Hey! It's nearly the end of 2017! Woohoo! I'm glad I was able to post this chapter before then. I probably would have posted sooner but Christmas and all that was going on. Next chapter is pretty important and ill probably split it into to 2-3 chapters because of how long it I'm planning on making it. This time its another fight! Which I'm sure is still really bad but I'm sure it'll get better! (At some point). Other than that have a nice New Year, 2018! Now onto the Chapter!

Silence...that's all he could hear and stones, lots of falling stones.

As rubble drifted everywhere he reappeared from the "Shadowlands" as that idiot called them. He wore a black cloak and inside one would see two orbs, one a dark indigo and the other a pale grey where eyes would be. On the back were two dragons, grey and purple and thin in size. He looked over the area, much of the walls of Exit A were destroyed and stones were scattered from the blast.

After seeing his work, he then turned and started walking away. Then...he jumped in the air! As a stone fist appeared from the ground and launched towards him. It missed and the cloaked man flipped In the air and landed on his feet. He looked back and saw a large stone golem! Or at least half of one, because the golem only had half its body, which was cut down the middle of its one eye.

"Dammit! I missed!" With this shout of anger, the man looked to the torso where he saw "Terra" who had her hands together and was crouching. (Great he saw me. It's good that I got this thing up though it's only the upper body. It's been forever since...nevermind that, it'll be much easier to capture him this way.)

With a heavy breath, she shouted, "Earth Art: Giant's Fist Formation!" Releasing her hands, she clapped twice and then put them together again. The large golem shifted and the rocks from the torso moved to the right arm growing in size. Until all the rocks had formed into a massive arm. "If that first punch didn't work then try this!" The cloaked man could feel "Terra" flowing her SE into the large arm, as it reared back and rocketed forward. Before it reached him, he raised his right hand and the giant fist stopped in the air.

"What?" "Terra" questioned, "I can't control it anymore! Even using more SE I can't move it at all what's going on?" She tried to use more SE, but her attempts proved futile.


"Huh?" (I'm hearing something, wait!) "Terra" watched in confusion as her golem's fist was pushed back and back. "How? What's going on here!?" (My attack should have gone through! All he did was raise his right arm and then I felt my SE being pushed back. In all the reports, Chaos has never been one to use these kinds of abilities. Is this guy really him?)

"Terra" saw the cloak wearer tilt their head "I apologize that I had to use force, but I'm quite busy and you're holding me up, ma'am. So I'll need to ask if you'll kindly leave, so I can get on my way." His voice was completely different than that of Chaos. It was elegant, noble, and eerily calm compared to the crazed tone of Chaos.

"Like hell, I'm leaving. I've got a mission to do and you're going to need to come with me." "That's...quite unfortunate, but if your going to insist on staying then," His right eye shined a bright grey in the darkness of Exit A. "I'll need to use more power in order for you to understand."

"Bring it, kid! But tell me this first, your not Chaos right? If so then take off your hood, it's a bit rude to be covered up in a fight ya know."

"Yes I suppose that is true, being so mysterious in a proper fight is quite unbecoming. Except I wouldn't call this a proper fight. No, I would call this merely a scuffle between an adult and child."

(Tch, I can practically taste his condescending tone! Damn this brat!)

"Oh? Am I getting on your nerves? Again I apologize, now I'm even more late so you're going to need to..." His left eye glowed, "Die or at the very least as the young say...well it's not quite appropriate what those children say"

"Oh yeah, you think you're really tough, right? Well, news flash! I haven't even started using my full power yet!"

"Really? Well, now I'm slightly invested. In exchange for making me late, I suppose this might be entertaining. Fine, I'll play along, come, ma'am, try and take me down."

"Fine then!" (Even if I sound confident I need more information about his techniques, especially the one he used on this arm. Let's see if that ability has anymore uses first.) "I'll be taking the first move, so let's try this again!" "Terra" charged ahead with the giant arm and then reeled back and punched forward.

The cloak wear simply raised his right hand again which stopped the arm. "This is quite unfortunate, but also a good strategy. It's important to know the enemy. You should try that again, maybe it'll work, sometime."

(Damn him! No focus he's just trying to get you worked up so I'll fall for his attacks easier!" Well, I guess I need to switch it up!) "Fine, I'll do something else then! EARTH ART-" She couldn't finish as a shot of purple hit her chest. "Urgh!"

"No time for that now Ms. I've got a schedule to keep to. I ain't got the time for your long tricks now. He wanted to keep playing, but I'll keep him in order. So, for now, it's time for you to die."

(That voice! It sounds like more like Chaos...but it still feels off somehow. Just whats going on with him?) From his left hand came 3 more shots all hitting her legs and right arm. She staggered and released her hands and dropped to the ground.

"C'mon I thought you would struggle more. Maybe a last ditch attack or something. Oh well, at least I can confirm that you ninjas are of no great threat. Bye!" He prepared another round of shots aimed towards her face. Before he could shoot, however, he threw his head back.

(Damn! If only I could move my legs! Wait the arm is still here! He wants an attack then I'll give him one!) "Haahhhh! TAKE THIS!" "Terra" put her hands together again and released her SE from the stone arm causing it to fall from the air.

"Hmm? Oh, it's going to fall on both of us? Well, that's interesting. But..." For a brief moment, "Terra" could see under his cloak and saw signs of a smirk. "W-err I'm too slippery to be hit by that kind of obvious attack. So I'll be fine but I don't think you'll be.

(Guess that's it then. Heh, I'm too injured to move and he's right their as well.) Just a few seconds before it crashed, "Hey!" "Terra" heard someone shout...she couldn't hear or feel the anything. She looked up to see it being held by another arm, an arm made of stone! (Is that...tch I guess these tunnels really are close to their base huh.) "Terra" looked up and saw Dean with his pointed nose and blond hair. Dean, whose hands were also together, released them and picked up "Terra" carefully.

(Ah crap! she's looking blood from both legs and one arm! I need to get her away quickly!) "Look if you can hear me. Uh, I'll get you back. First though," He looked around, but the cloaked man was nowhere to be seen "Looks like he escaped." (Must have left during while my back was away.) "No good, he's gone now. I should get you some help."

"N-no, I don't need it." She mumbled "What? Are you crazy!? I-"

"I don't need help from a criminal! Especially one who has a nose like a wooden doll with blond hair!"

"Tch, this isn't about who's on what side right now its-wait wooden doll? Grr! I hate that comparison!"

"Oh yeah? Then how about surgery to fix it?"

"That's expensive and-stop getting me off topic! Tch, you were always good at that!"

"Tch, you also stole my "thing'"

"What! What now I can't make some noise? It's only because you never stopped it back then! And again I'm getting you help-"

"Like I said I don't need it! Just...Just leave me be...I don't need you anymore. I've got something more important to do." She mumbled that last few words.

"That's fine but you can do it when you're not bleeding."

"CAPTAIN! CAPTAIN! WE'VE COME TO RESCUE YOU!" They looked behind themselves and saw a dozen ninja, several in proper black uniform and a few in white. "Looks like they came to save you. Alright then I'll go, goodbye again." Dean gently dropped her on the ground



"Back then-"

"Look their close now an I'm sure they've seen me. I...I can't give you the reasons yet. Goodbye." Then Dean ran back towards the wide whole leading to the Rhino base. "Oh and before I forget, don't try and assaulting us. I think the government would agree it would take too many resources to take down on the 7 Earths in one of their own headquarters." Dean then turned and ran.

"Captain! Are you-no! Medics! She's badly injured! We need assistance!" The ones in white reached and started getting out various equipment from their hidden pockets. "Captain we will need to sedate you."



"Yes? Oh right, yes I would like this treatment to go quickly. There's much I need to report." One medic nodded and got a syringe filled with green liquid and injected it into "Terra"'s left arm. She quickly succumbed to the medicine and fell asleep.

"And another thing-"

"Hey, Noelle."

"Yes, what Amy?"

(Deep breath Amelia) "You know we've all been friends for a year right?" Dragon and his friends had stopped at the exit of District A, which was a large wall with thick metal doors. It was required by the government to register their name onto a sheet at a front desk in order for passage to be allowed. Dragon and Brian had gone to the front desk, leaving Amelia and Noelle alone together.

"Yeah, oh you must be admitting that I'm the best friend you've ever had aren't you!" Noelle the extended her arms for a hug.

"Uh no. I just want to ask a bit of a personal question."

"Alright, I'll see if my wisdom can answer."

"Tell me how you and Brian met Dragon!" Amelia blurted out.


"Well, I'm just curious. When Dragon met me, he always talked about you guys. I would ask how you all met and he usually ignored the question."

"Weird, it's not like it's an exciting story. But I guess I can tell you if..."

"What do you want?"

"Nothing much, just tell me how you and Dragon met."

"W-w-what?" Amelia looked surprised and Noelle could easily tell he looked slightly flustered by

"You heard me."

"There's n-"


"Woah! Is that an earthquake!? It seemed to around District 1!"

"I don't know." Everyone around the front desk was shaken and looked over to District 1.

Just a quick note, I wanted to expand on what the Golem technique is. Basically, you use SE to form a stone golem from the earth around its user to form a golem and into other forms like arms etc. The user will clap their hands to signal a change by shifting the amount of SE they put into the golem. Just wanted to explain it here because I don't think I explain it well in the actual chapter.