Hey everybody, it's me..Blue-Annoying-Bird..or just Zoom Productions, I need to talk about something..
So, if you know me well, I've created a series called Adventures In Object Universe, or just The Normal Life..it was something i created, it was suppose to feel like a cartoon or a TV show.

..So here's what i'm going to do.
I'm gonna tell you the history of how this all began...

Here is..
The History Of My Series (AKA The History Of Adventures Of Object Universe/The Normal Life)

By the way, this is probably gonna be a bit short.

So..I like cartoons, and i liked the idea of TV shows, i loved their humor and the way they acted, the charm they had into them, i just love cartoons..well some, but still, i love cartoons..my favorite CARTOON channel is Cartoon Network..well, when it's golden (good), but a lot of times..i hate it, and you probably know why..You don't?..I'm not gonna tell you.

Anyways, i looked at cartoons and i thought to myself:

Hey..What if i make my own series?

That is what i thought..and after i thought about that, i discovered a website..and it was called Fiction Press, i found it WAY after i found Fan-Fiction, i was surprised that it would let you create your own stories..and poetry and all that..and i was also surprised it had a Kids section.

Then, i thought again to myself:

Hey..This website can let you create your own stories..Maybe i can create my own...

Series, and then i decided to make it, so i went on Doc Manager, and decided to write my own series, but the thing i hated about Fiction Press was that it didn't have any.."Series", like the Season 1 or Episode 1 like stuff, i really hated that..but i could still make my own series, even if there wasn't any series on Fiction Press..so i got out my fingers, and started typing on the laptop...Yes, i use a laptop.

And then..i created...Adventures In Object Universe..

The thing is...eh..
It didn't really go off with a good start.

When i looked back at it, i thought it was good fresh out of the oven, and then i looked back at it, and i realized something..it was rushed, felt unfunny, and straight out of the dumpster..i thought to myself:

What am i doing with my life?

So, i decided to delete the story, even though it had one review, which was actually pretty cool to have..but i still deleted it, and plus, i ran out of ideas, so that's pretty much why.

Then i thought to myself to rewrite the story..So i did!..But with the same first episode..if you didn't know, the first episode was called The Big Race, introducing the characters in a good way..i liked it a little bit..but disliked it because it was SO BAD of how it turned out.

And then i made other episodes..and they sucked, so i deleted it, and then i made another one, and it sucked, another one, sucked, another one, sucked, it went on and on and on..now to think of it, i think i actually made 7 or 4

So, by when i deleted the 6th one..well, i think, i thought to myself to create another series..and it was different..so i did!
The series was about two kids living in a school, while going through their crazy lives.
I know it sounds a bit cliche, but i tried to make it sound a bit like a TV cartoon..

But those series were never published, i was forgot to save them, and usually i would erase my history and forget that if you erased your history, it would log you out of your account on a website, and oh boy..i hate it..really hate it, and i'm pretty sure you do, too.

So then..i actually got an idea, i created a series called... Me Bot, and i didn't like how that turned out..so i discontinued that..should point that out on their actually..but, before i created that..i made something..called StarWorks..go check it out, don't wanna have to explain it all.

And..that's it, pretty much the history of it..Okay, bye.