In Eseyn I have many wonders and nightmares. While I rule Irongrass and her holdings. Grassbion (Grass-Bion) is one of my many neighbors. Ruled by King Arthur and His Queen Consort Morgana. Both rule with a stern but fair rule. Grassamalot (Grass-Ama-Lot) is the capital a grand and intimidating castle. Grassbion has had peace for years the knights of Grassbion fight injustice and evil whenever it arises.

Thanks to their efforts trade caravans have almost always arrived safely to Grassamalot. However my wife and Morgana have a love hate relationship. Both my wife Beatrix and Morgana were tax collectors before attracting both Arthur and My attention. They both knew magic and wielded them efficiently. Both Arthur and I handle war and diplomacy. Our wives handle the economy and magical affairs. They both liked each others goods yet hate the taxes on them. Morana has even offered man times.

That their only child Mordred marry my youngest daughter Malice Leaf. We've politely declined many times. In war times during the Zikorc invasion Grassbion and Irongrass fought shoulder to shoulder his knights and my grassuscarls (Grass-Us-Carls). It's this bond that keeps us strong together in peace and prosperity. I pray to the heavens that it continues for generations to come.