Meanwhile, Peter called Lisa and screamed:"Red alarm! Sam is alone with Clint!"

"WHAT?!",yelled Lisa through the phone.

The scream was so loud, that Peter had to hold the phone away from his ear and still, he could hear Lisa's pissed off ranting. Peter looked at the clock and saw that Lisa was already ranting for two minutes and was really curious how long it would take for her to calm down. Peter begann to make his homework while waiting for Lisa's ranting to stop. When he finished his math homework and science assignment, he looked at the clock and saw that Lisa ranted an hour since the last time he looked.

"Lisa, if you don't stop your ranting, we'll never be able to plan something!",said Peter through the phone when Lisa paused to breathe for a moment.

Lisa was for a moment silent and Peter thought she died from little air but after a minute, Lisa said:"What was I ranting about again?"

"About Samantha staying with Clint alone for a day.",said Peter calmly.

Lisa wanted to begin another rant, but decided that they needed to take action and not try to freak out again. Peter sighed in relieve when Lisa stayed quiet and begun to ask Lisa what they could do about Clint and how they could know if Samantha isn't alone with Clint in one room. Lisa thought really long about what they can do and Peter even thought that Lisa was even gone from the phone or something but before Peter could hang up and call again, Lisa told him how she would meet him in half an hour.

"OK but where do we meet?",asked Peter while thinking about a place.

Lisa thought about it for some time and answered in a devious voice:"Meet me at our school with your bike or skateboard. We're going to spy on Clint and Sammy."

Peter's body got the chills running over her back and thought:'I hope that Lisa won't kill me if Clint does something she doesn't like. I'm happy with my life, thank you very much.'

"OK, I'll see you at school. Bye, honey.",said Peter and disconnected the phone.

Lisa on the other hand was ranting:"I'm not honey! Hell, I don't even get why he would want to call me anything else than my given name! I'm not some kind of pet or animal!..."

After a few minutes, Lisa calmed down and got ready for stalk- er… observing Clint and her best friend. Lisa took some dark clothes from her closet and changed into them while Peter did the same. Then, she took her bike and went to her school where Peter waited for her. After half an hour, Lisa arrived at school and saw Peter waiting for her at the front gate of school. Lisa didn't really bother to ask him how he got at school that fast, because she knew from Samantha that Peter wasn't really awake in the morning like he's at night.

"Let's go to Stark Tower!",whispered Lisa to Peter after she stood next to him.

Peter looked confused and whispered back:"Why are we whispering?"

"I don't know...",was Lisa's whispered reply.

Peter facepalmed and said at a normal volume:"Then let's stop whispering and let us go to the Stark Tower."

Lisa agreed without a problem and both she and Peter went on their way to the Stark Tower, all the way bickering about useless stuff that no one else would never even give time to thinks about. But after an hour, Lisa and Peter arrived at the Stark Tower and were just standing in front of the building, looking at their new problem… The height. Lisa and Peter didn't think about the height and about questions like: How the hell are they supposed to get up to the floor where Samantha stays without being detected or without being accused of stalking?!

"Uh… Do you know how to climb the wall without being detected?",asked Lisa to Peter.

Peter shook his head 'no' and said:"I thought that you had everything planned out! How could you have forgotten about the Tower itself?! It's huge!"

"Don't you dare to shove all the blame to me, Mister. You were also someone who helped with this plan and you also didn't remind me of the Tower!",said Lisa with an eye twitch.

"Wow. You're right! I really didn't remind you of the Tower. It may have been because I yo-",said Peter, only to be cut of by someone saying:"Are you done spying and freezing your ass off out there?"

Lisa and Peter turned to the voice that spoke and saw Tony Stark standing there. He looked a little annoyed but also, a little amused by the scene that is known as a love squabble. Lisa and Peter looked at Tony and could only think of how busted they were and that they really needed to learn stealth the next time when they try to spy on someone. Tony chuckled at the quiet teens and told Lisa and Peter to get inside of the Stark Tower.

Lisa and Peter went inside with their heads bowed down and they whispered at each other:"It's your fault, no yours. Yours, yours…"

Tony chuckled and said:"J.A.R.V.I.S. called me from my lab and told me that two teens by the name of Mister Peter Parker and Miss Lisa Riches tried to plan a break into my Tower. When I heard that, I got curious and asked myself: why would those two try and break inside of my Tower when I told them, that they were welcome at any time? And then, I thought about Samantha sleeping by Clint and thought: maybe, they want to kidnap Samantha from Clint and try to destroy the beginning of their love. I really didn't want that, but I couldn't accept that. So, tell me. What did you want to do in my Tower?"

Lisa looked at Tony and said:"Samantha is one of my best friends and the sister of my boyfriend. I wanted to make sure, that she was in safe hands and that Clint didn't try and persuade her to do things that aren't made for us young teens."

"And I came here, because I wanted to know, that Samantha isn't doing intimate things with Clint while she sleeps here. You never know with men.",said Peter with such honesty and devotion, that Tony began to laugh and almost fall to the ground.

After some time, Tony stood upright again and said:"Samantha sleeps on her own floor. Her floor is the highest floor that there could be. I know that she still has a home where she could go, but with how Clint and Samantha's relation are going, I am certain, that I will get her, in a few years, as a sister-in-law."

"CLINT IS YOUR BROTHER?!",yelled Lisa and Peter together in shock.

Tony chuckled and said:"Yep. He was adopted by my parents when he was four years old. I have another brother too. His name is Barney. He's four years older than Clint but four years younger than me."

"Wow. You're the oldest and act like a kid on a sugar high.",said Lisa and another woman's voice at the same time.

Lisa, Peter and Tony turned to the woman's voice and saw a woman with red hair, blue eyes, curves in all the right places on a woman's body and a… glare at Tony. Tony sweat dropped and asked the woman what was wrong and why she glared at him. The woman strode to Tony and told him how he still hadn't delivered all the signed papers and that if he didn't sign the papers, he would destroy the whole Stark Enterprise.

"Oh and where are my manners? Hi, my name is Virginia Potts. But you can call me Pepper, if you want. And who are you?",said the woman, now identified as Pepper.

"I am Lisa Riches and this is my boyfriend, Peter Parker. It's a pleasure to meet you, Pepper.",said Lisa and stuck her hand out to Pepper.

Pepper took her hand and then, she also took Peter's hand and Pepper asked them:"So, why are you two here so late in the night?"

This time, Peter stepped forward and told Pepper:"My little sister is having a sleepover here and I didn't want him to take advantage of her."

Pepper turned to Tony and shrieked:"YOU'RE GOING TO BED WITH A TEENAGER?!"

"WHAT?! NO! CLINT HAS HISGIRLFRIEND SLEEPING OVER!",yelled Tony is horror, disgust and anguish.

Pepper had her mouth open in an 'o' and told Tony how she was sorry for thinking so bad over him while Peter said:"I'm sorry that I made it sound so… wrong. I didn't mean to make it sound like Tony and my sister were together. I'm sorry, I truly am."

"You should be. You really should've thought about Tony and Clint both being male and how Pepper may not know about Clint living here. Really, where are your brains now?",asked Lisa with played disappointment.

"My brains are by you, my Lizzy.",said Peter with a smirk, knowing that Lisa hates that name.

Lisa began to blush at the comment but at the name, she yelled while giving a slap on his arm:"DON'T CALL ME LIZZY!"

Before anyone could do anything, the door opened and Clint came out with Samantha and both asked sleepily:"What's wrong?"

Everyone got silent and Pepper asked Clint:"Who's that besides you?"

Clint looked up with happiness, went to her, gave her a hug and said:"Pepper! How are you? I hope you're fine. This is my girlfriend, Samantha Parker, also known as the girl with overprotective people who she calls family. At least, I don't have to deal with them here or you would've laughed at the irony. I mean, my family is also overprotective, but they are worse! They even threatened me bodily harm if I hurt her, but I won't because I love her with all of my heart."