Surfs Up, Dude!

Written by...Marshmallow Astronaut (Me)
And, is also for StarWorks!

Tech: A talking television with grey arms and legs with lines on them, and two antennas. Male
Slime: A green slime with a grey thinking cap and no legs, and green arms. Male
Ghost: A ghost with no legs, but white arms and white bow-tie on her head. Female
Dr. Jar: A talking empty jar with nothing in him, a circular lab coat with dark blue pants and brown shoes, along with a grey Neighborino mustache (Look it up!) Male.

Secondary Characters:

Octopus: A talking purple octopus. Female
Fire Shade: A "Fire-person" with fire hair and an orange body along with orange arms and legs. Male
Surfy Cramp: A orange surfboard with orange legs and arms, blue pants and grey shoes, and a long white beard. Male

It was a beautiful day at Beach Cramp, everybody saw two friends on a surfboard, "Look at them! They're amazing!" said the person, "Ah-ha! We're doing great! We are the surfboard champions!" exclaimed Tech, "Of course we are, man!" said Slime, suddenly, the clouds go grey as lightning strikes, everybody runs away except for Tech and Slime who are still on their surfboards, suddenly, a big head version of Fire Shade appears out of nowhere.

"I'M BETTER THAN YOU!" exclaimed the head, he then opens his wide mouth and puts it in Tech and Slime, as they scream.

But it's just a dream, Tech was just sleeping on the couch, snoring, Slime throws a paper ball at him, waking him up, "Uh...what happened?" asked Tech, groaning and waking up, "Dude, get up, it's time to go to the beach." said Slime, "Oh...oh crap! Okay, hold on!" said Tech, getting on his orange shorts, "Jeez, do you really need those?" asked Slime, "It looks weird seeing you with shorts on."

Tech ignores what he says and goes into Dr. Jar's lab, yes, Dr. Jar is a scientist, "Do we really have to go? I'm not finished reading my book." explained Ghost, "Don't worry, it wont be that long...after this i'll just be making things, that's all." said Dr. Jar, Tech has his surfboard with him along with Slime, "Alright, let's go!" said Tech.

The two hop into Dr. Jar's transporter that leads to the beach, the four go into the beach with Dr. Jar wearing grey shorts, "Hey, not bad." said Dr. Jar, looking at the shorts, "Alright everybody, let's do this! We've been waiting 5 days for this, as i will show good-" Tech is about to finish his sentence but the group gets splashed by water, there right next to the ocean, in fact.

"He-he, what are you losers doing over here, this is the ocean? Obviously you saw me surfboarding, you knew you would get splashed by water, dummies!" said Fire, getting on land with his blue surfboard, "You sound like an annoying five year old, you know that, right?" asked Ghost, "Hey need to be mean, we're all nice here, that's why it's called... Beach Nice..." said Slime, "Hold on a second, is that the name?".

"It's called Beach Cramp, man." said Tech, "He-he, i bet you guys didn't know that Beach Cramp was named after Surfy Cramp." said Fire, "Surf-what?" asked Dr. Jar, "...Are you kidding me? You don't know who that is? He's like..the best surfer ever, ugh! You guy's are know what, how about one of you guys battle me in a.. Surf-Off?" asked Fire.

"That's a very stupid name you got there." said Ghost, "Be quiet, lady!" said Fire, pointing at her, "Now.. hmm, Ah-ha! The Big Headed TV Dude, come on." said Fire, "Jeez, your really mean." said Tech, "Oh, just come on." said Fire Shade, Fire walks away as the group glares at him, "W-What? What did i do?" asked Tech, "What do you think? You just asked a moron to battle you in his Surf-Off or whatever, still a stupid name." said Ghost.

"Your gonna regret doing this Tech, i had something like this when i was a kid." said Dr. Jar, "Oh yeah... and what was-" said Tech, getting interrupted by him, "Do i really have to say the entire story? I'll just fill up the words." said Dr. Jar, "...Your right, whatever." said Tech, "I'm gonna do this anyways, because i wanna show everybody how cool i am, everyone will give me anything i want! Ah-ha, it's gonna be great!" said Tech.

5 Minutes Later

"Ha, i knew you were a loser at surfing! You can't do it, bro." said Fire, as Tech is covered in water, "Shut up! Surfy was a better surfer than you! Your just some...really rude guy who tries to show-off on everybody." said Tech, "Now listen, dude, i am Surfy The Second, your..uh...actually i can't think up a name." said Fire.

"Now, that is not true!" said someone in a wheelchair, it is Surfy, just old, he goes up to the two and slowly points his finger up at Fire, "You kids and your nonsense these first of all, Fire Shade...your not Surfy The Second, your ol' Crappy The Second! T-That's what you are...oh boy, that community center broke my back hard." said Surfy.

"...Mm, whatever, i'm still a better surfer than you, bro." said Fire, "You know what? I'm gonna challenge you to... a TOTALLY RAD EXTREME MEGA AWESOME SURF-OFF!" said Tech, "...Why..Your just gonna lose again, dude." said Slime, "Shut up...!" whispered Tech to Slime, "Your friend's right, you are gonna lose again, Ha-ha!" said Fire.

"Not if i'm able to help." said Octopus, walking into the situation, "...Who are you?" asked Tech, "Oh, me? He-he..well they call the Good Tentacle, If you know what i mean...he-he, good times...Anyways, i'm the lifeguard..the good looking one, i save people's lives, all the time." said Octopus, as someone drowns behind her.


"He'll be fine, don't worry, anyways, Fire, go home or three also." said Octopus, as the four go away, "...Except for the green one!", Slime comes back, "Why me? I surf fine...well, actually i haven't surfed ever in my life." said Slime, "Well...welcome to my training! I got some drinks, some Italian food...Mm, Pizza, ever tried it before?" asked Octopus, as the three go into the big lifeguard house.

"Of course we tasted it." said Tech and Slime, "..*Sniff*, well i haven't!, eh, who cares? Anyways, lemme train you for the surfing thing tomorrow...actually have you ever said it was tomorrow? You know what, i don't care, let's just start this thing." said Octopus.

Octopus checks out some surfboards in the corner, checking them, "Hmm...too small, too fancy, too girly, too big." said Octopus, "He-he, bigger than Fire Shade's-" Slime was about to say something but gets slapped by Octopus, "We don't use that language here." said Octopus.

Octopus finds the right ones and gives it to Tech and Slime, "How are we suppose to surf? There's no water here." said Slime, "Eh...well, everyone's pretty much gone, so we can surf over there." said Octopus, giving them both a smile.

The three go out onto the ocean, where it's still day, just that everyone left of because how boring it was, " first, you wanna put your feet on the surfboard." said Octopus, as the two get out their surfboards and put their feet on them, " wanna try and keep your balance on the surfboard." said Octopus, "Like this?" asked Slime, surfboarding upside down.

"A-um...Yeah, i guess that's how you do it." said Octopus, "Great! I'm getting the hang of this!" said Slime, "And you...? should be easy to do, your friend over there did it.", "That doesn't mean i can't do it." said Tech, "...You have a point, but who cares? I'll teach you." said Octopus.

After 3 hours of surf training, Tech could finally do it, almost half of the city came to see the Surf-Off, "Welcome everybody! I'm your host...Octopus!...I don't know how i got up here." said Octopus, also whispering, Fire Shade and Tech already have their surfboards ready, "Alright, loser, ready to do this thing?" asked Fire, "What do you think?" said Tech.

"I think that your gonna lose, man!" said Fire, as everyone laughs, except for Dr. Jar, Ghost and Slime, "Wait, why am i not in this?" asked Slime, "Octopus told me you were too good." said Dr. Jar, "So if your too good you would already beat everyone, but Octopus thinks it wouldn't be fair for everyone, so she said you can't be in it." said Ghost.

"Aw man!" said Slime.

Tech and Fire get on their surfboards, "Alright...3...2...1...GO!" said Octopus, the two start surfing as Tech starts losing his balance on the surfboard, "Come on, you can do it!" said Ghost, cheering for Tech, Tech loses his balance and falls in the water, as everyone gasps, "Oh no, not again!" said Slime.

Tech falls into the water, deep deep water, he seems scared, "Oh no, i-i-I can speak underwater? Hey, this is cool!" said Tech, suddenly, a glowing Surfy looks at Tech, and he's still in his wheelchair, "Tech, how'd you fail? I was hoping for you!" said Surfy, "Sorry...wait, are you dead?" asked Tech, "No, i'm just doing this to help you..Here, have this." said Surfy, giving him a pill.

"What's this suppose to do?" asked Tech, "It's suppose to help you better in, i got it when i was 15, it's pretty old but it still works." said Surfy, "Oh man, i'm gonna regret eating an old pill." said Tech, putting the pill in his mouth, actually tasting good, "Hey..not bad.", Tech then glows, "Oh, i feel...GREAT!" said Tech, swimming back up, "You can do it, Tech!" said Surfy, as he disappears.

Tech gets on his surfboard with Fire next to it, "Come on, let's do this, man! Your wasting my time." said Fire, "Oh shut up." said Tech, he gets on his surfboard, and breaths in, and out, even though a TV can't do that, still.

The two start surfing again as Octopus gets surprised of how good Tech is doing, "Oh my...Tech, Go!" said Octopus, everyone starts chanting for Tech, as a whale jumps over him, "Hey random dude, i like your sick surfing, man!" said the whale, going back into the ocean, finally, they finish as they get back on land, Fire has a shocked look on his face.

"So...what do you think? Am i a good surfer, or no?" asked Tech, "...Oh, oh man, i apologize bro, i didn't know you were that good! I thought you were gonna be horrible like the re- I mean, yeah, i just thought you were gonna be horrible, he-he." said Fire, "I accept your apology." said Tech, as they both shake hands, "It's kind of weird that Fire Shade just immediately asked us to do a Surf-Off earlier." said Ghost, "Yeah, it is." said Slime.

"Well..that doesn't matter now, that's all in the past...besides, Looks like Tech made a new friend." said Dr. Jar, " think he's gonna replace me or something?" asked Slime, "..Nah, i'm sure he won't." said Dr. Jar.

Written by... Marshmallow Astronaut
For... StarWorks.