The angry wolves all gather round

Upon my altar I lie down

The bullet flies into my head

My fate is sealed. They want me dead

My body screams in horrid pain

My heart, it sings at newfound gain

For what is life with wealth untold

If all it gains is fire below

Though darkness comes there is no loss

For God Himself took up the Cross

And mortal flesh, it's not the end

One day it too shall rise again

It's good night time for baby sheep

I eat my King and fall asleep

In martyr's sleep, with final breath

I follow after Christ through death

"My lamb, you've won with faith's great sword

Come now beloved; have your reward"

You saved my life, my Savior King

For this Your Mercy I will sing

Through this same love, Lord, please let me

My poor lost wolves, bring Home to Thee