Okay, this is way into Butterfly and Black Cat's timeline, at least a year after Heartice. Vanessa and Toby/black Cat are good friends at this point, although having romantic affections for each other.

The sight of their new teammate had Butterfly standing up. Black Cat remained seated, noticing the Wolf Bracelet on the rookie's wrist. He tensed as she landed on the room, eyes full of happiness. "Hi! I'm Loup."

"Nice to meet you Loup!" his partner said, holding her hand out. The Wolf instead hugged her, smile bright. Cat tensed, memory trying to calm him down.

This was the true Wolf Brooch. She wore a grey shirt and tights, with white boots and skirt, her staff strapped to her back. She was brunette, grey wolf ears poking out, with blue eyes. She was Native American

She didn't wear a leotard with a half skirt, staff firmly in hand. She didn't have black hair and amber eyes. She wasn't Hispanic.

Vanessa was safe.

"Black Cat?"

The two girls stared at him in confusion. Loup had spoken. "A-Are you alright?"

"Can I trust you?"

Alpha laughed, her illusion pushing Vanessa closer to the edge. He had been ready to give up his ring, just to make sure his best friend was safe.

"I-I messed up last time. I want...to make sure that everyone will be safe. Can I trust you?"

A hand on his shoulder made him look up. Loup's eyes were full of tears. She hugged him.

"You can trust me."

Butterfly smiled when they separated, stepping forward. She took Cat's hand, Loup's in the other. They smiled back, hugging her.