"Will you quit it?" Bast said. She laid in Toby's scarf, watching her chosen pace. "You're acting like a caged cat."

"I can't help it!" He snapped.

There was no way he was this lucky. He was a superhero themed after the unluckiest animal, with a literal spirit of bad luck. There was no possible way he was this lucky.

But, Vanessa Bell, his Queen?

It would explain some things.

Why she was always in the middle of Possessed attacks.

Her agility.

Why when Vanessa Bell's hair was pulled back with a ponytail, Butterfly's hair was in the same exact hairstyle.

And Butterfly always smelled like paint...

How many things had he noticed and simply brushed aside as coincidences?

He stopped when his hat, the one Vanessa made him, hit him in the head. "Quit it." Bast ordered. Toby turned to her.

"Did you know?" He asked.

The cat gave a shrug. "Ancient rules."

She did.

"But, seriously. Is the idea so bad?"

Toby sat down on his bed. "No. Vanessa would be wonderful for the task."

But, if it was true...

That meant he was madly in love with Vanessa Bell. Burying his red face in his hands, Toby whimpered. Bast sighed.

He looked up when Bleak December rang- Vanessa's ringtone. The blonde stared at it.

No, he won't ask.

He needed confirmation.

Picking it up, Toby answered. "Hello?"

"Hey! How are you feeling?"

How was he...? Oh right. Toby had faked illness to try to think out the Butterfly/Vanessa situation. "Fine. Feeling better. I got sent the work."

"Okay, so have you heard about the Biology presentation?"

"What Biology presentation?"

Christopher looked from behind the bush. Vanessa was talking on the phone, comparing two shirts. His vision faded to her...

"You know, girls like it when you actually talk to them."

The African American boy screeched, turning. Faith was leaning against the wall, a smile on her face. "Go get her!" She commanded.


The boy puffed up his chest and started marching over. Vanessa looked up. "Hey Chris." That's all it took. Christopher turned on his heel and ran. The girl was left blinking after him. "Okay...?"

The boy ducked behind the bush again, the girl staring at him in shock. She sighed, shaking her head. "This is getting ridiculous!"

"It's Vanessa!"

"Yes." Faith said, dragging him to his feet. "Our friend, who you've crushed on three times before." She sighed, dragging a hand down her face. "Look. For Biology, we need to..."

"Pick out an animal and make a Google Slide on it. What does this have to do with anything?"

"Simple. You and I will arrange to meet Vanessa at the zoo. Only, I won't show up and you two can talk."

Christopher nodded before freezing. "Wait. What about Toby? Vanessa said he would be her partner."

Faith frowned. "He's out sick. And if he shows up," Her hands clamped on his shoulders. "I'll find some way to get rid of him."

"So, that's the project."

"Sounds interesting. Thank you for being my partner."

Vanessa laughed, placing a shirt back. "Chelsea wanted to be with you."

"Once again, thank you."

"Hey Vanessa!"

The girl turned to see Faith and Christopher walk up. The boy wasn't blinking, moving stiffly. "Hey guys! What's going on?"

Faith elbowed Christopher. "Biology. Animal. Zoo." He said, staring straight ahead. Their friend blinked.

"What he means is," the Native American said. "That we were wondering if you would like to come to the zoo with us to work on our Biology presentation. Toby is welcome to, if he can join us."

"Hm." Vanessa hummed, turning her attention back to the phone. "Hey Toby. Faith and Christopher invited us to join them at the zoo. Wanna come?"

There was some talking on the other end.

"He's fine with it." She reported.

"Great! See you tomorrow!"

Toby hung up quickly. He looked down to meet Bast's eyes. "What?"

"I thought you didn't like Christopher and Faith."

The blonde shrugged. "They're Vanessa's friends. She's been wanting all four of us to get together anyway."

The cat nodded, returning her attention to the tuna tin.