I waddled along the dirt road. Names Bingo The Traveling Trader. I mainly sell copor a comment metal. However we Bingonians can turn this metal used mainly for construction and war. Into beautiful jewelry. We Bingonians are similar to your world Pomeranians. In Eseyn the land of giants. Our Empire focuses on trade and diplomacy.

We talk peace and can pay for a treaty. However we have our military. The Bingonian Imperial Guard. We show many foes size dosen't matter. The Imperial guard risk their lives everyday. My back ached carrying these heavy supplies of Mete and Ealu. I'd been waddling all the way from our capital San Diego.

Finally I arrived at the town of Santee. I was spot checked by Leon guards. Santee, Pine Valley, Buena Park, And La Mesa belong to the Leon Republic. Leon's are felines similar to Maine Coons. I showed my seal they nodded and opened the gates.

The city was bustling with activity. Leons and other animals were selling their wares. Labors were hauling heavy supplies. Craftsman toiled in their trade. I continued along the path reading the signs. Bingonia and Leon Republic have a love hate relationship. We both love tax collecting. So taxes are high from grain to water tax and in between.

I arrived at the canine quarters. I went into the merchant's guild. The smell of spices and incense was heavy. Everything in here meant I'm wealthy silk rugs and tapestries. Roasted mete's and spiced wynn. I met with the quartermaster A Hawkeye. Similar to a Boxer. He counted the crates and barrels. Even though they were sizes for smaller races like myself twas still very heavy. He wagged his tail and complimented that I arrive at the exact time. I was given six hundred coins and offered a three night stay at any Inn of my choosing.

I barked happily today was a great day.