The events of the party were a little bit blurry and hazy in my memories; I remember the taste of alcohol, someone's lips, and tongue. I remember the touch of something cold, of skin and the sheets of a bed. I remember hearing someone whispering sweet nothings and my own voice. Then, at some point, my memories stop and I can no longer remember anything. What the hell happened last night?

Slowly I opened my eyes. "Ugh"

My head was killing me and my whole body felt sore. I sat up and immediately regretted it after my head started to throb. I checked my phone and it was 6 am, Monday. I force myself to get out of bed and go to the bathroom, where I found my cousin sleeping next to the toilet.

"What?" I whisper hoarsely. I made a mental note to leave medicine for Connor when he wakes up. As I flushed down the disgusting green puke, my cousin groaned and stirred a little. I look at myself in the mirror and stumbled back a little.

"You look like shit" I turned to look at my cousin, who was looking at me with narrowed eyes as he tried to stand up.

"Same for you, oh student of honor"

"Shut up" He grumbles. "You're supposed to be the responsible one here… oh, wait… nevermind"

I chuckled. "At least I can hold my alcohol"

"That puke was yours, not mine" He scoffed. As he was leaving he said. "When we came back from the party, you straight up ran to the bathroom to puke"

I blinked and slowly nodded. I remember puking, but not where exactly I was doing it. If I tried hard enough, I could still taste puke. Gross.

"Well, it's our senior year" I mumbled. "I was already a disappointment to this family anyways" I brushed my teeth and splashed my face with some cold water. When I walked out of the bathroom, my cousin threw a pill at me.

"For your migraine"

"Why thank you," I said. I grab the glass of water my cousin had and took the pill. With lazy movements, we changed into our clothes and went downstairs. My mother wasn't awake yet, so she wouldn't discover we drank alcohol. I grab the pair of sunglasses my cousin offer me and put them on.

"You're lucky I didn't drink any alcohol"

"Then, what were you doing sleeping in the bathroom?"

"Who do you think rush his ass off to the bathroom so you could puke and not leave any evidence of your bad decisions?" Connor said annoyed. I sighed and ran a hand through brown hair; Oh well, what's done is done.


"You are valuable, Salvador," Connor said. "Don't forget that, so you better become a great journalist; if not for yourself, do it for me"

I stay silent and didn't say anything else, not even when the bus came. The medicine was slowly kicking in as we got to the school, but I felt a sickening feeling in my gut as I saw ambulances outside. I was the first one to get off and make my way through the crowd of murmuring students. My eyes widen as I saw one of my classmate's lifeless body being covered up.

"And Felix threw a party last night…"

"Wasn't Claude involved with drug dealers? You think maybe he was killed because he couldn't pay?"

"Poor Levi, he got the worst out of the three… I mean, they only found his head"

I couldn't keep a straight face anymore; I pushed my way out of the crowd and puke on the nearest trash bin. Connor was quickly by my side and put a hand on my back. He was telling me something but I couldn't understand anything he was saying; after letting it all out, I look back at the crowd.


"I know!" I yell at my cousin. "I know they're dead…"

Connor took off his pair of sunglasses and wiped away his tears with his wrist. I put my arm around his shoulder and we walk back to the crowd. The principal had a grim look on her face; I looked around and saw a couple of other classmates and friends that were horrified. As we watch the ambulances go, the principal started to speak.

"Classes are canceled today, please go back to your homes and… and tell your parents or guardians that you love them" Her voice cracking at the last part. She excused herself and walked back inside the school, a few teachers following her behind with worried looks. Everyone was shocked and for a moment, nobody wanted to do anything. Hesitantly, some of them grab their phones and either call their parents or text them.

"Claude was the principal's son… was he not?" I heard someone say. I felt pity for my principal and glare down at my feet; so much for having the 'bully free' banner.

"Move" I heard someone snarl at me. I blinked and looked up, icy blue eyes were glaring at me. I apologized and step aside, the raven-haired boy just stomped away. A redhead boy was trailing behind him telling him to wait up.

"Please excuse Drake, he doesn't mean to be rude"

"It's ok, Giovanni," Connor said. "It must be hard for him to lose his childhood friend, right?"

Giovanni smiles at my cousin and nods, he apologizes to us once again before catching up to Drake. I look back at my cousin and he just sighs. "They were at Felix's party"

"I'm very lost about last night… do you mind telling me what happened?"

"Alright, but no more alcohol"

"Who brought the alcohol?"

"A guy named Adrian came in with a bunch of tequila and vodka," Connor said with a frown. "Everybody started to get their hands on one and I don't know why you of all people drank that shit"

I shrugged. "Someone must have poured something in my drink while I wasn't looking"

"Probably," He said. As we walked back to our house, I couldn't help but feel like something bad was going to happen. Just like that time… no, maybe I'm just being paranoid.

Number of Victims: 3

Survivors: 1