Author note 1:Hello,readers. Here is chapter 19. For this chapter,I have tried something new called POV switching. The story has been told in the point of Melanie but for this chapter,it starts in Ruby's POV then it goes to other characters as well. Last chapter was left on a cliff hanger. Now,unto the chapter.

Ruby POV

Today of all days hasn't been very pleasant. I have been dealing with so much crap lately and I am no mood to deal with anymore of it. My relationship with Josh was on the rocks thanks to that scandalous video of us that nasty teacher of Melanie's had posted online for all the world to see. I wish I could find a way to undo what he had done to us. This shit has gone way too far and I can't handle it anymore. Our lives are going to be ruined forever and people are already bashing on us and spreading rumors.

These rumors spread faster than a computer virus. I had been pacing back and forth in the bathroom with my phone in my hand. I haven't heard from Josh since last night and at a time like this,I needed him. People had been sending me texts such as "You are a slut!" and similar things along those lines. It wasn't until I had finally gotten a message from Josh. My hopes were up.

However,my hopes were down when what he had written caused my heart to ache and my stomach to sink. "I can't be seen with you anymore,Ruby. Have a nice life I guess." He broke up with me. I dropped to my knees as I began to bawl my eyes out trying not to make any sounds. I didn't want anyone to hear me crying. Raven and Lucy noticed something was wrong.

"Ruby? What happened?" the green eyed feline put her paw on my knee. Her blue eyed twin did the same as her. "J-josh dumped me.." I manage to say despite the many tears coming out. "He did what!?" Lucy had hissed with her ears folding back. "I knew something was fishy with that guy! I just knew it the moment you and him shared a dance at the winter formal."

It was like she could tell he was going to do something like this. "Let us look at that damned human device of yours." Raven demanded and I let her and Lucy look at my phone so they could see the mean things people had said to me along with Josh's text. "Lucy,I got to admit that you were right about that guy being shady if I do say so myself. I have a slight feeling he participated in the rumors about her sleeping with other guys. I can just feel it." her fur had stood up.

It was like she and her sister were psychics of sorts. "To top this off,I'm late." I confessed. "Late? To where?!" the twins had said in unison. "No,girls. Not that kind of late." I stated only chuckling a little bit. It was then I had told them about the human version of the birds and the bees. It had intrigued them very much. "So you're saying…" they both had wanted answers. "I think I might be pregnant." I had confessed to the two mousers causing them to be in shock.

"I-if I-im pregnant,I can't stay at school. I can't change your litter boxes for nine months. I'd have to go somewhere for teen mothers. I'd have to drop out or get a GED instead of a high school diploma. My life is going to be fucked up and I'm only sixteen years old. This is such a hellish nightmare!" I had fear and anxiety going through my mind along with panic. I swear that I paid attention in health class when they talked about protection and all that stuff. I wish I had gotten a purity ring like Melanie. Losing my virginity to Josh is something I regret now.

"Ruby,please,you need to remain calm. All you can do is take a test and see what you can do from there. I understand you're frightened out of your mind but try not to panic. Raven,stay with her. I'm going out." "Out where? What if the others ask questions?" Raven added. "Then let them. I'm getting that test for our Ruby." Lucy had dashed out the bathroom in a hurry. "Lucy,what's going on?" Griff,the red grizzly had asked her as he saw her coming out.

Lucy POV

"I'm just going on a small trip." I had said to the bear hoping he doesn't wonder what's up. "A trip? To where?" he had wanted to know more. Rats! If I were to tell Griff about Ruby's predicament, he'd most likely blab to Steven as the two are very close. "To get a pre-present! Yes,that's right. A present!" I had almost said pregnancy test but I had to keep it together for Ruby's sake. "A present,huh? I'm sure she'd like the present. I'll let you go now." the red grizzly decided not to ask anymore questions.

This was my cue to hurry. I had scurried to the front door quietly. It had been opened by a human lady with a red head in tow along with twin pigs. Crap,I've been noticed! What would I do now? Frantically,I skedaddled all the way to the great outdoors cats such as myself and Raven desired. I had been running on all fours as I roamed the neighborhood for that test Ruby needed. I slowed down to take a breath. It wasn't until a grey tabby cat had caught me off guard. I backed away a little as he took me by surprise.

"I've never seen you before in this part of the neighborhood." the amber eyed cat had swayed his tail. His ears were folded which also made him a scottish fold. I've never seen this tom cat either. I had no time to waste. I couldn't stay and chat when Ruby's life was in my paws. "Look,I'm going to put this conversation on pause. I'm actually in a hurry to get somewhere." he seemed to understand well as he let me trot to my destination.

Was it me or did that cat seem so...handsome? He almost looked familiar to me. I shake my head. Now was not the time to think about males. I had Ruby to think about. I turn my head as I had seen what the humans call a pharmacy. Bingo! I had started to run again as I made my way inside without being detected. I had roamed the giant building. Good thing I had my collar on me. Otherwise,the dogcatcher would be called.

I had noticed human women picking up what appeared to be pregnancy tests. I looked at them all and wondered which one to get for Ruby. I had to think fast. I could hear a human approaching and I immediately hid. Oh no,I'm done for. I feel like I had failed Ruby and Raven. I peeked my head as I had noticed a light to dark skinned woman paying for her tests at the register. I pop out of hiding and went towards her as I was desperate.

As she went out of the store,I had followed her. "Oops! Looks like she came. Oh well,I can always try again. I bought these for nothing." she noticed a red stain on her pants as she was sighing. This meant she wasn't pregnant. This better happen to Ruby. That is if that test comes out negative and I am hoping it does. "Now,what am I going to do with these?" she had noticed me sitting there. "Little,kitty,what are you doing out here at night? Where is your owner?" she had expressed concern.

"I know what you might be thinking but I came out here on my own." she had been shocked. "You can talk?" "Sure I can but that's not important. Listen,since you aren't pregnant,may I have them?" I had explained to the stranger the situation with Ruby. I had began with the whole scandal then her break up and all that stuff. "Oh my,I'm so sorry your owner's going through that,little kitty. Take these to her. Her future's important. I have a daughter about her age who went through the same thing she did."

She had given me the box. I waved my paw as she waved her hand. That lady was understanding and sympathetic. That goes to show you that not all humans are cruel or wicked. I made my way back home with the box in tow as I bumped into the same tom cat from earlier making me drop the box. "Oh my goodness,I am so sorry." I was quick to apologize as he picked up my box. "It's cool. It happens. this what you were looking for?" the tabby had examined the box.

"Yes it is. I have to take it to Ruby. She and my twin sister are expecting me back at her best friend's house." I then explained the whole situation to him which made his eyes pop out. "That's rough. Want me to take you home? I don't want you to go alone." he had requested. "Well,if you insist." I replied. The two of us make the way back to Melanie's house where Ruby and Raven were waiting for me. I just hope Ruby is okay in there. I sure hope Raven didn't tell Griff cause then he'd tell Steven.

Here I come,Ruby. Lucy's coming with your test. Keep your fingers crossed. The male had let me in the house staying near the door as I rushed in hoping nobody would see me with the box. "Lucy,is this the "present"?" Oh no,Griff figured it out. Rats! "Raven told me. She didn't tell the humans though." "Do you solemnly swear,Griff!?" I hissed at the red grizzly bear. "I solemnly swear. Geez,you are something else." I had tapped on the bathroom door hoping they'd let me in there.

Raven POV

For about one hour and thirty minutes,Ruby and I had waited for Lucy's return. I heard tapping as my ears perked up. Was that my sister? Ruby had let her in as she had what was needed for her. The humans were already suspicious and wondered why Ruby was still in the bathroom. My blue eyed twin handed her the box as she had opened it up. "I did drink water before you came case you're wondering." Ruby said. "Well,whenever you're ready. The humans are already worried and Griff is on to me." Lucy had replied. "You may as well do it now." I added deadpan.

Ruby had been on the toilet and we had went out of the bathroom to give her privacy as it was the polite thing to do. "Girls is she taking the test already because Steven took a quick look at it and he is gonna blow a fuse." Griff had panicked. Oh no,Lucy's cover was blown and Steven already figured it out. I should have distracted him while I was at it. It was obviously too late for that now. "Ruby,honey,you can talk to me. I'm your father and I would never hate you for any reason." Steven had been standing at the bathroom concerned for his daughter. That's a real father right there.

Ruby POV

I had waited ten minutes for my results. Do I even dare to look at that damn test? No,I can't but I have to. My future was already at stake and my father knew something was up. With courage,I picked up the test and there it was:a negative sign just like I had hoped for. I got out of the bathroom and rejoiced. "I'm not pregnant!" I then hugged my dad tightly as he hugged back. "That's a relief." he had kissed the top of my head as my cats had jumped up and down.

Along with Griff,they all jumped for joy. "She's not pregnant! Woohoo!" she had said together at the same time. Melanie and Willow both grouped hug me making me smile. "Thank goodness,you aren't expecting." Melanie had sighed in relief. "I was worried I was pregnant as well but thankfully I'm not. At least you don't have a disease like I do." Willow had expressed in both gratefulness and in sadness. She had her head down towards the floor. "Hey,we're all going to get through this together,Willow. You aren't alone." I had held her hands. "You can fight this and we'll support you every step of the way."

Willow POV

Ruby's kind words stuck to me like glue. She understands what it's like to have a pregnancy scare. My parents and twin brother never understood me nor did they care for me. I saw Miss Rose as a mother figure. She was the one who took me to get examined when my parents wouldn't do it. I am never going back to that place I used to call home and neither will Luna nor Lily. They are what prevented me from ending myself long ago. Had it not been for their presence in my life,I would not be standing here.

While I barely have clothes at home, I do have wonderful people to look up to during my time of need. One day my sickness will be kicked to the curb and I will be better. "Alright,everyone,I have to take Willow with me. Thank you everyone. Benjamin and Lisa,thank you both so much for giving me the wonderful advice about adoption." Miss Rose had shook both their hands as she had taken me to what'll hopefully be my new home.

"Wait!" Melanie had exclaimed. She had a number in her hand from what I saw. "This is the number to the therapist I see." she had given me the card. Mel knew I needed help considering what I had been through. "She's great. I just want you to know that there is help." "Thank you,Melanie. I appreciate it." and with that we waved as Miss Rose and I had left with Luna and Lily in tow.

Melanie POV

With Willow and Miss Rose on their way,I gave Ruby another hug before she and her father had to go home and pack up their belongings. "Please be careful when you both leave the neighborhood you plan on moving from. I don't want you hurting anymore." I had pleaded. "We'll be fine,Mel." she had put her hand on my shoulder in assurance.

Her father had given my mom a hug and a kiss. "Do be careful,darling. I want you safe and out of harm's way." my mom had given him one last kiss before he,Griff,the cats and Ruby went back home as a tabby cat had followed. From the looks of it,the tabby had taken an interest in Lucy. My mother shook Benjamin and Lisa's hands. "It was a pleasure to meet the both of you despite these circumstances. My daughter and your son really get along well."

"That's Alex for you. He talks about Melanie a lot. He found himself a keeper." his foster father ruffled Alex's hair. "You take care of yourself,Sarah. And I hope your little ones are born healthy." Lisa had smiled as she and her husband and son had went home but not after I had given Alex a kiss which he had liked.

It had been almost a long night for everybody. Not to mention,tiring. I had to miss a day of both school and work due to all the insanity that has happened. I'm going to have so much make up work to do once I get back. I had already passed out on my bed. "Good night,Melanie." Monica had whispered as she herself had drifted off into her slumber.

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