Víðarr walked through the halls of Asgard with a measured, even gait. His brother, Thor had greeted him and told him Loki's latest excursion. Their brother had given birth to an eight-legged horse by the name of Sleipnir. Thor had found the whole thing to be absolutely hysterical and Víðarr was inclined to agree. Víðarr pushed the doors to the throne room open and made his way to Odin.

Odin was sitting passively in his throne while one of his advisors spoke about wars taking place in the nine realms.

"Take a group of warriors to Anaheim and aid the natives." Odin commended and the advisor nodded.

"Yes, my lord."

Víðarr approached the dais and waited to be acknowledged. Odin waved him up, summoning a chair for his son.

Hello, Father.

"Hello, my son. What brings you?" Odin welcomed.

I have heard upsetting news. You arranged a marriage between myself and Hella.

"Remind me, who is Hella again?" Odin said and Víðarr scowled.

She is the child of Hel, emphasis on child.

"Ah.. yes. I must say, Víðarr, I thought you would be pleased. You spend so much time with the girl that I thought you would welcome the marriage." Odin said and Víðarr tried not to glare at his father. Odin knew damn well that Víðarr would not welcome the marriage.

She is a child, Odin.

"Be that as it may, she will grow, as all children do."

She is not interested in me. She shows interest in another.

Odin smirked, "And who would that be?"

Týr, Father

The smirk dropped off of Odin's face and he seemed to consider the new information. If the girl prefered Týr, than maybe the arrangement should be changed. Týr would not be pleased to see his bachelor days end, but he would do as Odin asked.

Týr was far less fickle than Víðarr, and was undyingly loyal to Odin… Víðarr on the other hand... Odin was less sure of where his other son's loyalty lay.

Odin smirked, "Why should I shift the betrothal to your brother, Víðarr?"

Well, besides the fact that Hella prefers him-

"Has she ever truly met your brother? If she hasn't how can she truly prefer him?"

I do not know, but he is the only subject she has even really spoken of for a long time. But if it would suit you, I can always consult the Norns? If they tell me that we are fated to be married, then I will do so. But I believe they will lean the other way…

Odin smiled, "Very well, Víðarr. Have them send word to me about the answer."

Víðarr walked into his chambers and felt someone put a hand on his shoulder.


Týr stepped out of the shadows and smiled at his younger brother. Víðarr gestured to the sitting area and they both sat down.

What brings you, brother?

Týr pushed his hair out of his eyes with his sole hand and kept his stubbed wrist in his jacket. His eyes were mischievous and made Víðarr think of their adopted brother, Loki.

"I hear that you are attempting to fight the marriage." he said and Víðarr nodded.

I am. The child, Hella, does not wish to marry me.

"She is but a child, she will grow out of it."

No. She will not. She does not see me in that light and I do not see her in that way, either.

Týr shook his head, but kept a grin on his face. "I also hear that I am being considered to take your place in the betrothal."

Perhaps. Víðarr's lips twitched at his brother and they laughed, though only Týr's voice could be heard.

"Did you suggest that to Father? I doubt you would have done that had you no reason. I had also doubted you would do anything about the marriage, so I must admit that I am surprised." Týr said and Víðarr sighed.

I did have reason.

Týr waited for him to continue, but his brother remained silent.

"What was your reason?"

I have already told you; she does not see me in that light.

"So you're saying a little girl has a crush on me and that's why you brought me into the discussion." Týr was silent for a moment before breaking out into rambunctious laughter.

"That's...That's… Gods, that's hilarious." he said and his brother frowned at him.

I am surprised that you are taking this so well.

Týr's laughter gradually died down, but he still shook even when it was gone.

"Víðarr, I have never even met her and I was under the impression that you spent much more time with her than anyone else."

Víðarr sighed.

I see her as a surrogate daughter of sorts. I am besides that, her only friend.

Týr nodded and the smile dropped off his face. "Perhaps we can put this off for a few years, brother… At least until she had matured enough to realize whether or not this little crush is something she would wish to live with for an eternity…"

Víðarr nodded, but decided that as soon as his brother left to go on his quest for the Norns. The answer would stay between Víðarr, the Norns, and Odin.

The brothers parted with one assured that he had options, while the other was assured of his plan.

Víðarr jogged up the stairs leading to the nearest entrance of Yggdrasil.

The Norns lived below the tree and their work spread within the world tree, so Víðarr would have to tread lightly as he entered. The tree was covered with webs of never-ending strings and line. Tied to each line were hundreds, if not thousands, of strings, interconnected to one another. Víðarr knew that his and the other deities were similarly aligned, but separate (for the most part) from the mortals.

He walked for hours through the roots of the tree till he found the heart of it all. The Well of Urd.

Víðarr exited the tree and entered the well, approaching the Norn known as Skuld (What Shall Be).

Skuld was fumbling with a bucket, her childlike form straining beneath the weight she carried. Víðarr knew not to help her; the Norns and their sisters were the only ones able to water the roots of Yggdrasil.

Skuld came back from her task and guided him to the room where she and her sisters wove tapestries of destiny.

Skuld sat down in a bare wooden chair and began her weaving again.

"What need have you of us, Silence?" Skuld asked as she worked.

Víðarr was hesitant; the giantesses were imposing even to him, but after a moment he began.

I wish to know if it is my destiny to marry Hella.

Skuld and her sisters sighed in unison.

"We do not control destiny, Víðarr. We only lay it out. Destiny is ever changing, ever shifting. It is not as linear as you would think."

Then, as it lays now, is the marriage meant to be?

Verðandi (What is Coming Into Being) stood from her seat, keeping a hand on her pregnant belly and walked over to a tapestry that had yet to be completed.

"As it lays now, it is all up in the air. It can be changed. Only Skuld can give you an idea of what shall come to pass, though."

Verðandi walked back to her seat and slowly sat, taking back up her tools.

Víðarr nodded and turned back to Skuld. She looked at him and her eyes did not leave him till she found what she was looking for. Her finger worked nimbly as she considered it.

Her eyes greyed and were cloudy as she looked into possible options. After a moment her vision cleared and she turned away from him.

"Perhaps your brother would be a better option...Very well, we will see how that pans out. Beware, once this event has solidified, it cannot be undone. We do not grant divorce, only mortals do that." Skuld warned and Víðarr turned to leave.

Urd (What Once Was) spoke up as he exited the room to her sister, "This will change fate, Skuld, and fate, unlike destiny, is not one to be tampered with."

Skuld was quiet but had a smile on her face, "I know, but this way will be far more interesting."