I wrote some of the earlier chapters a few months ago and just decided to upload them so the might have some errors that I don't notice. Also, some of the earlier chapters I wrote are short.


It was a very interesting time in human history. The world was flourishing and life was vastly improved from back then... except there's a major issue with this flourishing world.

Setting aside the massive hole within the ocean (which one nobody knew but it was assumed the Pacific but the knowledge of the ocean among other things was lost to time.) and the giant tree that was grown enough to reach the clouds on some land that broke apart from some continent long ago. No, the real problem was the boredom, much progress had been made since the Great Disaster that sent the planet into cold despair and ever since humans have been able to bounce back from near extinction and many had become bored with life as of late.

There was still fun to be had though, arenas had been constructed to give people the opportunity to see warriors fight. (while there was a minor injury with the combatants as they did not fight with real weapons large wounds and cuts would sometimes occur and sometimes lead to retirement for fighters.) Other pleasures included shopping districts, parks and other enjoyments of the old days before the Great Disaster still existed. Schools still were essential to keep the society going and shape minds, but students had more freedom in their choices in order to pursue their own dreams.

With all these pleasures what could cause people to still be bored? why would boredom be such an issue? Well, when people are bored they often try and find ways to sate their boredom sometimes finding success and sometimes not. Well, for one individual to find an answer to his boredom as he and his companions will journey to find their place amongst the worlds, battling powerful foes even above gods and uncovering dark secrets and finding their true goals in life.