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(Insert best meme/waifu here)- means a character's thoughts, just thought I would add it in case I haven't stated it before.

"Dragon! Dragon!" Amelia looked for the trees that had been crashed and soon enough found Dragon who had been walking around.

"There you are! Are you alright? From what we saw that was a powerful punch."

"Oh hey, Amelia! Naw that was nothing really, just a few bruises and scratches. What about Brian and Noelle?"

"They're fighting some Rhinos. From what I saw they're handling themselves pretty well."

"Then we better go back and help I think I sensed some nearby ninjas." As Dragon finished his sentence Amelia stopped.


"What is it?"

"You can sense them from this far? That's pretty strange."

"Uh...y-yeah they must be new if they were more experienced than I probably wouldn't sense them at all." (Crap! I shouldn't have said that! Please don't ask please don't ask!).

"Hmm, I guess." (Ok what are you hiding Dragon, the ninjas don't just send their new members out into the field if they can't even hide their SE." They arrived out of the forest,(Well I can't worry about it now. But I'll get some answers later.)

"Hah! Hah! Take that!"

"Argh!" One of the Rhinos had taken a slash over arms and had fallen on his back.

"Yo! What's up with these kids they're crazy"
"Don't worry we just need to take out this lightning brat and the girl will be easy! WIND ART: QUICK SWIPE!" As Brian slashed at another Rhino, one had made a short blade of air and was preparing to attack him from behind.

"Take this brat!"


"Hey hands off the pretty body!" Noelle threw some knives at Brian's attacker which cut into his left arm, making him lose his grip along with his weapon.

"Ah, shit!"

"Thanks, Noelle!" He hit the Rhino with his left elbow. "And stop calling me pretty it gets distracting!"

"Why? We've been friends since childhood and I've been calling you pretty all this time. Wait don't tell me your embarrassed to have someone like me, compliment you!?"

As she talked a Rhino came up from behind.

"Hah! Take this brat!"

"Hmm? Oh just some trash, hold on a minute, Brian." She jumped into the air and over the Rhino kicking his back, which made him crash face first into the ground.

"No! It's just that you yelling stuff like is very distracting!"

As he said that another Rhino came up behind him but was slammed into the ground by his other female friend.

"Can you guys focus on what's important right now!"

"Oh! Hey Amy!"

"Hey Amelia, did you find Dragon yet?"

"Yeah, I'm right here!" Dragon walked up behind Amelia.

"Hey, are those guys still up?" Dragon was referring to the fallen Rhinos many of which were unconscious. Unfortunately, some still stood up.

"Shit! Shit! We outnumber them! But we're being treated like trash!"

"And to top it off the first squad of ninjas are almost here!"

"We need to escape! Everyone grab someone unconscious! Especially Dean! We need to report back to the base!"

With those commands, those who still stood ran and grabbed their fallen comrades.


Many slabs of earth rose and along with a large cloud of dust, the Rhinos had escaped.

"It seems they have escaped, sir."

Five ninjas arrived in their black clothing with the symbol of Terminal on their right arm, a gold lance in the middle and two swords, dark blue and jade over it in an X.

The ninja who spoke looked at Dragon and the others with a questioning glance.

"I assume you four are part of the Adv School? Err at least 3 of you"

That was easy to tell however since the Adv School required its students to wear the school's signature white jacket.

Amelia being the most responsible of the group decided to answer the ninja.

"Umm yes, sir! we 3 are part of the school which you just mentioned! And we are uhh..."

And while being the most responsible, Amelia is also somewhat nervous around authority.

"Well ok then, can any of you (except the weird girl) explain what happened here?"


"Oh if we let this go on we'll never leave, Brian and Dragon you guys can start towards the exit we'll be there soon," Noelle commanded her two other friends while she started explaining what happened, with Amelia who just nodded along.

"Oh! Dragon before we leave I've got something that I found while we were walking over." Brian then took off his signature backpack. It was a blue (Dragon thought baby blue) and all over was a weird horse thing, he wasn't really sure what it was. Dragon always thought it was weird and often told him it looked embarrassing.

"I won't get rid of this even if it'll save my life. Because this thing is special...it has memories and life to me." Brian would repeat these lines with a look of determination and a tone that only a few people could tell held sadness and regret. Dragon understood, (Everyone has their secrets, I have mine and won't tell anyone yet. So you keep yours close, buddy.)

But that's a tale for another chap-err day.

"Here I saw this over the campus. It's a flyer for this tournament!" As said that he held up a flyer, was covered flames all over and had 3 words in large bold letters: TRAVELERS ANNUAL TOURNAMENT.

"Eh looks a little tacky, they should've used less fire and use a different text font and color cuz I could barely tell what that said plu-"

"No don't focus on the design! Focus on what it says it's a fighting tournament! And after I got more info online, I learned it's hosted by this travel agency, Travelers Comp. They offer tickets to this new city! First place gets 6 tickets!"

"Uh that sounds cool but why are you telling me?"

"Look we both know out of the 4 of us your our best fighter, me and Noelle rely heavily on our weapons (the tourney doesn't allow weapons!) and Amelia... well ya know she's been in tons of extra classes and hasn't trained often since the start of the year. You're our best bet Dragon!"

"Ok while that sounds really fun, why should I participate again?"

"Well aside from this awesome summer trip, this could be a great graduation gift!... And if that doesn't convince you weeelll. I could always ask for rent after you lived at my house for 3 months."

"Crap! I knew that'd come back to haunt me!Fiiine I'll participate, where is this going to happen anyway?"

"It should be in another week, down by District H (Harbor) near the docks."

"Well alright, I suppose that'll make a great graduation present. (And I hope you forget this debt!)

"Heeeeeyyyy! Brian! Dragon!" As the two looked back they saw Noelle and Amelia walking towards them.

"It took awhile (especially with Amy stumbling over her words.) But we finally gave them everything. So, Brian, you told him yet?"

"Yeah, he said he'd do it."

"Yeeaaahh! This'll be the best vacation ever! Thanks, Dragon!"

"No problem. But more importantly how was school today?"

"Eh, nothing much just the usual lectures and homework."

"Which you have to get done soon Noelle, remember what said?"

"Buuuut Amy! I'll get it done I just need a few minutes."

"Again Amelia not Amy, and copying off Brian doesn't benefit you or him." Amelia finished with a glare towards them both.

"Hey don't bring me into this, she usually copies from me when I'm not looking."

"Haha! Sounds like you guys have some work to do. Then Brian how's about we swing by your place and we can get stuff done there. Plus you mom might have some food to give!"

"Dragon! Don't use my mom for food! This is why should get a job if you're not attending school."

"But I'm a free spirit-"

"Whose also broke," Brian added

"Free spirit who can't be tied down to the man and his ways."

"No, you're a broke man who relies on others for food and never pays rent," Noelle added cheerfully

"(Cough) Well anyway, anything else going on in your school lives?"

" is going on maternal leave and we met her sub today."

"Yeah I saw her she looks too stiff though, all business and that brown suit she was wearing! I was hoping she would be cooler! (And give us less work) ital.

"Ugh let it go, Noelle, you guys have only seen her one day."

"But Amy you don't have to deal with her! You have honors courses! I'm sure she's going to give us more work than Jones ever did!"

Thus, while Amelia and Noelle further developed their usual arguing, Brian and Dragon laughed all the way as they headed towards District O.

"Sir, this is troubling if what they said is true then we must handle the Dragon before the 7 Earths get to him!"

Heading to their base of operations, the squad of ninjas looked towards their leader.

"We'll handle this calmly and with thought. Isn't that the way lord Mizu taught us?" Spoke a feminine voice.

"Yes, sir-"

"Again, call me sir only in public."

"Err yes Lady Kor."

"Thank you, now we should be close and-"

Bzzt! Bzzt! Bzzt!

"Hmm? Give me a minute its headquarters."

"Yes? This is squad leader 5, Agent Terra speaking...yes we're close by and-...what do you mean...no impossible...ok I'll inform you if we see him...yes thank you, agent Terra off. Ok! We need to head to exit A near headquarters quickly!"

"Yes, ma'am!"

"Ma'am if I can ask what has happened?"

"Terra" didn't respond for a few moments, the only noise being their feet running, finally she answered, "Tch, no trouble in telling you guys but some idiot thinks he can steal important documents from headquarters and thinks he can escape without consequence."

"What documents?"

"You guys don't have that level of clearance yet. Just keep going!"

"Alright, ma'am!"

"If I told you...no it wouldn't be good to reveal those plans." "Terra" mused quietly to herself.