We went to the movies. I tried not to call it a date.

The movie of choice, of course, was The First Purge - we mostly laughed, never hid behind each other or covered our eyes because it had more funny parts than scary. It was awkward during sex scenes because, well, it just was. There were only two, thank God, but man. I held my breath the entire time.

Backtrack. While I waited for you, I was so damn nervous. I kept glancing at the doors of the theater every three seconds, waiting for you to enter, and I'm sure people kept glancing at me because I couldn't stop moving. Would always look everywhere like a paranoid weirdo. But when you entered, and I saw you walking my way... I swear to God, all of my doubts and worries were gone. It was like some shitty rom com.

When the movie was over, we went outside and argued about Africa by Toto (and my mother's obsession with it), and Dwayne The Rock Johnson, and Seth Rogen because apparently I look like him (I don't), and... just, everything, and nothing. Nothing at all. But also Everything.

Weird, huh?

Your grandfather was asleep, so my mom and I gave you a ride home. You live near my grandparents, so it was easy to get there. We argued over Africa again because my mother brought it up, and then we talked about your crazy grandparents, and your siblings, and memes. We like to argue a lot, but in a good way.

Yeah, definitely weird.

I loved the entire ride. I missed you before you got out of the car.

Yours truly,