I wrote some of the earlier chapters a few months ago and just decided to upload them so the might have some errors that I don't notice. Also, some of the earlier chapters I wrote are short.


It was a very interesting time in human history. The world was flourishing and life was vastly improved from back then... except there's a major issue with this flourishing world.

Setting aside the massive hole within the ocean (which one nobody knew but it was assumed the Pacific but the knowledge of the ocean among other things was lost to time.) and the giant tree that was grown enough to reach the clouds on some land that broke apart from some continent long ago. No, the real problem was the boredom, much progress had been made since the Great Disaster that sent the planet into cold despair and ever since humans have been able to bounce back from near extinction and many had become bored with life as of late.

There was still fun to be had though, arenas had been constructed to give people the opportunity to see warriors fight. (while there was a minor injury with the combatants as they did not fight with real weapons large wounds and cuts would sometimes occur and sometimes lead to retirement for fighters.) Other pleasures included shopping districts, parks and other enjoyments of the old days before the Great Disaster still existed. Schools still were essential to keep the society going and shape minds, but students had more freedom in their choices in order to pursue their own dreams.

With all these pleasures what could cause people to still be bored? Why would boredom be such an issue? Well, when people are bored they often try and find ways to sate their boredom sometimes finding success and sometimes not. Well, for one individual to find an answer to his boredom as he and his companions will journey to find their place amongst the worlds, battling powerful foes even above gods and uncovering dark secrets and finding their true goals in life.

"...Now doesn't that sound just... exciting, exhilarating? Why its nothing like the past days! Mundane! Mundane! JUST PLAIN, OLD MUNDANE DAYS! But nowadays its life seems to have become very interesting! Hahahaha...Its almost a pain...but, I hope these times of fun and terror never end! Even if the same fools don't-"


"Guests? Hmm... I knew it. I knew it quite well. HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! But, I wonder what's this feeling? Sadness? Anger? Happiness? Or some odd combination? Or maybe something unheard of. I do wonder how my experiment did though. Success or failure? Or was it neither at all?"


"My my my, quite the fire there. Now that is definitely anger. But, for what? Which of the many do you despise me for? What's in the past or what has now come to be? Or a more specific reason perhaps? The inevitable end? Or do you simply want an outlet to erase the pain you feel from your foolhardy decisions? Now now come answer me. I'd like to see what sort of tearful expression you'll pull. One of true despair or will it be from the burning rage you feel?"


"Hmph! taking the easy way out? How revolting! One should stay true to their heart. Its what makes true mortality! In both good and bad that is what mortality is. Although, given your rather pitiful state, I suppose this fire is all that's left for you to muster. Your last will. If that is your choice feeble children I will give you my resignation letter. And, as a gift, I will personally drain you all of these foul emotions that plague you so violently! These feelings that caused your impurities! From shining dolls to wicked mortals. It is these impurities that will cause your erasure! Hmm, yes I see it now! The true Reality of this situation! The pure Chaos, the swirling madness of Justice and Darkness, tinged with the confusion from the dark spring prince of Corruptness! It can only come know! Those others would never have entertainment like this! But even I must mean something! But, who knows? Assumptions are things that never sat well with me. They always come in two flavors that as the first in the fifth dawn, I never liked... Did I ramble for too long? Is your rage still coming? Yes, let it come!"

"...If you come to think you understand and make your assumptions... just know this small, easy term that I've recently remembered. Consider it a punishment when I ultimately reign victorious, C.A.D is the term... I await the day of the 4 Dawns rebirth and so should you whenever that era happens... I'd say have a blast in the meantime...but I also don't like making futile and selfless promises that easily. Oh! Yes! I mean this to both you and you. Take it as you will for you especially need to understand our roles in this current life! Let's have our final fiesta! "

Dragons are strange in ancient myths and stories they could be helpful or evil. I personally like to think they were neutral in some cases... Ugh being this bored always makes me think too hard about different things...I wonder if they're out of classes yet hmm the clock on the wall says its one probably not yet.

Well, I might as well see if anything interesting is happening.

A tall young man easily looking 17 with black hair in a light blue t-shirt and dirty jeans walks out of a deserted office building through a window and lands on some bushes with a slight groan. He stands up and walks on the sidewalk along a busy street with a few houses. Putting one hand on in his pocket and keeping another at his side. He passes along and stumbles upon a broken mirror,

"Hmm, a neighbor must have thrown it out." The young man mumbled to himself. Taking a look at himself he could see someone with lightly tanned skin and overall looked quite average with brown eyes and the only interesting thing about his face was his slightly large and pointed nose along with short black hair. Taking a quick glance at his right arm was what seemed to be a scar of some sort. Making a silent sound of disgust he continued along the street.

"Hey lady give some cash and I won't have to cut ya up into pieces hehehehe," an older looking man said to a clearly distressed woman. Our young man saw this while passing an alleyway. "Well, time to be chivalrous I guess, hmm too bad I forgot my trusty blade at home. Well, I could just bash him in with my fists. Although that might get the cops on me again soooo." Thinking for a second he thought of a plan. "Hey, how about I just take ya home instead hmm?" He said to her, pushing her further down. Just as the woman lost hope both of them heard someone yell and a thin stream of water rushed towards the man's leg piercing through it and causing blood to start spilling out.

"You don't have to look too hard oldy"

"Huh? Who the hell are you calling old!? I'm only twenty-four!"

"Seriously? Hmm well...I guess I can say age defiantly hasn't been kind to you. But I'm going to have to hurt you a bit anyway." He prepared himself and started charging his energy.

"Grrrrrr well brat you were lucky the first time, TRY AND DODGE THIS! LIGHTING ART: ELECTRO SPHERE!" The man launched a fairly large ball comprised entirely of electricity from both palms at the young man.

The young man started to gather the energy of wind and prepared to counter as the electric sphere came extremely close and shouted.
"WIND ART: AIR BULLETS!" Dozens of small bullets launched out of mouth and raced towards the sphere colliding and stopping from going further

"HAHAHAHAHAH! What kind of attack is that! All you did was stop my sphere from hitting you! Hows that going to help you hahaha!

Letting his actions speak for themselves, the young man raced forward and pulled his fist back and hit the sphere and started charging towards the other man with his own sphere in his right fist.

" You asked who the hell am I? Well..."

"WHAT! H-EY G-GET AWAY FROM DON'T HIT M- GAHHH" The electric ball hit the old looking man right in the jaw knocking him out near instantly.

"The names Dragon no last name at least not that I know of an- oh! I knocked you out already huh...oh well I'm sure somebody can call an ambulance for you later just try and uhh lay down and not move umm see you another day try to not steal/almost attempt rape!."

Just before he tried walking quietly away a voice called to him "Uh excuse me I thank you for the help but well...CAN YOU EXPLAIN WHAT JUST HAPPENED RIGHT NOW! I JUST SAW ELECTRIC BALLS AND BULLETS OF AIR! I THOUGHT IT LOOKED CRAZY!"

"Well, ma'am I'll explain to you and the special audience what the "Arts" and other special techniques are...IN THE NEXT CHAPTER!

"Umm who is the special audience?"

"...Nobody ma'am..." Dragon looked up with a small grin "Nobody at all!"

Edit 4/19/18: Combined the prologue and chapter 1 because I think it flows better that way. The small addition during the prologue scene was added for some irony later on. Also yes, the next chapter is coming. these past two months I've been getting so many things to do that I haven't really written anything in a while. But, rest assured it'll come.