A Note Before We Begin,

This is a collection of one shots surrounding the do's and do not's of young love. There are quite a bit of characters, some from characters in the Growing Pains Universe (my current project, which you should read, if you haven't yet) and some won't be.

The collection itself is made up of small little projects, which ranges from ideas that didn't make it into Growing Pains, or is an AU for two particular characters from said universe, or two characters that may get a story later, or just a drabble that was written when it was late at night and the author was feeling sad.

Some are simple. Some are complex. Some have song lyrics woven into the pages and the pencil sketchings. Some are straightforward. Some will make you think. Some are based on real events. Some are created out of pure unadulterated fantasy.

If you are willing to sit through heartbreak, true love and soul mates, stupid mistakes that you just have to repeat, and dramatic retellings of what most likely didn't happen, then this is a collection for you. Do enjoy.

Always A Pleasure,