Beth woke up on a Monday morning. She looked at the clock: 7:00 AM.

"Just in time to make coffee," she said once she got the covers from her side of the bed. Her husband, Robert McCarey, was beginning to snore. Today was a work day for him. What he does is being a seventh grade teacher for kids with special needs. To tell the truth, he does have special needs himself, so the job has worked well.

After Beth walked out of the bedroom, she tied her white tennis shoes and headed to the kitchen and coffee. Today her friend, Lynne McCarey was coming over. They were going to see what coupons they were interested in. It's not very often Lynne does this sort of thing, so this is why Beth is there to help her out. Lynne is also a McCarey because Robert's brother, Richard also has a second wife, so this is why Lynne has the same name as Beth does.

She looked at the microwave clock: 7:17 AM.

"Robert should be up by now. He has school today. I'll remind him," she told herself.

She started the coffee and walked to the stairs.

"Robert, it's time to wake up!" she yelled.

Maybe this would wake him up, but he already was in the bathroom brushing his hair and teeth. A couple minutes later, he was finally in the kitchen. Beth, Lynne, Richard and Robert all live in Lambert Lake, Connecticut.

The two brothers are very close and had been ever since they were children is what she was told. When Robert walked in the kitchen and gave her a good morning kiss.

"How did you sleep last night, Robert?"

"Good. What about you?"

"Same here. Are you looking forward to seeing Richard and Lynne?"

"Of course I am. I did text Richard yesterday. He said there is someone he wants us to meet tonight."

"Should be exciting. How much about his guest Richard say on details?"

"He didn't give me very many details, I'm afraid. All Richard said her name is Rebecca."

"I don't think I know anybody under that name."

"Neither do I, but we will."

"Did Richard say anything else or was this all she said?" Beth asked once she got out a cup of coffee from the cupboard and poured him half a cup. He thanked Beth and then answered, "This is all he shared, Beth. He didn't describer her, either."

"Strange. Richard normally describes somebody new."

"Of course he does, Beth. For some reason, he didn't. All he said in his text last night her name is Rebecca Cline or something like that."

"I see. I like meeting new people."

What Beth just said is true. Even when she first met Robert, Beth enjoyed him since he was somebody new.

"Richard also wanted me to tell you Rebecca will be with him and Lynne. He says we will meet at Applebee's before six. Is that okay with you?" he asked once as he finished gulping some of the hot coffee Beth had poured for him.

"That's true. We haven't been to Applebee's in a while. I found a coupon, so I think we can use that."

Robert nodded. Beth has always been good at saving those for future shopping visits to the grocery store. Lynne McCarey isn't that good, so Beth helps her out when they get together. It looks to Robert Beth and Lynne will get together sometime this afternoon to have some time alone before they head out to dinner. This time, Richard somehow didn't want to eat dinner at home.

Once he saw Robert and the leash, Tom stood up and stretched. When he finished, he started to pant and wag his tail. Tom is their dog. Beth takes care of the dog while Robert is at school. Tom is one of those big dogs.

"Being a good boy," Robert told Tom as he finished putting the leash on.

He now saw Beth holding a poop bag.

"You almost forgot this. I'll make sure to keep the French toast nice and hot until you and Tom come back."

"Okay. You can have some without me so they wouldn't be too cold. You know how Tom is."

All he could do at the moment was nod his head without saying a word. Beth slammed the door behind their dog.

While she saw them leave from the front window, Beth once again went to the kitchen to start the French toast like she'd promised. She now looked at the time again: 7:40 AM.

"He'd better come back fast so he can eat and go to work," she told herself.

Finally the dog and Robert walked to the front door. When they walked in, Beth watched as he gave Tom a treat.

"Breakfast is starting to get cold, honey. That good with coffee. What kept you?"

"Oh. I thought I'd tell you. I met our new neighbors."

"So that's what kept you? That's why breakfast is started to get cold."

He nodded while he helped himself to a fresh cup of coffee.

"You need to eat fast."

"I know. I lost track of time due to talking with our neighbor."

"I understand.'

So all the time he had for breakfast was one and a half slices of French toast, then it was time to take off. Beth usually made him lunch every day while he had school with his students. A lot of them don't know who Jay is, and really don't seem to care much about that sort of thing. Once Beth handed him his lunch, he kissed her and then left without saying a word to the dog.