This is a poem I wrote for the 10th anniversary of the clinic I go to. The theme is out of the darkness and into the light. Please enjoy.

Inundated by Darkness, Then Healing Light

Piercing, unbearable agony in my side.

Limited blood of mine painting a vermilion path behind.

Tall, fiery flames eating up the house and everything else of ours.

The physical and mental torment makes the minutes hours.

And the inches miles.

All I see is the blindingly red blood of my adored mother on the sparkly white tiles.

The terror and pain-filled cries of my brothers still scream harshly in my ears.

They still haunt me to my core, the little whimpers and flood of tears.

Massive, misshapen mountains of bloodied and mutilated bodies of my cousins laying around.

I wish oh so desperately that I can finally lay down.

And go.

where there is no more.

I'm deeply exhausted, in paralyzing pain.

So much pain.

Please make it stop.

There's so much blood clotted in my messed-up mane.

In my traumatized head, I can still hear the murderer's maniacally cruel laughter,

And the definite crack when the killer snapped the delicate back of my sassy sister.

Surrounding me is unmentionable destruction.

Flowing from me is pure desperation.

The fragile, fragile strength is seething out of my scarlett skin.

Why wasn't it me who was done in?


I'm so tired...

My soul is so terribly tormented, despondent, so dark,

Is my heart.

I'm drowning...


Drowning in the searing torment and bleak darkness.

Just wanting peace, to go to my dead family, not this.

Then suddenly I see the light.

With all of my disappearing might,

I painstakingly trudge forward.

I can't say a word.

I'm in so much silencing agony.

But the light of hope shines stronger.

So, i must power forward. It won't take much longer.

Soon, I am be out of the abyss of darkness,

and breezed into the healing light, free of this hellish mess.

Instantly, all of the stabbing pain is completely gone.

I spot my ineffably beautiful mom.

Their genuinely euphoric laughter flutters through the air.

I see the cute cowlick on my beloved baby brother's hair.

I smile.

It's been a while, a too long while.

However, I'm finally home.

Home, sweet home.

Thanks for reading. A lovely present and future to you.