(A talk show stage. Two women are sitting across from each other. One of them is barefooted. Music and opening credits.)

Kim—Hello, and welcome to another episode of Cross-Currents. I'm your host Kim Stevens. My guest today is a local private detective. Her name is Jennifer Mason, but she is better known as Barefoot Jenny. Nice to have you on our show, Jenny.

Jenny—My pleasure.

Kim (smiling)-I can see how you got your nickname!

Jenny (also smiling)-I'm barefooted as much as possible! My friends started calling me Barefoot Jenny back when I was in high school, and it stuck.

Kim—I see. Now, how did you first become a private eye? It's unusual to see a female private eye!

Jenny—Yes! My dad did it. When I got into my 20's, he let me join him on cases. And I was good; I actually solved a few, for him!


Jenny—So, 15 years ago, he retired, and I took over.

Kim—I see. Now, what's a typical day like, for you?

Jenny—It depends. If I have a case, I'm working on it. If not, I'm in my office waiting for clients to come in, or call me.

Kim—So you're not always busy?

Jenny—Oh, no! I've gone. . . sometimes a couple weeks without work.

Kim—Do you ever feel like you're Sam Spade, or Ellery Queen? Is your work ever like that?

Jenny—Sure. But a lot of my work can also be boring.


Jenny—Yes. A lot of it involves me going through records, or just tailing a suspect for hours. Once, I got soaked in a rainstorm, because I was standing outside a home where a man was visiting his lover.

Kim—Oh, wow! Did you catch a cold?

Jenny—Fortunately, no. It was summertime.

Kim—But your job can be dangerous, right?

Jenny—Oh, sore. I've been threatened a few times, I won't deny that. But it's not quite as bad as it's been depicted in the movies.

Kim—I see. Oh, excuse me, a moment.

(She slips her shoes off.)

I've wanted to do that, for a little while!

(Jenny smiles. Laughter can be heard from the set crew.)

Jenny—There you go!

Kim—Yes! By the way, have you ever used your feet in some way, to help you on cases?

Jenny—Sure. I've used them to help me run!

(Laughter from the set crew. Kim also laughs.)

Kim—I guess I "walked" into that one!

Jenny—Yes, you did! But seriously, I have used my feet to find clues. Once, I dug up a body with them.

Kim—You did?

Jenny—It was a muddy area that looked like it had been dug up, recently. I was able to pull out part of a trash bag with my feet. It had a victim's remains inside of it.


Jenny—And I can give a good karate kick, when I need to.

Kim—Let's see one.

Jenny—All right.

(She gets up. She yells and kicks her left foot up. Then she yells again and kicks her right foot. The set crew applauds, and Kim smiles. Jenny sits back down again.)

Kim—Now, I'll know not to mess with you, honey!

Jenny (smiling)-That's right!

Kim—Do you usually work alone, or do you have people help you?

Jenny—Usually alone, but sometimes I do have people help me out. And I have a close friend on the police force who gives me help when I need it. Sometimes, he has me go out on assignments with him, as well.

Kim—That sounds interesting. Now, if I may be so bold, can you tell me, how much money do you make?

Kim—It really depends on how much work I get. Last year, I made six figures.

Kim—Nice! And do you have any advice for people who might want to become PI's?

Jenny—Well, it's something you have to have a knack for. If you're good at determining the killer in murder mysteries before the detective does, then you can make a good PI. Also, you'll need some gun training and self defense skills.

Jenny—Like your karate.


Kim—Oh, wow; it's already time for this show to end! Before we go, can you tell us how people can contact you?

Jenny—Sure. My office phone is 555-FEET. If I'm not there, you'll get my answering machine.

Kim—555-FEET-that's cute!

Jenny—I thought so!

Kim—All right! You've been watching Cross-Currents. I'm Kim Stevens, and my guest has been Barefoot Jenny. Thanks again for being on my show.

Jenny—Thanks for having me.

Kim-OK, stay tuned untill tomorrow at 4:00 for another episode of Cross-Currents.

(Music and closing credits. Kim and Jenny get up and hug, then talk to each other in low voices.)