME?! Come, we need to see my brother, he's really good at getting information.",said Samantha and dragged Lisa with her.

"You have a brother? Since when?",asked Lisa curiously.

"Since he was born in 1999. His name is Peter Parker and he's seventeen years old.",said Samantha.

"And why didn't I know that you had a brother?",asked Lisa.

"Never asked.",said Samantha and gave a little shrug as if it was normal.

Lisa didn't ask for more information and let herself get dragged by Samantha. Samantha stopped by a classroom and asked someone named Harry if Peter had some time to help them with a little problem. Harry wanted to know what it was but Samantha told him it was a secret between Lisa, her and after their talk, it's also Peters secret.

Harry ruffled Samanthas hair and said:"Sure kiddo."

"I'm not a kid!",said Samantha to Harry but Harry just brushed the comment off of him and went to look for Peter.

,,Sorry Kiddo. Wait here a moment. I think I know where he is.",said Harry and went to search for Peter while letting Lisa and Samantha stand in front of Harry and Peters classroom.

Harry went to one of the science rooms where Peter liked to experiment and saw how he looked out of the window in a daze. Harry never saw Peter that way and asked:''What's wrong? You look like you found an experiment that you hope to be able to desipher it."

''Harry, I think, I found my soulmate.",told Peter with such an serious expression that Harry stood there gaping at him like a fish.

"Your soulmate? Explain!",asked Harry carefully after a few minutes of silence.

Peter looked at Harry with a dazed look and said:"She's beautiful. She has curly brown hair with a body of an angel. She was shy and her blush was really cute. She was really nice and even tried to talk to me. She's just perfect."

Harry was at a loss of words. Never did he see Peter so focused on someone or something. Harry demanded that Peter told him the whole story with every single detail and Peter did that without a word until he said that he didn't even know her name.

"Let me get this straight. You fell in love with her at first sight, couldn't talk to her because you were scared that she would see that you ramble when you're nevous and mess everything up when you already thought that you were out of her league?! YOU IDIOT!",said Harry but the last part was screamed at Peter after Peter only nodded to confirm what Harry said.

Harry took a deep breath and told Peter that his little sister needed his help with something. Peters eyes went from dazed to worried after hearing that his independened little sister needed his help for something that he asked Harry where Samantha was. Harry told him where and followed after his distressed best friend.

They both went just around the corner, only for Peter and Lisa to stiffen up and yell:"MY SOULMATE!"

"WHAT?!",asked Harry and Samantha at the same time in shock.


Peter looked at Harry and Lisa looked at Samantha and replied:"Yes."

Harry and Samantha were silent for a long time until Samantha snapped out of her shock and yelled to Lisa:"WHAT HAPPENED TO:
He's hot. He's a package of coolness, mystique, he's a real gentleman and he's got the looks of an angel.?

"Hey!",was Peters weak protest but Lisa just argued back that Samantha just thought that way because Peter is her brother.

Samantha muttered under her breath that she wouldn't think that way if Peter really was hot but no one tried to disagree with her. On that moment came another boy with dark skin, yellow T-shirt and a short jeans, out of the classroom with a bag of chips and asked them if he missed something.

Harry went to his side and told him the shocking news that he just hear:"Ned, Ned, listen to this. Peter here just yelled to the whole school that he apparently found his soulmate yesterday and pointed to Samanthas friend, Lisa. Would you ever think of Peter falling in love with someone who isn't MJ, Gwen or Liz?"

"MJ? Gwen? Liz? Who are they?",asked Lisa curiously.

"No one special really. They are just Peters ex-girlfriends.",answered Ned in a voice that said 'duh don't you know anything?'.

"WHAT?!",yelled Lisa in shock but before someone could say something about that, the school bel rung to sign that the lesson are starting.


Samantha took Lisa's hand and dragged her to their classroom and Samantha promised that she would explain everything to her later after they went to get some drinks. Lisa was OK with that and didn't try to stop again until they were in their classroom. Lisa had to wait 6 school lessons before Samantha could explain everything to her about Peter and his ex-girlfriends.


"DING DONG",went the school bel to sign the end of the lesson.


Lisa shot out of her seat, walked to Samantha and began to drag her out of school. Samantha never had Lisa seen so... worried. Samantha let Lisa drag her outside and waited for her to speak. Lisa opened her mouth but no sound came out. Samantha looked confused and asked her if Lisa felt OK.


"I'm fine Sammy. I'm just a little nervous about hearing the story behind Peter and his ex-girls.",answered Lisa.

"Don't be Lili. It was ages ago that Pete went with a girl on a date. I think it was the last time when he was fifteen years old or something.",told Samantha to Lisa

"With a girl? Do you mean that he's... GAY?!",asked Lisa.

"WHAT?! NO! I meant that it's been ages since he dated someone.",explained Samantha while looking at Lisa with a face full of shock.

Lisa visibly relaxed and wanted to say something but two boys yelled loudly:"FRESH CRAPPLES, FRESH CRAPPLES FOR SALE! WHO WANTS TO TASTE FRESH CRAPPLES?"

Hey guys! What the hell are you doing? And what are crapples?",asked Lisa curiously.

The boys looked at each other and the blond told her:"We're making crapples. Crapples are apples drenched in cranbarry sauce on top mixed until it becomes a Crapple-smoothie."

"Aah",said Samantha and Lisa together.

"Want to taste one?",asked the green haired boy.

"Sure",said Lisa while Samantha looked at her as if she grew a second head and became crazy.

But Lisa just shrugged her shoulders and asked:"What? I'm curious. I never had a Crapple before."

Lisa took a big swallow of the Crapple-smoothie and Samantha asked curiously:"What does it taste like Lili?"

"Like a Crapple",answered Lisa flatly.