Chapter 5 Hannah

I walked away from the house! I was furious! I was so angry that I wanted to break something! Hurting Alex had taken some of the anger out of me, but I wondered whether or not he would do it or not! Would he tell that girl that he would never see her again! He had better or else he would regret it!

I took out my phone and dialled. "Hey!" I said, "It's me, do you fancy meeting up?"

"Ok, where? The usual place?"


"So did you talk to him?" Samantha asked me as we sat at a table in the shopping mall five minutes later.

"Yes I did." I replied, my voice even. Alex had really annoyed me and right now I didn't want to talk about him. But Samantha was my best friend and she was the one who suggested that I talked to him…. Not that we got much talking done… but still I think I made my point very clear.

"What did he say?"

"He said that he was just out with a friend."

"Which friend?"

"Ellie." Samantha sighed.

"I hope you told him to stay away from her, I'm telling you as soon as they make new female friends they are out of you life for good, they fall in love or some other rubbish then leave!"

"I know, but I told him that it's either me or her and he made the decision that he would rather stay with me than go to someone like her!"

"Good!" She said, "Just keep it that way. Men have the attention span of a teaspoon."

I sat back in my chair and took out my phone, should I call him. No! If I did that then he would think that I had let him off the hook, which I most certainly had not! I was still furious with him and I would show that to him later. He had to prove to me that he loved me and only me!

"Do you fancy going shopping today?" Samantha asked, I thought about it, I could really do with a new pair of shoes, you could never have enough shoes and I needed some new ones. And Alex wouldn't mind if I spent some more money.

"Alright then let's go!" I said brightly.

We got up and left the café heading towards the shopping centre. I had to buy some new equipment, something, anything that I could use to get Alex to behave.

"I want to get some new shoes." I said, I would buy the necessary items from a DIY store later.

"Can we also go to Argos; I've got some things I need to pick up."

"Sure." I said smiling.

We entered one of the shops and I brought three pairs of shoes! I do love buying shoes! I mean what girl didn't want to have lots of shoes! We left the shop and began walking towards Argos.

"So you want to go to…." I stopped in my tracks, staring through the window of a small restaurant. There sitting opposite each smiling, sat Alex and Her!