As my pink alarm went off,I immediately jolted up from my slumber as I immediately shut it off. Aside me was my snow white rabbit,Monica. She wiggled her ears giving a cute yawn as she awoke. As she blinked her baby blue eyes,my hair was rather poofy. I had a bad case of bad head. Talk about a bad hair day.

Monica's fur was just as poofy. As we both yawned,we quickly came to the conclusion we had dragon breath. She hopped off the bed as I made it neat before I went to sleep as we both headed off to the bathroom. Monica handed me my pink toothbrush as she grabbed hers and I applied minty toothpaste to mine as I helped put bunny paste on her brush.

As we both took care of our teeth,my mind flashed to someone:a crush of mine. I could never get him off my mind. We spoke quite often and just last night, I visualized sharing a kiss with him. The dream felt so real to me. Oh how I wanted it to last longer. As I continued to daydream,my beloved bunny tapped my right arm. "Melanie,you okay there,pal?" asked the white animal as she finished brushing her teeth.

As I got out of my daze,I came to my senses. "Oh,I'm completely fine. Nothing wrong here." I said denying what I was thinking about. Monica could tell I had a crush. "Mel,I know you're thinking about him:your stud muffin,Alex." she stated with a wink and a nudge. Wow,smart rabbit she is.

I sighed. Looking to her after finishing up with my teeth, I tell her, "I haven't heard from Alex ever since he ended up in the hospital. He's supposed to be discharged today." I miss talking to him. If only that terrible incident hadn't happened to him a few months ago. "I understand you feel bad but,hey,things like that are beyond your control,Melanie. You did what you could to help." Monica explained to me.

As we exited the bathroom,we both went to the closet. I got out of my pajamas and hung them up as I looked through for brightly colored clothes. I slipped on a pair of hot pink jeans that hugged my hips perfectly and then pulled over a white and glittery pink striped t-shirt as Monica rummaged through the drawers for a ribbon. She found a glittery pink ribbon to match with my top.

She tied it into a bow around her ears. Not too loose,not too tight,but just right. I stood in front of the mirror straightening my hair with a straightener. As I used it,I noticed how my hair went from messy to fabulous. Once I unplugged it from the outlet,I grabbed my brush and brushed my hair. As my pet handed me bobby pins and hair ties, she sat on next to the mirror. I put in the pins then tied my hair back into a bun.

Monica loved playing with my hair in a bun. She was quite fond of it. As she fondled it,it dawned on me I almost forgot to put on deodorant. I freaked out as I fumbled around for it. "Ahem…" Monica cleared her throat as she held out a deodorant stick with a girly and fruity smell. "Thank you so much!" I beamed as I slid on the antiperspirant on both my underarms.

"No problem. Hey,we should go down stairs. I smell mom and June Bug's cooking." Monica stated as I slipped on my glitter pink toms with ease. As I got my helmet and my prepared in advance neon pink backpack,together we briskly went to the kitchen as my mom and her pet bear,June or as Monica affectionately calls her,June Bug. June liked playing with bugs which is how she got her nickname.

"Hope you enjoy breakfast,dear." my mom said with a smile as eggs,bacon and pancakes were put in front of me. They looked so delicious. My mom is a pro at cooking. As June Bug and Monica sat in front of their bowls with their names on it next to my feet,my mom served them their breakfast. June's meal consisted of berries and bugs while Monica's was fresh hay and carrots. They each had their own water bowls.

As we ate,my mother asks me, "How do you feel about seeing Alex again?" and I reply "Well,nervous. What if he forgot about me?" and I frowned as I ate the last pieces of my pancakes. "Baby,I know it's been a few months since the tragedy but I can promise you he'll still remember you." she explained hugging me. My mom was someone that could give me advice and was completely honest to the core. It's what makes her the person and parent she is.

June looked to the clock whilst licking her paw. "Well look at the time." she commented as she cleaned her brown fur. I got up and pulled my backpack over my shoulders and strapping my helmet on. "Well,I'm off for school. I hope things work out." I sighed. "Everything will be fine,Melanie." my mom assured me giving me a kiss to the cheek as we both waved as I headed out the door with Monica following behind me as she and June Bug waved to one another.

"You know who else I haven't seen in a few months? Silver Bunny." Monica dreaded as her smile faded. Silver was a grey rabbit who belonged to Alex and the object of Monica's affections. "I know you miss him just as much as I miss Alex. You'll see him again. I swear." I reassured as I got on my violet scooter with Monica scurrying into my bag.

I drove off to school avoiding the traffic. I parked my scooter in the parking lot for bikes and scooters as I picked up my bag and headed inside the building. I removed my helmet with my bun still intact as I went to put it in my locker for later. It was zero hour and class didn't start for at least one hour. My homework was all finished and my grades were good.

I figured I'd head to the library until then. I'm a bookworm. No denying that very fact. As I walked,I bumped into someone and that someone was none other than Alex. "Mel,I'm so sorry. I didn't see you there." he says feeling guilty. "Hey,it was my fault. I should have been looking where I was going." I told him nervously. He hugs me patting the back of my head. "I missed you." he tells me. "I missed you too,Alex." I smiled shedding a tiny tear.

He wiped my tears away as they started to run down my face. His rabbit,Silver slowly snuck out of his and Monica snuck out of mine. Both bunnies greeted and nuzzled each other as Alex kissed my forehead. This causes me to blush. As our pets hopped to library,we followed them both as we held hands for the first time ever.

I was grateful my crush slash potential boyfriend came back for me. We were very close. Alex wasn't anything similar to my philandering dad or my mom's recent ex boyfriend who's an abusive asshole. He was quite the opposite. As the day went by,we all wondered what would happen next.

Author's note:My first Fiction Press story to have chapters to it. As this story progresses,things will get rather hectic hence the T rating. I will put warnings at the start of the chapter for certain material as a heads up. Other than that,stay tuned for more.