Author note:Hello, everyone! I am sorry that I haven't posted anything related to this story in so long. Back in late January, I was sent to a mental hospital for almost a week and I was diagnosed with depression. Anyways, here is the latest chapter.

After work

As Melanie and Willow had gotten off work, she saw Ruby and Sapphire outside the door, surprised they came right on time.

"Hey, girls!" Willow chirped.

"Hello! Anyways, forgot to mention earlier that Sapphire wants a pet." Ruby scratched her head. "Sorry about that."

"Not to worry, Rubes. She can adopt any pet she wants." Melanie opened the door to the pet store, letting the blue eyes girl inside the store. They wondered what kind of animal she would adopt.

"Hello, dear! Are you looking for a pet?" Miss Rose smiled.

"You bet. You have so many kinds of animals here. It's amazing." Sapphire stared in awe.

"All types of animals are welcomed here, dearie. You can choose any pet you want." Miss Rose said with a kindness in her voice as Sapphire looked to the birds as they tweeted. As she gazed upon each bird, one in particular, caught her eye.

This bird was a blue jay who appeared to be young. Sapphire had a fondness for birds especially for blue jays as she favored the color blue. Getting closer, the bird did too, much to Sapphire's joy.

"Hi, there! What's your name, human?" the blue jay asked. Telling from the voice, the bird was a female.

"I'm Sapphire. What's yours, little birdy?"

"I don't have a name. My parents never have me one." the girl bird frowned. "Never had a home either.

"How would you like to come with me?" Sapphire offered.

"You really mean it? You'd be willing to adopt me?" the blue jay was surprised.

"You bet I would! I've always wanted a bird especially a bird like you." Sapphire pointed to her potential feathered friend.

"One question, do you have any cats?"

"Nope! No cats at home! You don't have to worry about felines." Sapphire assured. "Are you ready to go?"

"You bet I am!"

"Okay, wait right here! Sapphire went to the desk Miss Rose was at.

"I see you've taken a liking to that blue jay." Miss Rose noticed.

"I have and I wish to adopt her."

"You're more than welcome to, dearie." Miss Rose led Sapphire to the blue jay's cage, picking it up with care as the bird tweeted in joy as she took happiness in the fact she was going to finally have a home. After she paid for the bird and the things needed, the blue haired adolescent exited the store with her new pet in tow.

"You got a bird? How cute!" Melanie cooed.

"It's a blue jay!" Ruby commented.

"How nice!" Willow commented after her.

"Thanks, girls! I'm unsure what to call her though. She's gotta be called a name." Sapphire looked closely to the bird, wondering what name suited the pet.

"We can look up names online when we get home. However, I should let you know that I have a cat at home...but, not to worry! I'll keep my cat away from your bird." Ruby assured as both Sapphire and the unnamed bird breathed a sigh of relief.

"Anyways, are we ready to go?" Melanie implored before receiving a few "booyahs!". "Great! Let's get there!"

At home

Melanie had borrowed a book of baby names from her mom to help her new friend come up with a name for her pet. All the other girls wrote down a list of names on their own piece of paper. Considering the bird can talk, they figured they let the bird decide on what she wanted people to call her.

The blue jay tweeted happily as she looked at the many names, joyfully flapping her wings. She didn't mind whatever name she was given as long as it was a name that fit her the most. The creature was confused when it looked to a cup, popsicle sticks, and a permanent marker sitting there on the counter.

"What's that over there?" the bird implored.

"That's a system to help with picking a name for you." Sapphire said, petting her buddy on the head.

"I'll divide the sticks out for each of us. We can take turns with the marker. How is that?" Melanie suggested.

On agreement, each girl had five popsicle sticks per person, taking turns after writing down a name on it and passing it around. After they were done, the marked popsicle sticks were placed in the cup. Ruby held the cup in her hands steadily.

"Here's the deal. If you see a potential name, it goes on the ground but, if you see one that's not something that'd fit, it's going back in the cup. Who's ready?" Ruby finished explaining as she let each person pick a name.

"I got Pixy! I think it's cute!" The bird nodded as the stick was in front of Willow's feet.

"I got Harmony! How is it?" The bird gave her own version of a thumbs up as Melanie placed the popsicle stick down on the floor.

"I got...Blueberry?" Sapphire stared at the stick, befuddled as the bird stuck her tongue out.

"Guess, it isn't a fan of the name or the fruit." The blue haired girl shrugs as she put the name back in the cup.

One hour later…

Picking for a name was exhausting. Was there a name that was missed or looked over?...

"We gotta come up with something.." Ruby sighed.

Suddenly, Melanie's phone went off, scaring the bird. Sapphire made an attempt to calm her down as Mel answered.

"Hello?" Melanie answered.

"Sweetie, we have the most amazing news!" her mother, Sarah said with tears of joy in her eyes.

Melanie had gasped as she put her phone on speaker phone as Ruby's father stepped in.

"The babies were found! They're alive and well. We just got back from the doctor and they have a clean bill of health." Stephen announced as he hugged Sarah close as both cried in joy.

"I knew they'd come back home!" Melanie hugged Ruby with tears.

"Ruby, see, Melanie, all there was was having hope." Ruby stated as an idea had hit Sapphire.

"That's the perfect name for my pet:Hope." the blue haired girl had an epiphany on what to call her pet blue jay and it was a perfect fit, given the circumstances.

"I like my new name." Hope chirped.

"So do I, Hope." Sapphire had hugged Hope gently, stroking her back as her owner and friends embraced in a group hug, knowing everything would be peaceful once more...