During the night, the reflections of the bridge in the moonlight shone. The still water was deep, with an occasional fish swimming by. Deu stood at the edge of the bridge, his reflection perfectly mirroring his actions. He threw a rock into the lake. Then, he jumped off into the lake, sending a large wave throughout it. He never surfaced then.

Deu glanced at the white room. He didn't know where he was. All he knew was that took his final leap. He wandered around, making stops every so often as if to make sure he didn't wake up. He was still guilty of all the lives he took during the war after all. He felt like he didn't deserve to stay in that earth, and thought to end it all. Suddenly, colour came back. His vision was still a blur but he could make out humanoid figures, just slightly taller than him along with strange ears and hair. His ears were ringing, when his senses were assaulted by a strange tingling sensation, with his pain going away. I should be in hell, he thought, but this isn't what I thought. He stayed down, slowly regaining his vision. The ringing was getting softer. Then it all went black.

He woke up in the middle of a forest, surrounded by humans with pointy ears. He thought he went crazy, and started to run away when they helped him up. But they surrounded him, trapped him in a circle.

'Who are you and why are you here?' asked one of them.

He struggled to speak, but managed out his name. He looked at every one of them, and asked where he was.

'Ignorant fool! You dare to enter our forest and not even know where you are? Where were you expecting to go when you surfaced from our sacred lake?!' he shouted.

'We are elves, and we are in a state of war with you humans. However, you seem to have been from another place. We found you floating on our lake, cuts and bruises covered your body. We healed your wounds of course, but if you don't answer our questions…' said another.

He checked his body, and found no wounds. When he first met them, he could still feel the pain from his suicide attempt, but now he felt no pain from that. Dusk was approaching, and they dragged him into a small, cramped room. They left him alone for a short while. The room door slammed open, and a young female elf entered. Holding a tray with what looked to be stew, she passed it to Deu before leaving, stating that this was his meal. He finished his stew, and waited for another elf to enter. He sat there, waiting for an elf. Time passed slowly for him, his watch was broken and there was no way to tell the time in that room. Suddenly, the same female elf entered, and started question him.

'Why are you here?'

'I have no idea, I was hoping you might be able to provide me an answer to that.'

'How did you get here?'

'I jumped off a bridge in hopes of killing myself, and I found myself here.'

'Why would you do such a stupid thing like trying to kill yourself? Do you not value your life?'

'I am responsible for the death of millions when I was just fifteen years old. I was a genius strategist that no one knew, but I was tasked with ending a war. I jumped because I felt guilt, and that if I didn't do anything, so many lives would be saved.'

Deu was granted freedom, and roamed around. The elves were still cautious of him, with the state of the war between elves and humans. He learnt the female elf's name, Naomi. She would usually check up on him, and they became friends. He stayed with the elves for a few months. The war escalated, involving all the major races on the planet. The humans were fighting off hordes of monsters, fairies, dragons and elves. The war was reaching the most remote places of the continent, affecting Deu and the elf tribe he lived with. He had to do something. The elves were being called to fight off the human invaders. Deu had to take on the role as a strategist, as the elves had no leader to follow, with them just charging into their deaths.

Deu had wanted to forget about his past, and wanted to live happily with the elves, but his past had come back to haunt him. He was being forced into the role of strategist, with the elves claiming that this would be his redemption from his past sins. He chose to accept that, although he was reluctant to do much else. It was only when an elf was killed while scouting, then did he begin to mobilize the tribe. He sent a few skilled scouts to find the location of the human camp, and their numbers. The scouts had a high magic affinity, being able to use camouflage magic to the fullest. They returned with crucial information about the enemies, like the weapons they have and where the camp. Deu waited till nightfall to enact his plan. He had the elves move silently, and surround the humans with a magical barrier, creating a dome. He commanded the mages of the elven tribe to fire an invisible ball of highly energized magic into the dome, making sure that the human soldiers were off their guard. The ball ricocheted off the dome wall and gained speed. After a few bounces, the ball struck a soldier on his head. His head had a hole from where the ball went through. His brain was splattered everywhere, but he screamed before his death, alerting the soldiers. They saw his corpse and tried to run, but to no avail. All they did was run into the barrier, which burnt them and flung them back. They tried a new tactic, trying to destroy the invisible ball. The ball easily vaporised their weapons, and slowly killed them one by one. The barrier allowed no sound to escape, and no one but Deu and the elves to see the soldiers. Deu left the soldiers to their death, getting killed from the magic ball.