"Do not resist, do not fight me, do not call for help," her captor ordered, looking, in her opinion, utterly ridiculous in his white lab coat. He probably thought he was quite intimidating, standing over her from her seat on the ground, after having successfully pulled off his kidnapping attempt. Unfortunately for him, it was difficult to take seriously some wannabe scientist who was holding her in his garage, of all places, despite her coworker hovering behind him with tears running down her face.

"Or what?" she demanded, unimpressed with this two-bit amateur. Valerie whimpered, apparently already aware of the consequences and cowed by them. Despite his clear insanity and the unknown of his plans for them, Zelda couldn't bring herself to be afraid.

"Or I'll punish you," he snarled, dropping to his knees and dragging a knife (and where had that come from?- he hadn't been holding it a second ago-) down both of her shins. He grinned sadistically as Zelda permitted herself a whimper of pain, watching the blood well up along both of her legs, trickling down, thick and dark red. "Now stay here and be good," he ordered, standing again and exiting into the house.

Zelda promptly stood, ignoring the pain in her legs and bloody footprints she left behind as she crossed to the old curly-cord phone hanging inexplicably on his wall. "What are you doing?" Valerie demanded fearfully. "Don't you realize what he'll do to us?"

"If he didn't want us calling for help, he shouldn't have left us next to a phone," Zelda retorted as she picked up the receiver. It was but a second's work to dial 9-1-1, and her "Help me, I've been kidnapped" message instantly grabbed attention. Not knowing her location turned out to be little of a problem, as Valeria conveniently had the address (and overcame her fear enough to share it, as Zelda and the dispatcher attempted to figure it out.) By the time the call abruptly disconnected, police and ambulance both were on the way.

Their mad-scientist kidnapper stormed back into the garage, furious, and slapped the phone out of Zelda's hand. "I warned you," he hissed in livid anger, reaching out and grabbing her upper arm. That was as far as he got before a loud clanging snap announced the garage lock being broken off, a female police officer being revealed as the door went up.

"You were the one who called about a kidnapping?" the officer spoke briskly.

Valerie hurried to speak before Zelda could, voice higher than usual with nervousness. "I'm so sorry, it was all a mistake, a false alarm. Just a prank, is all."

As the officer glanced down at the pad she was holding to record Valerie's words, he turned to Zelda. "You'll never be able to prove anything," he murmured smugly, folding his arms.

"I don't know, I think my non-consenting presence here says quite a lot," she retorted clearly. "As does my co-workers, plus the fact she has burns on her arms and I still have blood fresh on my legs from where you cut me-"

He took off past her, clearly not caring for his chances. She spun as he darted past her, sprinting in hot pursuit, ignoring the burning pulsing pain in her legs. The police came right behind her, gaining quickly, even as his wiry legs carried him farther away. As she was passed by the officers, Zelda stopped, gasping for breath, blood spurting from her injuries. Fury ground her teeth together before she screamed after him desperately, "I will see you brought to JUSTICE!"

And then she woke up. No, seriously - the only thing different about this story and how I woke up this morning is that the "female police officer" was actually EMS with an ambulance behind her, no police were actually visible in my dream. Also Valerie didn't make a statement to the EMS/police, there was no real reason for them to not have him in cuffs already. Oh yeah, and my real name isn't Zelda, I just used the name because I think I'm going to make a new stock OC with that name and her temperament fits this main character.

Otherwise, this is all exactly how I dreamed it... and I woke up screaming that I'd bring my kidnapper to justice.