The Indian chicken dish was good. Spicy. I ate at the table nervously, but still managed to finish my plate.

"You're eating with us because this is a celebration for Dennis." The leather-jacketed Evan had sternly explained. "And you can consider it a reward for accepting your position so easily. Usually, you eat on all fours with your plate on the floor. After cleaning up for all of us."

I'd paused mid-chew and Evan's fork clinked as he shovelled in another mouthful. The idea was ridiculous – that I would actually be expected to eat dinner like that every night. I was too shocked to argue the point; never mind the fact I wouldn't know how. The six boys quietly enjoyed Conner's meal. I kept chewing while my mind blared. How many other rights of mine would be infringed upon? Would I have the time to get a part-time job in town away from studying? So I could spend money doing things I'd enjoy? Would I even have free time? Doing most of the cooking, and pretty much all of the cleaning was sure to be a commitment.

I wasn't resigned to it. I was still in too much shock to accept it. The only reason I wasn't running from the table, the dormitory, screaming like a mad-man was because I still had the memory of Dennis fresh in my mind. Kneeling to him and giving him head, the taller boy's moans of appreciation. I can't deny – it was the most enjoyable sexual experience I'd ever had. Straight boy Dennis was the hottest guy I'd ever been with, and he wasn't even the hottest guy at this table. Just before Rory finished shovelling in the last of his food, I eyed each of the boys' faces in turn.

Dennis, Evan and Adam had smooth and pretty faces. Handsome. Rory was hot. Connor… was admittedly not that attractive. His features were plain at best, his body gangly and a little awkward. Plus he was a few years younger than me. Still, I'm a gay guy, and if I'd been given the chance to get it on with just Connor I still would've. So four of the guys were quite handsome, one of them was fine, and then there was Lewis.

Lewis was absolutely gorgeous. Not generically attractive, not the good-looking that you saw on movies every day, where the models simply lacked any defining feature – like a moulded doll. Lewis had several defining features of his head, face, body that complemented each other. Whatever he was, he did it for me. Whatever it was. It was the kind of good-looking that struck me. His cool, composed nature. There was even something magnetic about the way he moved. I was sure his beauty should be apparent to everyone, but I was always surprised to see people act so normal around him. They were never awestruck like I was.

"Jacob. My room after. Don't make me wait." Rory said this after scoffing his meal and stifling a burp, swinging off with his plate and dumping it in the sink. Some of the boys smirked. Before I could reply Rory was predictably out the room, and I could hear him half-way up the steps.

I ate a little faster, but was still deeply nervous. This felt surreal. There was always the chance Rory had another chore for me. Something obscure, to do with study. Or maybe something annoying, a pointless task meant to infuriate. But I was almost certain it was sex this time. The knowing looks in Evan and Lewis's eyes, the smirk on Conner's lips. Did all of them use the sex slave for actual sex? Or just some?

There was a lot of chicken, the other boys had seconds. Adam barely spoke except for a few words in his low, steady voice. I didn't go for seconds. I carried my plate to the sink, and then walked uncertainly out of the room. The living room was quiet as I climbed the stairs. I went to Rory's door and hesitated, knocking once before entering.

It was dark and Rory was lying on the bed, laptop on his chest. He was just in a white shirt and boxers. The blue light of the screen lit up his face eerily, but those dull eyes didn't look at me. From the way he was jamming the mousepad I could tell he was online gaming. He had one of those headsets with a little microphone by his mouth. Music was playing, some pop-rock band new to the radio. Black Keys? One of Rory's hands was under the elastic of his boxers.

"You did a good job with the room. Hasn't been this clean since I moved in." he acknowledged.

"Good." I'd drifted into the middle of his room, now standing awkward and uncertain. My heart hammering.

"Come over here." He said after a while, and he was slowly stroking. Absent-minded. Eyes still on that screen.

No questioning what he wanted now. I stopped hesitating, even though my heart was beating in the back of my throat. I went over and crouched, face near his groin. Reaching for his cock through the unbuttoned opening. His dark prick was still soft, but quite long considering. I pointed it up like I'd done before and paused. Rory's face was hidden behind the screen of his laptop; he was still clicking away. I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, dipping further down his shaft. Rory's breath came out in a quiet sigh, but other than that no response.

I started bobbing my head, sucking him off while he got harder. Rory continued clicking at his game. His breaths were more relaxed as he got hard, but otherwise he gave no reaction. His main focus was the game, which I couldn't hear. The song playing through the audio switched to a rap. I started bobbing my head in time with the music, noticing with growing arousal and excitement that Rory had a big dick. It was about seven inches with a nice thickness, a slight curve to the left. The pubic hair above was trimmed, I could see through the opening of his boxers that his balls were shaved.

He was fully hard now but he wasn't moaning. I kept the blowjob going, dutiful. There was a thick satisfaction with the act, and at that moment I felt like this was worth it. Being a slave was worth it for this much fun. My heart was still pounding and my dick was hard as hell, throbbing as I jostled it against the bed. I repositioned myself so I was on my stomach, up with my elbows, feet hanging off and lightly touching the floor.

The sensation of having a dick in my mouth was something I'd learned to love. All through my young adolescence I'd fantasized about the act. The first time I did it, drunk as fuck on a Grindr hook-up, I'd demystified the experience. Porn and fanfiction had confused me, but sucking dick was much of a muchness. It was simply a warm, hard fleshy thing going in-and-out your mouth and sometimes making you choke. For me, the act of sucking a dick was wonderful. I got off on giving pleasure, on submitting and being used.

With Rory's attention fixed on the computer, me unable to see his face, a lot of the pressure was gone. Unlike with Dennis I was able to relax and so I began to enjoy it immensely. One song faded into the next, into another and then another on Rory's playlist. I glanced at the digital clock by his bed again and realised I'd been giving him head for at least fifteen minutes. My mouth was a little sore, and I had to shuffle, repositioning my stiff arms and body, but I was still enjoying this just as much.

I was taking Rory's dick deep, though not all the way in. His dark cock was coated in my saliva while I eagerly worshipped it. Trying to keep my gag reflex under control. I decided I wanted to try something, so I pulled my mouth off his hot member and gave it a good lick, pressing my tongue against it flatly and moving all the way up to the head. I think I saw Rory's hand twitch, otherwise no response. Full of adrenaline from my own excitement, I started licking circles around the head of his cock, right along that sensitive edge. Rory shifted ever-so-slightly.

"You actually enjoy this." He noted.

I felt my face flush. Too embarrassed to respond. I started sucking his dick normally again, bobbing my head with quick movements.

More time passed and now Rory was using both hands on the keyboard. A different game? I was used to the reasonable quiet of his music and the rhythmic slurping of my mouth, so when I next heard his voice I jolted in surprise.

"BeastKing70 ready for squad expedition…" he spoke loudly into the receiver. I felt a wave of perverse arousal. He was talking in real-time to other online gamers… while I sucked his dick.

I regained my earlier enthusiasm, still taking him just as deep. This game was more violent. Rory cursed and jolted a lot, sometimes choking me with his boner. It seemed I was all but forgotten however, he cursed and cheered along with his teammates. "Die fucker!" he'd growled, his body tense beneath me while I continued the pleasuring. There was a sudden ache in a corner of my jaw – when I glanced at the clock again I realised I'd been giving Rory head for forty minutes.

The whole time he stayed rock-hard. I felt myself blushing from second-hand embarrassment when Rory started having full-on conversations with people. Listening to his voice, I could tell they were completely fooled. Whoever he was talking to: about games, classes, joking around (those deep ruffian chuckles shaking the springy bed and that big dick in my mouth), even when talk turned to chicks with big tits and getting laid… I couldn't hear the people he talked to, yelled at about gameplay, reprimanding a retreater for being a pussy… his voice sounded completely normal and he didn't lose the façade.

As much as I'd immensely enjoyed this new experience, I'd finally had enough. It'd been a full hour and I wanted to cum already. I doubted Rory would let me start jerking off near him, and I didn't want one of those punishments I'd heard about. All it would take is a few strokes, maybe not even that. I was leaking precum and fighting the urge to thrust into his mattress. It was maddening. Plus my body was sore, my jaw constantly aching. I listened to Rory chuckle again, one knee bent up by my face now, and knew he wasn't going to finish unless I tried something. I wanted to just ask, but figured I'd be overheard and then punished.

In porn, the guy would start sucking on the other guy's balls about now. I wanted to – they looked big. But for someone who'd had sex maybe a dozen times, I still felt like too much of a timid virgin to do that. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started licking again. Compared to my averageness, his stiff dick reminded me of a shiny black tower. I ran my tongue up-down his length quickly, from the bottom to the slit-tip of the head, dragging it over the ridge and curve between.

Rory's breathing slightly hitched. I kept up the tongue-dragging and then suddenly felt his rough hand in my hair, clenching tight enough to hurt my scalp. It did hurt but I managed to keep from crying out. Rory pulled my head up, directed me over his cock, then shoved me down. Since my mouth had been O-shaped from the pain, his dick slipped back in effortlessly. He pushed down with all his strength and I yielded, deeply startled by this forceful dominance. He pushed and I wiggled my head, helping the cock to worm its way completely inside me.

I'd deepthroated before, so that was familiar. I'd done so to my liking however, so I was in control and didn't deprive myself of breathing for very long. Rory's rough hand was in control now though, I could feel his erection in my neck, a gulping choke and convulsion, unable to close my mouth and unable to swallow properly. A heat rush in my upper body. The surprise I felt doubled when Rory continued speaking again.

He controlled the bobbing, but it was shallow and quick, I only moved as far as three inches off it before the whole thing was inside me again. It was still too deep to breathe. My lips and throat convulsed for air. Rory continued to fuck my face onto his cock, still talking although there was an audible strain in his voice. I was scared, but I let it happen.

When I started to feel faint, Rory finally paused his game and threw the headset away. He got both feet against the bed so his hips were in the air, the laptop sliding off his chest. Both hands on my head as he fucked my face, pushing me down with that harsh grip and thrusting upward with his hips. The smooth satin of his boxers, now damp with sweat, pressed my forehead each time he forced me all the way down.

When Rory came his cock was half-way in my mouth, his seed flooded me and made me choke and cough. Rory didn't howl like Dennis had. He released a loud serious of grunts, muscles tensing beneath his shirt, face squeezed up before he threw his head back into the pillow. I could see the smooth dark skin of his jaw and neck, his chest by the neck-hole of that shirt. For a moment all I felt was panic. Freeing myself as soon as possible, cum oozing out my throat, me swallowing thick splashes of the hot jizz. Rory still had me by the hair though, grunting with his jaw clenched.

When the tremors passed he panted, shooting an appreciative look at me. He glanced over at the clock beside him.

"One hour, fifteen minutes. That's a record. Well done."

Despite the pain, the shock, and the humiliation from the man-handling, I felt my eyebrows raise in surprise. The lighting was dim enough to cast only vague impressions on half his face, but I could still make out the big smile. Abruptly I felt very, very embarrassed. I wanted to leave, right then. I pulled back only slightly when Rory's grip tightened.

"Can't let you do that." He said, still smiling and breathing. "The rules."

I looked at the mess of cum on his lower body. I knew what I had to do before he'd let me go. Lowering my face blankly, I noticed my hands were trembling on the bed. Using my tongue I licked at his white residue. Salty and goopy, with a stickiness that soaked itself into my tastebuds and the insides of my mouth. It didn't taste bad, but I found myself cringing because of the strangeness. I couldn't lick the cum up easily, I brought my lips to his smooth dark skin and slurped it instead.

I moved my face around with his hand guiding me, like some kind of perverse cleaning tool. I sucked up his cum and swallowed it all. There seemed to be a lot, but I realised most of the liquid was my own drool that came out in the several minutes I'd been unable to swallow. My stomach heaved at the thought but I kept it still. Rory's sperm, so much of it, was now wriggling its way down the walls of my throat. He released me.

"Sorry about that. I'm not usually so rough. But you were asking for it."

"Mm." I barely managed to respond, getting away and to my feet. Legs unsteady.

Rory put his hands behind his head. I couldn't see well in the dark, but could tell he was in bliss. I waded out of his bedroom like a trauma patient. My face felt sticky, my hair was a mess. My body was sore, my jaw ached, my throat ached. My face felt red from being unable to breathe, and my eyes were still watery for the same reason. After closing the door behind me I stood in the dark carpeted corridor and tried to understand how I was feeling.

Despite what I assumed – I'd still clearly liked it. I only knew that because peeking down, seeing with a new pulse of embarrassment, my dick was still completely hard and pointing straight out.

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