Hi guys, this is my first story on this site with my Oc`s. Reviews are appreciated and criticism is welcomed.

Casey sat on the velvet couch in his big empty living room. He was waiting for his old friend Robin to come. He would finally tell someone how he lost his lover Alex. When he had come home without Alex at his side everyone began to ask questions. He had just made eye contact with everyone and then went to his room.

He had been emotionless ever after his arrival, even years later. He didn`t smile or laugh and he rarely spoke, so Robin was very surprised when Casey called her after 5 years. He said that he needed to tell someone what happened 5 years ago. He said that it would kill him if he held it in any longer.

Three loud knocks on a thick oak-door shattered the silence in the room. Casey went to the door to welcome his old friend in.

He opened the door and was met with one of Robin`s signature smiles. She had her long blonde hair a ponytail and her gray eyes shone. "Hey Casey, how are you?" She asked when he had let her in through the door. Casey closed the thick door and turned to meet Robin`s gaze but he didn`t answer, he just motioned with his hands that Robin should follow him.

When they were in the living room Robin sat down on one red couch while Casey sat down on the couch on the opposite side of the room so they were facing each other. Casey looked Robin right in the eyes.

"Do you know how death looks?" Casey said suddenly. "Do you know how it feels?". Robin was shocked by the questions but she quickly recovered. "No I haven`t had any experiences with death, and you know that Casey." She answered.

He looked down on his knees. "Then you can`t understand what I experienced five years ago. But I can give you a chance to understand." He began.

Casey stood on the edge of a cliff when he saw it happen, he didn`t even have the chance to shout out his name before it was too late. A disgusting wet sound was heard when the tip of the sword blade pierced the skin on his back, cut through his inner organs and pointed out in the middle of his chest. Crimson blood began to form in the corners of his mouth and began to dribble down his chin. Casey saw how Alex slowly looked down where the blade sprouted out from his chest and slowly looked up again. His own amber eyes met Casey`s Emerald green ones and Casey saw the pain and shock.

An ear deafening scream tore itself from Casey`s throat when Alex jerked forward as the sword tore itself from Alex`s body. Left was a gaping hole in his chest. The man who held the blade disappeared as fast as he came. Alex`s body began to fall and as soon as it hit the ground, bones breaking could be heard. A pool of scarlet blood began forming around his body and it was growing. His already red-orange hair became even redder.

Casey`s shock left him and when he could move again he ran to reach the bloodied body of his lover. When he reached the body he immediately sank to the ground and put his arms around Alex`s thin body and lifted him. Alex looked at him with his amber eyes who slowly lost their light. Tears began to form in both of their eyes. Some of Casey`s tears ran down his cheeks and landed on Alex`s cheeks as he held him closer.

Alex smiled as he lifted his arm to hold Casey`s cheek. His hand was bloodied from his own wound. Casey flinched a little from the touch but then he looked Alex in the eyes and smiled too. He leaned down to place the last living kiss on Alex`s lips. They both smiled into the kiss. Sad smiles.

"I love you Casey and never forget that." Alex said weakly as his chest slowly stopped moving.

They looked into each other's eyes one last time before Alex`s heart stopped beating. His hand that still was on Casey`s cheek went limp and fell down slowly like it was falling in slow motion. His eyelids fell down to hide Alex`s now pale brown eyes.

Casey`s eyes left the body of his dead lover and lifted his gaze to the stars and started to scream. His scream held many emotions, grief, pain and anger, but all his feeling came out at once. All of them.

He broke down crying again over Alex`s body. "I love you too." he said whispering. After all his tears had been cried he lifted his head and saw a clearing under a big tree. He sniffed and gathered his strength and lifted the corpse. Alex`s head moved when he was lifted from the ground. He slowly walked to the clearing. He placed down Alex`s lifeless body and began to dig a hole under the tree with his own bloody hands.

When the hole was done he slowly lifted his lover body and carefully place the body in the grave. He placed a last kiss on his forehead and then stood up. He began to fill up the hole with dirt again. When the grave was filled he crouched down and wrote on the dirt `Here lies Alex Husher, loved by everyone but his heart belonged to Casey Wolfheart`. Laying a red aster flower under the text was the last thing he did on the grave.

He slowly stood up as a lone last tear ran down his cheek and fell down on the flower. With that tear, his emotions disappeared. He was broken inside. Slowly he started to walk away from the grave and to the direction of his home.

If he had stayed longer he would have seen Alex smile down at him from his own bright shining star.

When Casey looked up again after the flashback was told he saw Robin with her hands over her mouth, tears running down from her eyes now red from crying. "Now you know." Casey said slowly and Robin stood up from the couch and ran to him. When she reached him she immediately put her arms around him and continued to cry. For the first time in five years, a tear slowly pulled itself from his eye and ran down his cheek.

Robin continued crying and hugging Casey, he was too young to have been through so much. Casey`s black hair became slightly wet from Robin`s tears.

Robin slowly lifted her head from Casey`s shoulder and looked him right in his emerald eyes with her own could gray and asked. "You loved him I know that, but how could you hold it all in including your emotions for five full years?" Casey smiled and said. "All of my emotions disappeared in the moment that Alex stopped breathing. And it`s the five-year anniversary of his death, I think that he would have liked me to move on.".