I'm going to the dark side

Won't you come with me?

You know everything's better

When it's so hard to breathe

I'm so sick of the routine

And pretending to be

Someone that I'm not

And will never ever be


I'm givin it up

And lettin it go

Embrace the dark side

Gotta let it show

You know life is short

So I'll play the game

I'll make my money

And I'll earn my fame

Come to the dark side

Come to the dark side

Come to the dark side

It really treats you right

[End chorus]

Doin what I want

Cause I can't say no

There's a highway to hell

Come on, baby let's go

So I'm livin it up

Sex drugs and rock n roll

The only way of life

I ever wanna know

I'm waiting in line

At the gates to hell

Every cent to get in

Was spent very well