The room was decades old, created after War World II. It was a simple circular stone room, decorated with murals with people.

All of them shared one thing- butterfly wings.

"Finally. The piece is mine." the man standing in the middle of the room said. He lowered a necklace over his head.

The necklace was simple- a silver chain, a chunk of white stone attached. As a window- the frames creating the shadow of a butterfly in mid flight- opened, the stone glowed. It also revealed the thousands of white butterflies on the floor. "And the rest will soon follow."


The man aimed a glare at the small fruit bat perched on the edge of his suit. "What is it Fruit?" he growled.

"Neither the Bat Brooch or any piece of the Butterfly are meant to be used for evil!"

"I don't care. Bat on!"

Fruitmanaged out a whimper of protest before he was dragged into the man's tie tack.

The room was lit with a amber glow.

Master Akeem snapped out of his mediation with a gasp. The barn owl perched on a stand blinked out of sleep. "Master? Is there something wrong?"

"There's something wrong Eule. Can't you feel it?"

The bird cocked its head. "I can't sense Fruit. But I can sense...the Butterfly Brooch?"

"The missing piece?"

The bird nodded.

"This is most troubling." The man said, stroking his silver goatee. "I believe we need to take precautions." He turned to a small box. As he approached, it opened. Eight sections were shown, but only six were filled. In the center, a circle appeared, divided in half. In all, there were ten sections.

In the center, a butterfly hairclip sat next to a black ring.

"Are you sure?" Eule asked.

"Yes. I'm very sure." the old man said, his owl shaped sarpech glowing.

"It is time for the Butterfly and Black Cat to rise."