"So, Henry says he's sorry."

Vanessa sat on her balcony, absently rolling the butterfly container in her hand. Black Cat sat on the railing. He gave a nod at her words.

"And I told him we aren't dating."

"That's good."

"Next time, call me to warn ahead."

"I will." he said, nodding.

The two sat in silence for a bit.

"I'm still tempted to hit you."

"Don't break my nose."

She shook her head. "I won't. But you should be heading home."

"I'll make sure to tell Butterfly that the butterfly's here."

She nodded, giving a wave as he darted away. When Cat was out of sight, Vanessa opened the jar. She carefully cradled the corrupted butterfly, whispering instructions.

In the night, the light was brighter.

Vanessa looked up from her sketchbook as the box landed in front of her. She looked up as Toby walked away. The girl blinked at the box, noticing a piece of paper. She picked it up.

I'm sorry.

"What for?" She mumbled, opening the box.

Watches met her.

Vanessa blinked in confusion, then shrugged and opened her bag to find her jeweler's tools.