Many days, I hear voices in my head,

Some loud, others quiet, all adding to my dread.

With all the things I do, and all that they see,

I have no hope, I'll never be free.

They taunt me, make me feel alone.

Telling me that I won't make friends, and I'll never have a home.

Laughing, they speak, saying "They don't like you, can't you see?"
"Why do you keep trying when you will never succeed?"

"Why do you think people ignore you when you speak?"

"It's not because you're quiet, they just think you're a freak."

As these voices continue, my resolve starts to bend.

Making me think that I'll be stuck with these voices until the end.

Because of these voices, and what they tell me,

I can't find a trace of who I used to be.

Alas, the saddest thing to see,

Is that I am these voices, and these voices are me.