Every night,

Every night

I think about you

During the day, you go away

But at night you're always on my mind

And I'm wondering if I will ever find

A cure to you

A cure to this

Because I know it doesn't make sense

But I can't seem to come to my sense-


And I'm feeling dense

Cause I can't seem to learn

That you don't want me

I'm the only one yearn-


I'm the only one hurting

Alone, alone

Maybe I'm meant to be alone

Because the people I love are always such assholes

Maybe I'm meant to learn a lesson

But I'm fessin up

I haven't learnt nothing

I keep doing the same thing

I'm sensing a pattern

And I can't get out of this rut

Maybe I ought to just give loving up

I'm trying to

But still, I miss you

And every night,

Every night

You come to me

Inside my dreams

But even there you're not with me

And I know there'll never be a "we"


Cause even in my dreams I'm just looking in

I'm just watchin'

My memory of you is fading

Though I try to hold on

Preserve you with poems and songs

But I forget easily

How much of this is memory

And how much is fabricated

I know for a while that I hated you

But even though you've caused some lasting issues

That didn't last long

I'm back to writing songs

And sometimes, I wish you could see them

And other times I'm glad you can't

And sometimes I want to speak to you

And other times I'm glad that's something I can't do

So I wait for the night

To think about you

I wait for the night

For your ghost to return

And lay beside me

I'll lay beside you

In my mind's eye

This isn't goodbye

Just farewell for now

In the future we'd make it work somehow

In my mind's eye

Every night