Can I stop now please?

I wanna be done, I wanna be free

I'm sick of wanting you

When I know you won't treat me right, I

I'm sick of feeling like

I need you by my side

I'm doing fine without you

So why'm I still thinking of you

Little things, little things

Dredge up old memories

Some good, some bad

Some happy, some sad

But still when I see your hands, I just want em cradling my head

Still, when I lay down to sleep I don't wanna be in my bed

You chest feels like home, I'd much rather lay there instead

I deserve more, I deserve more

Gotta keep telling myself

More than just your your your your

I am not a toy

You can call me doll but know that I'm not

I walk and talk and think and feel

More than just sex appeal

I don't wanna be a plaything

That gathers dust when you're busy

I don't wanna be loved like a neglected pet

I didn't wanna bother you but

Now I know I'm worth more than that

I'm worth more

Do do do do do do

I'm worth more

Do do do do do do

I'm worth so much more than that