As the new transfer to Huntingdale College I was quickly assigned my living space – Epsilon Dormitory, by the edge of the misty forest. It was a chilly morning, I looked up from the map to see a beautiful brownstone house. A few other identical buildings could be seen closer to the academy. A dirt track ran around the side of Epsilon dorm and into the woods, a group of grey-shirted joggers weaved out and went by.

So this is where I'll be living now…

A handsome but older teacher had pointed out the directions for me, his brown eyes lingering curiously. It was as if he knew something he wasn't going to tell me.

I'd be living here with six other boys, all in their early twenties. I'd just turned twenty myself, and was wondering what being in my first ever fraternity would entail. My cheeks were still flushed but not from the cold. Heart beating in my chest and stomach a pleasant hollow feeling. I'd thought he'd come here, but I wasn't expecting to actually see him. And yet there he'd been as soon as I stepped foot on campus.

The boy from my old high school, the one I'd had the biggest crush on for years. Lewis.

We were probably the only ones from our high school to be at Huntingdale. He was hotter than I remembered him, my memory didn't do him justice. Sitting by himself outside the office, those mystifying blue eyes staring forward, his dyed-black hair, those emo-style clothes. His lip piercing. I got a crush the first time I saw him, years ago. He always looked effortlessly cool, I used to daydream about him all the time.

I'd stared at him just before, butterflies fluttering, and he looked back – I couldn't tell if he recognized me. I lowered my head and walked into the office, my cheeks had remained red since.

It was too much to hope that I'd be living with Lewis. It would be like hitting the jack-pot… or it could be a disaster. Unlike me, he probably wasn't gay. I mean… he could like boys, but that was too much to hope for. Letting out a sigh, I lugged the strap of my bag over my shoulder and walked over the track, up the wooden steps. I tried the door and it was unlocked.

I didn't know what to expect – maybe all six of them would be waiting for me, set up in weird clothes for some bizarre initiation rite into their fraternity? Or maybe the lights would be off, candles leading the way eerily to a place where I'd get pranked.

I couldn't help cringing as I walked inside, but the lights were on and the spacious living room seemed completely normal. Instead of six boys waiting for me, there was only one. A redheaded guy who was quite tall, maybe a year or two older. He looked over and his face brightened, a wide grin forming as he assessed me. He stood up and I could see he was quite lean – a swimmer's build. Also, he was wearing a strange black collar around his neck.

"So you must be Jacob!" he greeted. "I'm happy to be the first one to welcome you to Epsilon house. My name's Dennis."

"Ah… hey." I was surprised. He stepped over to shake my hand, and did so vigorously. He did seem pleased about something, those hazel eyes sparkling.

"I'll show you to your room, and help you with your bag."


I thought he meant to take one end of my luggage bag and we'd both climb that narrow staircase, instead he bunched it under an arm and managed it himself. I stared, impressed, before following. I glimpsed the kitchen around the corner as I followed him up. The lounge seats were a starched material but the flat-screen tv looked new. I hopped up the last of the steps after the redhead, he carried my bag past a series of doors to the room at the end.

The door was open revealing a moderate-sized bedroom. A king-single bed and desk with a wheelie-chair, otherwise it was bare. Dennis dumped my bag by the foot of the bed and turned to smile at me.

"All set. You can unpack."

"Thanks, Dennis. You know… I was worried Epsilon would have some bizarre initiation I'd have to go through. This is easier than I thought."

I didn't miss Dennis's lip twitching higher, a private joke in his eyes.

"Actually…" he reached back and unclipped his collar from the back, taking it off and holding it out with both hands. "The reason I'm the one to help you move in is cause I'm supposed to pass the torch, so to speak."

"What do you mean?" I eyed the collar, suspicion mounting.

"Epsilon is a bit different to the other dorms." Dennis smirked, eyes very bright. "We only have a few rules. The most important one is: the newest member of Epsilon is the toadie. You have to be everyone else's slave, so I don't have to do it anymore! I transferred at the start of the year."

My mouth was wide open, he was still holding the collar but I made no move to take it.

"That's unfair! No way, you can't make me wear that thing!"

"Those are the rules. Think of it this way: you only have to do it until someone new moves in. Then you can give the collar to him." Dennis was still grinning and I hesitated.

"I have to be everyone else's 'slave'? What does that mean, exactly?"

"It means exactly that. You have to do whatever we say." He put a clear innuendo in his voice as he repeated "whatever."

"No way, man." I pushed the collar away, my heart was beating fast but not from fear. Part of it was… excitement. I'd heard that college boys liked to experiment, and Dennis was a good-looking guy. Under that track shirt his slim body looked well-toned.

"I've been looking forward to being free for a long time." Dennis continued without wavering. "Now I can help you out, tell you the things you need to know, but only if you make this easy. Better the easy way than the hard way, trust me."

I swallowed, cheeks red, and although I hoped he couldn't tell… I was a little turned on. Thrilled. The idea of being a slave for six young straight boys, it piqued my curiosity. I tried to pretend I had no other choice, that I was being a good sport. Frowning at the floor I snatched the collar.

"Good." Dennis crossed his arms and that grin stretched across his face. Reaching up I fastened the collar around my neck, it wasn't very tight. I wiggled it around before dropping my arms to my side. Dennis surveyed me again "Alright. Lesson one, I want you to suck my cock."

"What!" My cheeks were burning now. I couldn't tell if he was serious.

"Trust me. This is only to help you. The boys take the rules very seriously, they're gonna expect you to do things and you've got to do them."


"So get on your knees and suck my cock." he said simply. I tried to gauge his expression. His lips were turned up at the corners, but his eyes looked serious. He stood in a stance, his feet apart and arms crossed.

My throat felt dry. My body was racing in excitement. Is this really happening? I studied him a moment more and then I was convinced. Dennis was seriously telling me – right now – to give him a blowjob.

"O-okay." I awkwardly lowered myself and he watched me go down, I fumbled onto one knee. Then, heart racing harder, I reached for the elastic of his grey sweatpants. His hips looked great.

"Both knees." Dennis corrected, still sounding light.

"Huh?" I faltered, and could feel the heat and blood in my face.

"You have to get on both knees when you give a blowjob." he nudged.

"A-ah…" He was telling me to kneel to him while I gave him head. That was just so… raunchy, embarrassing… I couldn't do it… But I looked up at Dennis's expression, he was patiently waiting. No joke at all. So I got down on my second knee as well, and through the swell of adrenaline-fear I noticed I was instantly hard.

"Good. Now show me what you can do." He spoke casually. As if he was an examiner or a coach or a curious bystander. Show me what you can do.

I gulped again, and reached for the edge of his pants. Pulling them down his nice hips, over that little bump of bulge, showing black briefs with the 'alpha male' logo written around the edge in orange. I was sweating with anticipation.

My fingers hooked into the elastic and I dragged his underwear down. He shaved; his cock was semi-hard and flopped out when I pulled the briefs down enough. In the back of my head I was screaming. Is this really happening? Is this for real? I took his fleshy penis in one hand and pointed it up for me. Then I put him in my mouth.

Dennis immediately sighed in relief, his body relaxing like he'd been immersed in a bath. His dick tasted clean. I started moving my head up and down his shaft, he got harder. I'd never done this completely sober before – I was too much of a coward to go to a hook-up without something to take the edge off my nerves. Even now my eyes were clenched shut and all I could do was move back and forth.

"That's it." Dennis moaned quietly in approval. I was so turned on at that moment, my dick was hard to the point of oozing pre-cum. Twitching in my pants as I blew Dennis. "That's exactly how you do it…"

His whispered words turned me on even more, but I was too nervous to do anything else. When he was fully hard I started taking him in deeper, the head of his cock touching the back of my throat and making me gag a little. His dick was coated in saliva, I felt his hips begin to move slightly, in time with my bobbing.

The surreality and mental panic didn't fade, and neither did my raging hard-on or racing heart-beat. The minutes went by and Dennis started moaning from my sucking. I reached up to hold his waist, and he was definitely thrusting into my mouth. I coughed a few times and he chuckled to himself, saliva dripping down his cock and off my chin. The gurgling wet sound of a blowjob was loud in the room, and it embarrassed me deeply. Dennis didn't seem to mind and kept moaning in a way that was so arousing.

When his moans started taking on a louder edge – as if he was surprised at how good it felt, that's when I knew he was close to finishing. It must've been at least five minutes that I'd been kneeling to this older boy, my jaw was getting sore as I bobbed into his thrusts, choking, drool oozing out.

"Oh yeah…" Dennis panted, and I snuck a peek upward, for only a second. His eyes were clenched and his jaw out, body tensing above me. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed gently, I went deep and he howled, body jerking, nutting and making me gag.

I pulled out and spat but kept sucking him, milking out the final spurts of cum into my mouth. I could taste the weird texture of his semen, hot and gooey. His eyebrows were knitted together, mouth open and upward at the edges. He half-opened his eyes and bit his bottom lip, looking down at me as I had half his cock in my mouth and his cum dripping off my face.

"Been a while since I got that." he explained with a pant, and I could see his eyes drinking up the state I was in below him. He stepped back and his cock slipped out of my mouth. "You know, the guys will expect you to swallow." he spoke conversationally, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "It's okay though, cause that was just your first time… I'm glad I got to be the first one with you."

Reaching up I wiped his cum off my face, I was equally parts embarrassed and horny.

"So… you're actually serious about this dormitory sex slave thing…" I mumbled, then unsure if he even heard me.

"I'll let you clean yourself up and unpack. But first," he pulled up his briefs and sweatpants, the elastic snapping back into place. Dennis's face was flushed, a deep satisfaction in those hazel eyes. "I said I'd tell you what you need to know. Some of the boys you need to watch out for. Like, really watch out for. Evan takes this slave thing the most seriously, he comes up with punishments if you do the wrong thing. And his 'sessions' are intense."


"Every Sunday night you belong to him, eight o'clock sharp you have to be prepped and ready outside his door. I suggest you read up about S&M culture if you don't want to get in trouble. His punishments can be quite creative."

"Which one is Evan?" My stomach tilted from nerves, I'd made no move to get up off my knees.

"The Asian guy who likes leather." He smirked at his description.

I blinked hard at the floor and Dennis walked around me to go. He stopped at the door and turned back.

"There's one other you need to look out for." Dennis murmured. I looked up and saw there was no lightness in his face anymore. He was serious, those eyes faraway and cold. "Try to stay away from Adam as much as you can. Avoid being alone with him, it'll do you good."

"Why? What's he like?"

"Bad." Dennis answered simply, his face still devoid of his previous brightness. I stared.

"Bad how?"

"Just bad."

"Okay… which one is Adam?"

"He's the blonde with the muscles. Good luck." He went to go but stopped, poking his head back in. That smarmy brightness was back in his eyes and smile "Oh, I almost forgot. You can't tell anyone about this 'slave thing', obviously. Three of us guys have girlfriends after all. See ya."

He wandered off and I stared forward at my empty room. Blood was pounding in my ears. Did I really just suck off a room-mate within five minutes of moving in? Am I seriously now a sex slave for these six different frat boys? When the numbness passed my arousal was more evident.

Still on my knees, I quickly reached into my underwear and with only a few strokes, the memory of Dennis and his lingering taste still fresh, I came loud and hard on the spot.

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