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Lucien was sentient for the first time in almost six hundred years. Most of that was spent without a body mind you, but it was still time that he was away from his mate and he knew she was sure to be pissed with him to say the least.

He settled in the arms of his captor, an umber haired vampire who was holding him down. Another vampire stepped into the room, his head shaven and he looked concerned when he spotted Lucien caged up.

The vampire stilled in the doorway when they made eye contact. "Ald, that's not Rid. Look at his eyes."

His captor made eye contact as well at the smirking male. His eyes were nordic blue as opposed to Riddle's normal burgundy. He slackened in his shock and the possessed male fucking threw him straight into Trace knocking him out of the doorway.

He calmly stood up and unhooked the wires that were connected to him and sighed when he noticed the males stand up.

"I really don't have time for this," Lucien admitted, "So you can either get out of my way, or I'll make you wish that you did."

"Not happening." Trace grumbled as the warriors moved into his path.

"So you're Lucien." Alder commented, annoyed.

He smirked at the male, "Of course."

But as Lucien caught sight of himself in the mirror he looked back at the tattooed male with the shaven head. His brother? He had a brother?

Part of him was excited by the idea, till he realized that the male probably didn't see it that way. He let out a sigh.

He held up a hand, "Night Night."

The male vampires collapsed and Lucien found himself grateful that he didn't hurt them. Memories of his other side's experiences with them and the reliance that...Riddle…had on his elder brother.

He blinked finding himself in another room in the damn mansion instead of outside. More blue liquid trailed down from his wound and he noticed it for the first time. Perhaps he should wash up while he had the chance. He scanned the room, noting the smoking candles and the chalked circle. The air weighed on him and everything felt hot, and it felt like the heat was sinking below his skin and into his bloodstream.

He followed the heat into a bathroom where a woman's head was slowly sinking beneath the water.

Was that?

He walked around to face the woman. It was Lydia and her skin was pink and her eyes were closed.

Reaching into the tub he pulled the drain and the water began to drain away, revealing her form to him.

No! A voice called, but Lucien beat it back, lifting her body from the tub and carrying her into the bedroom. The heat seared him and he grunted as he realized what it was.

Goddamn this body. It didn't fully register it, but then again only kitsune could register their mate's heat.

A wave of pain hit him with all the force of a wrecking ball.

"Fuck," he grunted and collapsed beside her on the bed.

She began to wake, her mind hazy and clouded. She blinked at him, "Rid?"

He looked toward her, "Guess again."

She bolted up in the bed and looked down at him. Her head was pounding and tears made their way down her face when she looked into his eyes.

He sat up, taking her into his arms. The pain was still ricocheting into his body and his breathing was harsh.

He grunted again.

"What's wrong?" She asked him concerned.

"You're brother fucked me up. I think he's trying to turn this body into a kitsune." He commented.

"Is that even possible?" She panted, trying to focus on him.

"Feed from me," he beseeched and Lydia blinked at him.

"I think it'll help. And it will help you at the least."

No. The voice interrupted as another wave hit him again.

"What about Rid?" She asked and he shook his head.

"It doesn't matter, just do it."

He could sense her apprehension but could see her canines elongate. He wrapped a hand around her neck and kept her there until he felt her give in.

No. No. No. The voice complained in his head and he sighed against her, trailing his hands down her spine.

Relax. He told the disquieted vampire within. It'll be over soon.

He felt his own canines elongate, much longer than her's in this body. He pierced the skin on her neck barely hearing her cry out slightly.

He had forgotten how she tasted, how powerful she was. Her blood pushed the pain to the back of his mind and he let the vampire briefly closer to control as he took from her.

He shouldn't have let him so close. His head began to pound as the male tried to take over once more. He would not allow it, not when they were so close to merging into one.

The blue liquid was fierce as it burned his insides, pushing this body into a transition that it had never wanted. So he drank more from her and he felt her moan against his neck, releasing him. She rolled her hips against him and he groaned, her blood flowing down his jaw.

He finally felt his body begin to respond to her and he trailed his hands down her torso, circling her nipples with his thumbs. She panted beneath him as he fought with himself. She let him take control of the situation, probably due to her heat.

He wanted her, he knew the vampire was deeply against it, but Lucien didn't particularly care at the moment. He began to stip himself of the pants that clung too tightly to his lower half.

Without waiting for the voice to speak up again, he sunk into her warmth and she moaned, her tight heat clinging to him. He began to pull out before sinking in again, groaning as she met him. He bit back into her neck, and her blood began to pool on the bed, staining the silk sheets an awful red.

So close, he felt her start to reach her climax. He pounded into her as the waves started to reach their peak, desperate for his own end.

The door slammed open and felt himself ripped away, sending Lydia careening into the bedside table and lamp, her head striking the lamp. She rolled off the bed, her head and neck bleeding heavily. He watched his mate bleed for a moment before turning to acknowledge the male who held him by the neck.

"You must be feeling masochistic." He glared at the male vampire before he was punched in the face so hard he felt the wall dent behind his skull.

The male, Percy, his mind supplemented, glared at him. "What did you do to him?"

Lucien smirked, his face already healing from the punch. "Nothing, that wasn't bound to happen anyway."

So he was punched again and he felt his hold slipping. He needed to retreat, and he would. He was confident that the male vampire he was fighting within would keep his mate safe. After all, he cared about her too.

Though he'd have to finish this transition quickly. He doubted the male would touch her after this and finish her off. She would die if he wasn't quick enough and he sent that little note to the male he was merging with.

He let go of his hold as the blond male vampire punched him yet again.

Riddle came to with his head pounding and Percy's fist in his face. He returned the punch, knocking the black haired male back.

"What the fuck?" Rid muttered as he took in the situation.

Percy looked into his eyes seeming to check for something. They were back to the regular red and the scarred warrior looked pissed.

"You were possessed," Rhage defended when he saw him look like he was going to throw him out a window.

Rid relaxed, noticing the elder of the pair of brothers standing in front of a bleeding Lydia. She was bleeding from her head and neck, though the neck wound seemed to be closing faster than the head wound.

Her violet eyes were blinking and they looked hazy and distant. Her skin was covered in dried blood, but beneath it was red and she was sweating.

"Hot, too hot," She muttered as Garrett picked her up and took her into the bathroom. Rosemary appeared then, kicking him out and slamming the door shut.

Garrett glanced at him, and he saw no anger in the taller man's eyes, just a terrible exhaustion that seemed to permeate from him.

"What happened?" He asked Percy and the male sighed.

"You knocked Alder and Trace out without touching them for one thing. You managed to teleport in the house, which no one is supposed to be able to do. Oh and you weren't you."

Rid caught the pants that Garrett threw at him. "Get dressed. We have a lot to talk about."

When he did they walked out of the room and into the living room where most everyone was gathered including an annoyed Alder who barely looked cognizant, his younger twin patching him up, and Trace who was slightly more awake and concerned.

It made him feel like shit. His brother didn't deserve his shit.

They all sat down and he saw the younger brother in the corner. Conner was concerned and quiet, which was out of character from what he could tell.

"Where should we start?" Garrett pondered aloud.

"Who is Lucien?"

"Lydia's murdered mate. I'd heard that he was usually reincarnated after death, but I'd never seen him before her current lifetime." He remarked casually.

Trace glanced at him from the corner of his eyes like he was checking to see if he was still the same. Rosemary and Ian stepped into the room.

He glanced at the faerie.

She's fine. Her voice echoed inside his head, answering without being asked.

Lucien's voice snorted. As if I'd leave her if she wasn't.

Rosemary's eyes widened as she heard him speak up.

"How present is he?" She asked him aloud.

"More and more," Rid replied, irritated.

Garrett nodded, leaning back against the chair he sat in. "Kitsune are spiritual entities first and foremost. If you weren't so old, I'd expect that he would have taken over sooner. Generally the younger the new body is the easier it is to take over. So I don't know why he'd wait so long."

I don't know, maybe I didn't particularly have a reason to?

"So they aren't the same?" Trace spoke up, looking at the immortal.

Dream on, Big Brother. You're stuck with me now.

"No, they are. It's similar to having a more dormant part of your personality come to the forefront." Garrett told them, "Though it is quite curious that you're not being affected."

"Me?" Trace's eyebrows rose.

Garrett nodded, "Kitsune have twins more often than any other race. In fact, they don't really have siblings outside of twin sets. It's considered a bad omen when only one child is sired. They believe that twins are simply one soul divided between two bodies and they are encouraged to mate with one another. I believe it caused quite an upstir when Lydia didn't mate with her brother because of that.

Trace looked appalled and perplexed at the same time.

Rid heard the kitsune laugh inside his head and he was pretty sure he would have tears rolling down his face if he was in control.

Don't worry, he's not my type. Plus, though I'm sure Lydia would go for it, now is not the time.

Garrett sighed looking at the half blood queen. "As I said, they are spiritual entities, and do not suffer from either illness or human ideals. Incest isn't really a big deal for spirits or elder beings."

"Elder beings?" Wrath raised a brow.

"Races older than humanity." He looked at Conner and Rosemary, "We are almost all related because of our creators. For example, Conner and I are children of a mated brother and sister, though to call them such seems almost to demean them. In truth they predate every deity any world has to offer."

Rosemary spoke up, "We directly descend from our creators. Though…" She glanced at Alder before looking away.

"Your 'Mother' is descended from the Creator of this world. That Creator is a deity created by the Ancientess Hecate." She commented.

"Hecate? Isn't she a greek deity?" Godric inquired.

Rosemary nodded, "But the Ancientess Hecate is different. She predates the goddess you speak of, though it is rumored that she created the goddess herself."

Godric glanced at Rid, but did not divert his gaze. A look of unease came over his face. "Rid?"


"Your eyes." He spoke apprehensively.

Rid stood and glanced up at the mirror across the room. He drew the other's attention as he stood in front of the mirror. One of his eyes had begun to shift into an icy dark blue.

Surprised? It's coming along faster than I thought. Lucien chuckled in his head.

His reflection seemed to pop out from the mirror and he took a step back. In a flash Kreiten stepped out of the mirror.

"Surprised? I'm not. I can't go till you finished what you started." The spirit spoke and Godric sprung to his feet.

Garrett and Conner stayed seated, but watched the dead kitsune with steely eyes. Rid glanced back at the others, but they appeared frozen in time.

The blond kitsune glanced at the standing vampire, "You just aren't smart enough to remain on the other side, are you?"

He sighed, "I suppose I'll just have to join you over there. Fine."

The next thing he felt, Rid was thrown through glass and into the back of the couch. Godric was standing in the corner and Garrett and Conner glared at the Kitsune who stepped out of the mirror.

"Have you fully lost it, Kreiten? You know once you're on the other side you're not supposed to come back."

The warriors looked shocked by his appearance as well.

The kitsune smirked at them, not intimidated by the taller males in the least. He glanced back at Rid, grinning when he noticed the blue winning out in the other eye as well. The scarred male was bleeding from the glass that was embedded in his skull.

"What? Not glad to see me? And here I expected different." He sighed.

"What do you want?" Alder stood and Kreiten glanced at him.

"Want? I want to be alive, I want to be with my sister. I want this finished."

The room began to shake, and seemed to collapse around them. And then it was over, as quick as it began. Kreiten was gone.

But then again, so was Riddle.

Lucien stood, his back facing the people in the room around him.

"I suppose I'll owe him for that." He muttered, a small smile on his face.

He turned to the people behind him, "You know,"

"You were way more fun when you hated him." He smirked at them and Trace glared at him.

"Ooh, I'm hurt. And here I thought we could be friends."

The transitioning male kitsune disappeared in the next moment, pulling something similar to what Lydia could do.

Rosemary bolted from the room and up the stairs. Ian appeared beside her as she opened the door to their room where she had moved her cousin. Conner took his sweet time getting there, but he was the first to enter.

He approached the bed where his niece was asleep, her head cleaned of blood and healed. He let out a breath.

"Thank fuck." He breathed before the illusion collapsed in on itself and the only thing that remained was the empty bed.


The three left the room, walking back down the stairs.

"Does anyone know where'd they be?" He asked, entering the room.

"I would." Kreiten answered from his position laying on the mantle of the fireplace. The sword at his hip had been fastened to the other side to allow for comfort, but the kitsune appeared bored.

Never a good sign, they were quickly figuring out.

"Riddle me this, vampires. When is a door not a door?" He asked, rolling his eyes.

"Nothing? No response? When it' ajar." Kreiten answered himself as a dagger flew from the doorway into the wall behind his head.

"Was that a. Fucking. Pun?!" A woman glared from the doorway.

Garrett turned to look at the young woman, his eyes widening when he spotted her thick dark hair and amethyst eyes.


"Yes, Garrett. I'm currently alive, but right now you dipshits need to get off your asses." She drawled, still glaring at the male kitsune who looked down-right offended.

"Where exactly do you want us to go, then?"

She sighed and turned her glare at him, narrowing her eyes in an "are you dumb or just plain stupid' expression. She sighed, "Where's the damn caravan?"

A look of realization dawned on Trace's face. "Of course."

"It was important to her, or else, why'd she lead him there?"

"Warehouse district it is then."

Kreiten looked annoyed at having been left out for so long, "You dolts do know they'll be back anyway, right? Where else would they go? It's not like they have anywhere else to go. What with me being dead and all."

He had a point, Garrett realized. But he wasn't doing this out of the bottom of his heart.

"You just want to be reborn." He implied and the dead kitsune glared.

"Yes, but fat chance of that happening. My sister can't bear children very well. All she's ever produced in her current body is death." His words were cold as if he didn't particularly care about being reborn or even his twin's feelings.

He sat up on the mantle, swinging his legs down and popping up. He approached Trace.

"I wonder?" He mused and Garrett glared at him.

"Don't even try it, Kreiten. It won't matter."

Kreiten looked at him, "Wouldn't it?"

A butterfly appeared to rise up off the kitsune's neck and landed on Phury's chest. His eyes blurred and he appeared to lose his hold over his mind as the male kitsune seemed evaporate.

Lucien touched his hand to the door of the caravan as the heat began to spread again as his mate came awake. Her breath was harsh against his skin as she awoke.

The door swung open, revealing what looked to be a forest in the day. It was bright, so bright that his skin felt uncomfortable after having not been in sunlight for so long. But sure enough, he adjusted.

The door shut behind him as he carried Lydia inward.

What is this place? The vampire seemed astonished as though he was experiencing it for himself.

"It is Paradise." The kitsune told him, carrying on until he found a path hidden away from eyes. The trees covered them, but the light prevented them from being shadowed completely.

He walked on for some time, though he didn't quite feel time as well here as in the outside world. Up ahead, a small stone building was erected. It had a tiled roof that was laid out like a cone, allowing light into the home.

He smiled, and it was genuine, seeming to surprise the male he was merging with. "You rebuilt it."

She smiled against his chest, heat still falling off of her in waves. It seemed to weaken her and he'd be concerned if he hadn't seen it before happening to other females of their kind. Lydia had never particularly cared to observe their experiences so he doubted she'd recall.

He opened the door to the cottage, closing it behind himself and placing her on the bed of furs she had made in the center under the skylight. He took the time to make a fire, which would be of little use here except for comfort, as it provided no real warmth.

He kneeled in front of her and she blinked her eyes up at him. "Lucien?"

"Yes, love. I'm here. I won't be leaving again."

"Bu-" she countered and he shushed her.

"It's almost over, let me help you."

He stripped off his shirt and rid her of the dress Rosemary had clothed her in. He looked down at her, really looking at her for the first time in this life.

She was slim and slight, but he knew that most of her was muscle. Her breasts fit into his hands as well as they did before and she moaned, and he smelled her pheromones that were only detectable to other kitsune.

He groaned as he felt her desperate hands make quick work of his pants, pulling them down.

Her breathing picked up more, and she wrapped her legs around his hips bringing him closer and closer till he was at her entrance. Lucien grabbed hold of her neck pulling her closer till she met him for a kiss.

He began to feel strange, a tightening in his stomach and then in his head. He pushed it aside, not even questioning why the vampire hadn't spoken up.

He entered her fast and she cried out beneath him.

He picked up his speed, slowing it down when necessary, till he felt her begin to shiver beneath him. His breathing was harsh and he tried to take a deep breath before he bit into her neck once more.

Gods, help him.

He became desperate as well, flipping her over onto her stomach, her lower half in the air. She rocked back against him, rising up on her knees as he entered her over and over, relentless in his need. Her hand travelled up his chest and around his neck pulling him closer till she angled her face to kiss him.

Faster and faster, he gave up on any semblance of gentility and ploughed into her as the heat began to cloud his mind as well, sinking into his very blood.

She moaned, growing louder till it was almost a scream, sinking back against him as he sank into her warmth.

"Fuck," he grunted.

"Me!" She continued on and he sank into her again.

They went on until he felt her walls start to shudder around him. She sunk down to the floor again, her hands holding her up.

"Drink," She begged, moving her hair to the other side and showing off her already healed neck.

He held back for a few moments before sinking into her all the way. His fangs sunk into her throat and she bit her lip, drawing more blood out.

Her walls clung to him, milking him for all he was worth.

It was then that the pain he had discounted came back in a huge attack, pulling him under and he writhed against her.

He heard her shouting, but he couldn't see. Everything was dark, like it had been before she had come for him. Lucien felt himself flipped over and his body begin to shake.

She was screaming at him, slapping him, begging him to stop.

His vision came back but his nose began to bleed as he felt the vampire come forth in his mind.

He didn't take control however, it was like neither of them was in control or they both were.

They saw her crying over them, screaming at them. The heat was present, but it seemed to have backed off when the pain had overcome them.

What's going on? Why is she crying? What's happening?

I don't know. The Kitsune told the vampire as they both faded into oblivion.