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Right after second period ends,Ruby and I see our respective significant others at the lockers. Josh and I ignore one another as I try to bite my tongue. Do I dare blurt out the incident that happened this morning before first period? Part of me wants to vent while the other half tells me to shut up. It almost feels like The Tell Tale Heart except in my case,I'm the victim and not the murderer. Ruby and Josh leave for a moment thus giving me a chance to tell Alex about what had happened.

"Alex? I have to tell you something." "You can tell me,kitten." I sigh. "I was getting picked on by Josh's jock friends. They were going to shove me in a locker but stopped them." "What!? That's messed up of them,Mel." "I don't know how I'm going to tell Ruby." a frown had then formed on my face. I didn't want Ruby to think I was crazy or anything along those lines. I put my head against my locker.

Alex put his hand on my back. "Hey,we can tell her together,Mel. You don't have to go through this alone." he turns me around and kisses me on the lips. I don't hesitate to kiss back until the bell rings for second period. "Shit,we should get going." we hold hands and make our way to second period class in a rush. We didn't want to be late at all. Alex and I took our seats without making a sound.

I just wanted today to be over as much as the next person in the room. As class went on,I feel someone throwing paper balls at me. I turn around but I don't see who it is. I turn my head back to the board. It seems quiet for a brief moment until a spit wad was shot at me. It landed right on my neck making me automatically cringe. The sound of snickers was behind me. I was already annoyed.

Alex removed the wet wad and tossed it in the garbage can. It wasn't until someone threw a paper ball at him and at me as well. Then other students joined in on the tossing of paper balls both moist and dry. I duck my head. It was a zoo in here. Everyone was acting like wild animals. "This isn't very nice at all!" Alex complained. "Come on,dude,lighten up!" a red haired jock with green eyes chucked a paper airplane at him. It was one of Josh's jock friends,Wilbur.

"Can't you stop your antics?" I complain but Wilbur spits out multiple wads at me all of which I block with my neon green binder. The chaos ensued until the teacher came in. She wasn't very happy telling from her body language. "What the hell!? I leave for five minutes and this is what I come back to? Unbelievable! I want whoever started this to stay after school for detention. Anyone who didn't participate can go." As soon as she finished,the bell rang. Wow,talk about saved by the bell.

While other students had to stay behind to clean up,the rest got to their lockers. I went to the bathroom to wipe off Wilber's wads off my binder. I was completely grossed out to the point where I wanted to throw up. Two of the stall doors opened and Ruby and another girl with red hair came out. She looked like a female Wilbur. "I heard what happened from next door. My brother is really immature. I'm so sorry you had to go through that." the girl had felt bad for me.

"That guy is Josh's best friend. Trust me they all act like little gremlins." Ruby just made me think of the movie Gremlins just by saying that. I could see what she meant. "So,I'm Willow,Wilbur's twin sister." she extended her hand and we shook to greet each other. "I'm Melanie." I reply. The three of us leave the bathroom after washing up and headed to third period. Hours later,it was time for lunch. Finally,food was one of the many things I needed right now.

From what I could tell,Willow seemed really friendly. The complete opposite of her twin brother. I wanted to get to know her more as a person. As lunch went on,I gradually got to know her and she got to know me as well. She had things in common with both me and Ruby. It's as if I had two non-biological sisters. "So if Ruby has two pet kitties and Melanie has a pet bunny,then I guess I can tell you about my pet." Willow smiled as she had a picture of two twin teacup pigs.

One twin was pink and the other was black. Both were equally adorable. "Awww they're so cute,Willow." Ruby fawned over the picture. I was in awe of the little pigs. Please don't turn them into bacon! "What are their names?" I asked fondly. "The pink one is Lily and the black one is Luna." Willow replied. "I got them on Valentine's Day as a gift. I was so happy that day. I'll never forget it. Every Valentine's Day,I avoid eating bacon or anything made from a pig." she gave a slight chuckle.

Speaking of,I could not wait for February Fourteenth. I had so much planning to do before then. Lunch time had ended and school went on like usual. It was either drama or no drama. Classes went by slowly. Slow as a snail. It wasn't until the bell rang to let us out for a day I nearly went crazy. I could not wait to get out. I had one place to go to after school like usual and that was the pet store. I couldn't wait to see Miss Rose.

I could barely calm down as I drove my scooter downtown on my way to work. The drive was breezy but worth it. I stepped inside and Miss Rose greeted me with her trademark hug. "Melanie,so glad to see you this afternoon. Ooh,I have a new girl today. Her name is Willow." she said enthusiastically. Willow stood next to Miss Rose. She waved to me. "Hey,Melanie." "Hi,Willow." I was surprised to see Willow here. It was pleasant to see her again as she's been nice. "So I take it you both know each other from school from what I could tell. That's wonderful." Miss Rose patted both of us on the backs.

She let us go to work which went off without any problems. The animals were well behaved like always. They frequently showed good behavior and affection towards others. They were practically little angels. It wasn't until both our shifts were over,Willow asked a question as I got on my scooter. "How do you ask a boy out,Melanie?" Ah,the age old question I've always asked others. "It's just I like this one guy a lot. I've known him for years and I was just thinking on how I should do it."

That was when I gave her the nitty gritty of dating and asking boys out. I told her everything I knew. She understood it all well. But the most important I tell her is…"Be yourself and don't rush a single thing. Take it easy. You can always ask him out in person." "Thank you so much. I'm going to remember this." And with that our discussion ends and we made our separate ways home. All I could do now was plan out my date on Valentine's Day with Alex.

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