What happened was simple:

Cat dashed to the side, facing a smirking Alpha. "A little late to the party, aren't you?" she said, twirling the flute in her hands. She nodded to the two Butterflies. "We've already started."

"I got held up."

She dove at him, swinging her flute down. Cat rolled out of the way and pulled out his own staff. He struck back, digging his boot hard into Alpha's stomach. Pleasure rolled up at her hiss of pain. "Not much of a fighter, are you?"

"A cat with attitude. Not surprising."

"And a wolf with bark, but no bite." he snarled. "Do you even have fangs?"

Alpha growled. "You want fangs? Fine. I'll give you fangs!" She launched herself at him. Cat dodged, easily telling her movements. What he didn't expect was for her to wink at him and go over the roof. He ran to the edge and looked around.

A large grey wolf met him.

Cat hissed, skittering back as Alpha set a paw on the roof. "How do you like my fangs now?" She teased.

His answer was to turn and run.

Now, a few minutes later, he was pissed.

He was done.

He was so done with this Possessed.

Cat turned back and slashed his claws at the wolf Alpha but she easily dodged. Her laughter broke through the air. "Can't keep up?" she taunted. "Maybe I should have your Brooch. God knows that I'll be a better partner to Butterfly than you are." She stopped to place a paw on her chest. "I am her best friend, after all, and smarter than to fall under a Possessed's influence."

"Aren't you one now?"

She growled. "I think I'll get a free pass for this. It is justice after all."

Cat stared at her, raising a brow. "Vengeance and justice are two different things."

"Really? I like to believe that vengeance is a right of justice. I was hurt! I was humiliated! Therefore, it is my right to seek vengeance!"

"You lied!" The second he said it, Cat realized his stupidity. Black Cat didn't know that Emilia Caro had lied. Only Toby Cadwell knew.

Hopefully she wouldn't figure it out...

"You hid him!"

She didn't.

"Where is he!" Alpha shrieked. "WHERE IS TOBY CADWELL!"

"In a place where you'll never find him!"

"Cat!" He looked over his shoulder to see Butterfly flying nearby. Was she crazy? Did she not see the wolf? Butterfly landed, paying no mind to the giant wolf. "We gotta find Alpha."

"This is not the time-"


"Do you not see her!"

Alpha decided to take this chance to launch herself at them. Butterfly turned and the wolf froze. Amber stared at purple. His Queen frowned. "Where are you?"

The wolf grinned. "You'll have to find me."

His Queen growled and reared back her fist. The instant the punch hit the snout, the wolf disappeared into grey smoke. Cat took a step back. "What in the world-?"

"A trickster through and through." she said. She glanced back at him. "You okay?"

"Yeah. Let's go."