Chapter 3: The Overpowered

Kizoku was pretty disappointed to see that the Overpowered didn't operate in some cool high tech building in a secret location nobody knew off but rather the student council room.

Kizoku, however, did realize how genius it was. Nobody would dare enter the Student Council room cause who would want to do extra work?

"Shall we?" Ayame asked.

"Sure," Kizoku grumbled.

The room was pretty normal, there was a large window that let sunlight shine through. There was a door on the right side of the room and in the middle was a shiny brown coffee table with two sofas on the left and right side of the table and a one seater at the front.

Kizoku's disappointment was suddenly replaced by amazement as he saw who exactly made up the Overpowered.

Napping on the left sofa was Yukio Okumura, the star runner of the track team. His messy straight black hair covered his forehead and he snored lightly, his hands behind his head, his legs dangling on the edge of the armrest. Kizoku knew Yukio, not because of his achievements in the track team but because just last year he had lost his brother. Kizoku wished he had an opportunity to talk to him because he knew what it was like to lose someone really close to you and hoped he was doing alright.

On the other sofas were two people he didn't know but judging by their black blazers and shorts were students of Hikari no Academy, the school Kizoku went to. The first was a gorilla sized boy on the right sofa playing on a PSP. They were a few scowls and growls of frustration as fingers tapped violently on the poor PSP. He looked like a solider with his buzz cut and muscular frame. His hard brown eyes were staring intensely at the PSP screen and his huge hands were on the verge of breaking the PSP into tiny pieces which, judging by how big the guy was, was not entirely impossible.

The other one was a short, scrawny boy sitting on the one seater. He had straight brown hair combed over his forehead and silver glasses. He had a regal look on his face as he pulled out potato chips from a red packet.

"YOU DIED!" said a rough, gravelly voice from the PSP.

The muscular boy let out a scream of frustration and crushed the PSP with his bare hands, the screws clinking on the floor and the silver exterior being turned into splinters. Kizoku winced, poor PSP.

"Ayame, good to see you," the boy with glasses said. The muscular boy jumped to attention and kicked the remains of the PSP under the sofa and turned to Ayame, smiling nervously.

"Ayame," he said in a deep voice. "How is it?"

"I'm fine," Ayame said to the muscular boy. "Takao, you're going to have to clean that up."

Takao grumbled. "Right away."

He knelt to the floor and started gathering up the broken pieces of the PSP. Kizoku was suddenly taken aback when Takao literally lifted up the sofa with one hand and gathered all the pieces with the other.

Kizoku gulped. He put a mental reminder in his head to not get on Takao's bad side.

Ayame sighed. "Akira," she said, turning to the boy with glasses. "Can you wake Yukio up? Tell him that a new member just joined our ranks."

"Wake up, there's a new member," Akira said, shaking Yukio but Yukio just grumbled, mumbling "Five more minutes" and turned to the other side.

"Ayame is here."

Yukio leapt to his feet. "What's up new member?" Yukio said, grinning. "And how's it going Ayame?"

Kizoku waved his hands awkwardly.

"I'm fine," Ayame said. "And didn't I say you were to be backup if Kizoku decided to start a fight?"

Yukio smiled nervously, scratching his nose. "Did you?"

Ayame groaned, Kizoku never saw her show actual frustration before but hey, first time for everything. When Kizoku was introduced to them, he was actually amazed at the fact that classmates, people he knew were members of the most revered vigilante group in Japan. It was like a whole new door had been opened up for him. He wondered how they managed to keep the secret so well, after all, fighting other super-powered teenagers wasn't something you could easily hide from your friends and families.

"So what's his power?" Akira asked, taking a chip from his packet.

"Teleportation," Ayame said.

"To anywhere I want to go," Kizoku said smugly. "What are yours?"

Takao put the sofa down. "Super strength," he said. "I'm also known as the Bulldozer, an accurate nickname if you ask me."

"Cause that's because you lifted an actual bulldozer," Akira mumbled. He turned to Kizoku. "The name's Akira, I can do this."

Kizoku was amazed as he saw Akira shrink and shrink and shrink until he was a tiny little speck on the floor. It was trippy yet also amazing at the same time. Like watching a slow motion picture of a flower seed growing. Akira then reverted back to his original size, smiling.

"I can also do this," he said.

Akira's palm suddenly enlarged to the size of a trash can lid, covering Kizoku's whole face. Kizoku could make out the little scratches on Akira's hand and the unique swirls of his fingerprints.

His hand returned to normal size. "Amazed?"

Kizoku nodded, grinning widely. "Yes, it's fucking awesome," he said. He realized Akira was a little too short for his age, his head only reached Kizoku's shoulders. He was even shorter than Ayame, which made Kizoku's grin widen even more. "You definitely need this power, that's for sure."

Akira frowned. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Anyway," Ayame said, changing the subject. "I'm pretty sure you already know what Yukio's power is."

"You're the Speedster, aren't you?" Kizoku asked, smiling a little. His eyes lighting up a little bit. He loved the Speedster, mainly because of how fast he was and the clothes he wore, the black trench coat and black mask made him look real badass. "Explains why you're the star player of the track team."

Yukio laughed. "Yeah," he said. And while Ayame was looking away he whispered, "Don't tell Ayame, okay?"

"My lips are sealed."

Ayame turned to Kizoku. "There's still two more members I need to introduce you to," she said, leading Kizoku to the door on the side of the room.

Kizoku couldn't help but ask, "Speaking of superpowers, what's yours?"

"Mind reading," Ayame said. "I can read your thoughts as they happen."

Kizoku suddenly came to a realization. No wonder the Sanada Challenge was so difficult!

"The Sanada what?" Ayame asked, frowning.

"Nothing," Kizoku said quickly.

Ayame opened the door, revealing a dark room where the only light was from a computer screen.

"Why's this room so dark?" Kizoku asked, his eyes taking a while to adjust.

"Haru likes doing her research this way," Ayame said. "Helps her focus."

Well Haru must be doing some research alright, Kizoku thought.

"Haru, we have a new member," Ayame said, tapping her chair.

As soon as Haru turned, Kizoku actually wished she was doing the research he thought she was doing. She was literally the most beautiful girl he seen in his life, he could see her curly black hair from the light of the computer screen, shoulder length and very glossy. Kizoku wished he could run his fingers through them. The light also allowed him to see her coffee brown eyes that he could easily get lost in and the most dazzling smile Kizoku had ever seen in his life that made his heart leap out of his chest.

"Hey," Haru said, smiling.

Kizoku's heart pounded against his chest. "H-hey," he stuttered. God damn it, she was so beautiful, Kizoku just wanted to talk to her more and more.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see Ayame smiling just a teeny tiny bit.

"Is this Kizoku Tochi? The boy who can teleport?" Haru said.

Ayame was about to say something but Kizoku suddenly screamed "Yes!"

Ayame took a breath before she spoke. "Yes, this is Kizoku Tochi."

"Interesting power you have there," Haru said.

Kizoku nodded. However he felt like he was shaking his head like the fans at a rock concert. "It is, isn't it?" he said. "What's yours?" Kizoku asked quickly, cutting Ayame before she could say anything once again.

"Telepathy," Haru explained, smiling. "I can talk to you in your mind." She pulled the word mind, trying to give it a dramatic effect. Kizoku found it adorable.

Kizoku nodded again. Telepathy? Well he definitely wanted her in his head. No, never mind. That would mean that they would be one too many people that knew about his secret stash.

"Where's Ryushi?" Ayame asked.

That snapped Kizoku back to attention. "Ryushi Yamada?" he asked. "The quiet kid?"

"Yes, he just joined a week ago," Haru said then turned to Ayame. "Ryushi said he'd be late today, busy with some after school work."

Just then, they all heard the door open and Takao bellow a loud greeting.

"Never mind," Haru said, returning to her computer.

Kizoku and Ayame left the room, though Kizoku didn't want to leave. Ryushi Yamada was slouching on the sofa next to Takao, staring blankly at the roof.

"Ryushi," Ayame said.

That snapped Ryushi to attention. He turned to Kizoku and Ayame. "What's up?" he said. "Who's the new guy?"

"Meet Kizoku Tochi, our newest member," Ayame said.

Ryushi got off the couch and shook Kizoku's hand. "Nice to meet you."

Ryushi had a vacant look in his dark brown eyes like he was always somewhere else, lost in his thoughts. He had straight hair combed over his forehead and a handsome face. Kizoku always heard girls talking about how attractive he was but Ryushi always ignored them, despite how hot they were, which made the girls like him even more. Kizoku wished he was as much of a babe's magnet as Ryushi was and always wanted the opportunity to talk to him and now he had the perfect excuse.

Kizoku nodded, trying to hide his smile. "Same here."

Ryushi turned to Ayame. "So what did you call us here for?"

"Something important," Ayame said. "Take a seat."

Kizoku chose a seat next to Yukio, Ryushi sat next to Takao.

Ayame stood by the coffee table. "As we all know Ryushi and Kizoku are new members of the Overpowered and therefore are inexperienced."

The people around the table nodded, Kizoku felt kind of offended. He mastered his powers in less than a week and managed to avoid detection. He could teleport wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted. He was anything but inexperienced.

"So starting from tomorrow," Ayame said and turned to Ryushi. "Ryushi." She turned to Kizoku. "Kizoku. You will begin your training under the supervision of Takao and Yukio, any objections?"

Nobody raised their hands.