"Excuse me miss, I can't help but notice that you look lost."

The woman looked up, startled, and the light glinted off her large hoop earrings as they swayed with her movements. Antoinette had her pegged for a tourist, and not just because of the large bag she carried over her shoulder. She was well dressed, too well dressed to be a local. No person with any money would be found in this part of Frome, not if they knew anything about the city. Not if they knew what was good for them.

The woman smiled, revealing perfect little white teeth in her round face. She looked almost childish, with her pink cheeks and pointed chin, but her body was curvy, and her step had a nice little sashay to it. She was uncommonly beautiful, this tourist. Never a good thing, in Antoinette's experience.

"I'm afraid I am lost," the woman said. "My hotel is supposed to be in Devin borough, but I got off the train at Devin, and I couldn't find my hotel. Now I can't find my way back to the train either."

Antoinette smiled comfortingly and put a hand on the woman's shoulder. "No need to be embarrassed," she said. "If anyone should be embarrassed it's the city planners for the terrible job they did when they named the train stations. Devin train station isn't actually in Devin you see," she explained. "Where you want to get off is at Islinder station, and from there you just turn right out of the station and you're in Devin."

The woman nodded seriously, paying close attention to Antoinette's words. "And how do I get back to the train station from here?" she asked.

"Well now that's easy," Antoinette told her, spinning her around to face a different street. She leaned in close and pointed down the street as she spoke. "You just head down this street for two blocks, then hang a left and in five minutes you'll find yourself right back where you started."

"That's it?"

"That's it," Antoinette assured her. "Mind you get on a train on the left side of the platform though – you wouldn't want to get on a train taking you right back out of the city!" She laughed loudly, and the woman joined in timidly, obviously out of her element in the big city. Antoinette almost felt bad for the poor little thing, getting so lost on her first day out in the world. She looked down at the broken watch on her wrist and jumped. "Oh! I'd better get going – I was on my way to work when I spotted you. Are you going to be ok from here on?"

The woman nodded, squaring her shoulders and looking down the street, and then back to Antoinette. "Just two streets down and left, right?"


"Thank you very much for your help," she said, curtsying a little to Antoinette. Then she straightened up and started on her way back to the train station.

"Good luck!" Antoinette called after her. "Welcome to Frome!" She turned and went on her way as well.

She waited until she was a few blocks away before pulling out the woman's wallet to check on the contents. It was a nice heavy thing, made with fine leather. Once she was finished with the contents she could probably sell the wallet itself for a few coins.

"Hm, nice…" She grabbed out the bills and stuffed them in her pocket first, then checked the coin purse and emptied that too. She then went to look through the cards, in case the woman had any valuable ID on her. If she was a tourist from another country, she'd have to have a passport somewhere, and those could fetch a hefty sum, depending on what country they came from.

She was right, there was a passport in the wallet. She pulled it out and there was the woman's face, smiling up at her. Antoinette looked it over, and her skin turned cold when she saw where it was from.

"Oh no…" she muttered, looking at the flag on the passport. She turned it over, looked around and looked back at the passport, hoping it would have changed, but it hadn't. Pandora. That damned magical land to the East, full of faeries and sorcerers, and all the other types you didn't want to get mixed up with. Here in Ruteland there were magicians too, but any human with real power was well known, and Antoinette could count on one hand the sorcerers who lived in Frome. She knew well enough not to bother them if they wandered into her part of town. But this… "Shit-eating piss bucket faced son of a backwoods inbred donkey," she swore. "What am I supposed to do with this?"