"I bet you can't catch me!" taunted my little sister Nilla, running away from me.

"Just you watch!" I said, running after her towards the hen house.

I live a farm. Did all my life, so I knew where all the nook and crannies were. I also knew the short cuts were. I caught Nilla in no time. I caught her behind the hen house.

"No fair!" she cried," You're bigger than me!"

"Well, you wanted to be chased" I said. I looked towards the sky. It was getting pink and a cool blue in the sky, telling me it was sunset. Time to go back home. At the end of the day Nilla and I like to use up our remaining energy and run amok around the farm before bedtime. I think it's a good idea.

Ding-ding! Ding-ding!

We both looked at each other.

"Dinner time!" we sang together.

But then sometimes we like to do it before dinnertime too. If you're wondering about the bell, our Mother doesn't like to come and search for us, It could take her awhile. So she ring a bell to tell us it's time to eat.

"Last one to there is a rotten egg!" I challenged Nilla.

"You're on!" She smiled and started to run towards the house. We were tied when I thought I let her win since I did get her earlier…
So when we were close to the house, I pretended to fall on the ground.

"Ha! I won!" Nilla cheered.

"Yeah, you won because I fell!" I said, then thought, Because I let you…

"Oh good, you guys heard it then," said a soft voice," I thought you hadn't."

"Hey mother! I beat Micah at a race to the house!" she said happily excited.

Does she REALLY have to Mother? I thought.

"Good for you Nilla," Mother said, then she smiled towards my direction.

"Where's Father?" Nilla asked Mother, looking around the house.

"He's still locking up the animals for the night I think, he'll be here soon," Mother answered.

"I can wait to tell him about the race," Nilla said which made me annoyed.

"Tell who what?" said a gruff voice from the front door.

"Father!" Nilla cried happily as she ran to meet him.

"So what happened today? asked Father.

My sister Nilla loves to tell the whole family what extraordinary thing happened that day, and today it was the race.

"Micah and I had a race to the house and I won! She answered really excitedly.

"Wow! That's great! Soon you may even beat me one day!" Father said and then smiled towards my direction.

Oh my goodness! What the heck! Both parents had the SAME reaction!
I thought, Maybe I should have won!

"Well is anyone hungry? asked Mother asked, pulling me back to the present.

"I am!" Nilla answered quickly, "After all that running I'm starving."

"I'm also hungry," Father replied.

"I'll third that," I said.

"Let's eat then," Mother said sitting down at the table. We all followed suit and enjoyed each other's company. One big happy family.

Later that night I, after I went to bed, I overheard Mother and Nilla talking.

"Hey Mother, I have a question," Nilla said.`

"Yes darling?" Mother said back.

"Do you think with a lot of practice I could beat Father one day?" Nilla asked.

"Yes, I think you could," Mother replied," Now, go to sleep, tomorrow is yet another big day."

I heard Mother walk out of Nilla's room and down the hall, making the floor creak as she did that. It then became quiet. Not a creepy quiet. It was a...peaceful quiet. I soon was asleep in no time.