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She looked down at his sleeping face with a smile.

There was something about watching him sleep, something wonderful. The way his hair decorated his forehead, the way his chest rose and fell and he breathed, and especially the way his arms wrapped around her when they fell asleep together.

Dating was something she never thought she would do, namely because she saw herself as a strong woman who didn't need anyone to complete her. She had a social life, a successful career, her own apartment, and the ability to do anything she wanted. A boyfriend would simply slow her down, so she didn't even bother getting one.

Then she went to a coffee shop and saw him.

There was something about his face, the way his eyes narrowed as he stared at his computer, his mouth lightly curving as he bit his lip. He was huddled in a corner, typing away on his computer and occasionally writing notes down on a notepad, the only sounds the clacking of the keyboard and his humming.

She'd almost spilled her coffee all over herself as she stumbled to her seat, trying and failing to not stare at this man that had captured her attention. As she struggled to get her own things out and get working on the millions of little things she had to get done, she found her eyes continually drawn to his form. Thoughts ran through her mind as she wondered what he could be typing, what could be holding his attention so deeply as his fingers ran across the keyboard?

She'd sipped her morning drink slowly, her work forgotten as she kept watching him. She'd never seen him here before, and she'd frequented this coffee shop most mornings for at least two years. What could have brought him here?

Dozens of questions filled her mind, questions she didn't have time to ask because she needed to work, but surprisingly she didn't care about any of that. She just wanted to know more about him.

As he stretched out and took a sip of his drink, she stood abruptly, her hip banging the table and causing him to turn towards her. Her mouth dried instantly and her knees began to quiver as he smiled at her, nodding respectfully before turning back to his work.

"What are you typing?" She asked, grabbing the table for support as she forced herself to sit down. What kind of question was that? Her brain screamed at her what kind of person just talks to a stranger?

"My novel." He answered, "I'm an author."

"Author." She'd repeated the word slowly, shaking her head as the world began to spin around her as his eyes found her. Perfect green orbs that expanded, capturing her in their glow. "That's… That's nice."

He smiled at her then, a smile that could charm even the coldest heart as he continued. "I type mostly fantasy and romance, with some science fiction on the side. But I'm having some trouble with one scene, can you take a look at it? If you're not too busy."

"Busy?" She stammered, struggling to keep herself from blushing as she shook her head "No, no, no… I'm not busy at all!" Her hands shoved the paperwork and to-do lists aside as she made room. "Pull up a chair and I'll take a look."

The smile he'd given her was enough to shatter her completely and put her back together again, and she was thankful for the distraction as she began to read.


That had been years ago, and she'd fallen head over heels for his writing from the second she had read his scene back in the coffee shop. After an hour passed, with her giving advice and him listening to ideas and making changes, she'd bashfully given him her phone number and left.

He'd called the next day, and that started their relationship.

She never passed up on their dates, which sometimes consisted of him giving her passages from his stories and asking how to improve them. She devoured his written work like an addict, finding comfort in the magical worlds of his writing. In turn, he helped her with her job as a researcher, helping her find those little tidbits of information that always eluded her questing eyes.

Every time he was around her, her carefully built image of "girl power" and being the only person she could ever need fell apart. His laugh, touches, quirks, and dreams were all a part of her. Imagining life without them was something she could never do.

When he kissed her for the first time, she knew that she was helplessly in love, and she didn't mind a bit.

But she never told him.


Saying "I love you" was something she was terrified to do. Those three words implied commitment, and commitment to another person was scary. Everyone who said they loved her had left her, her mother, grandmother, friends... and even though he told her he loved her at least twice a day, she couldn't say it back.

Thankfully he understood that she showed her love through actions and not words, and that's what made it okay. That's what made them okay.

Until the first night, they shared a bed.


Her hometown had been hit by a hurricane when she was very young, and thunderstorms always brought out flashbacks and the fear of having everything she loved washed away by the rain. The first time a thunderstorm broke out during one of their dates, she was so terrified she couldn't drive home, and he graciously allowed her to stay.

She ended up asking him if she could stay in his room instead of the couch, and he agreed. As he put it "We're boyfriend and girlfriend, cuddling together is part of the job."

So they huddled together in the same bed, with his arms holding her tight and his mouth whispering words of encouragement and telling her she was safe, pressing kisses to her neck and face as he waited out the storm.

It lasted for about two hours and he was awake the whole time, rubbing her arms, and kissing her, and telling her she was going to be okay. When the last raindrop fell, it was three o'clock in the morning, and he fell asleep.

She listened to his breathing and heartbeat for a while, before whispering three words she thought she'd never say to a man.

"I love you"

So now she was spending more time at his house, especially during the nights. Raining or not, she was cuddled up to his warmth, letting him stroke her hair and kiss her neck.

Then when he fell asleep, she would tell him that she loved him, and every reason why.

Tonight was no different as she watched him sleep, pouring her heart out in hushed whispers. "I love you, darling, I really do. I've loved you ever since you held me that night, you took my greatest fear and made it something that I look forward to. When you hold me tight and surround me in your love and affection, it's better than anything I could ever imagine."

"I always thought I didn't need love, and I could take care of myself, but I've been in love with you since the moment I saw you in that coffee shop, and I hate that I have to sneak around with my feelings." Her fingers gripped his clothing tightly as she pressed her head into his chest. "I know you'd never hurt me, but I'm afraid to lose you. People I love end up leaving me, and I'm afraid it would change things between us. You're so good at the whole romance thing, with the long walks and picnic dates, and I'm not."

"But I love you, more than any person has a right to, and since I'm not ready to tell you when you wake I'll say it every night until I'm ready." She whispered, leaning up to kiss his lips gently.

His kisses were more than a little perfect, and she loved kissing him. If he had any problems with their frequent and passionate makeout sessions, he certainly didn't complain.

She held him close as she kissed him, pressing her body against his, only freaking out a little when his arms tightened around her and he began kissing her back.

A haze of euphoria filled her brain, the same feeling that always short-circuited her brain when they kissed before she bit his bottom lip and pulled away.

"How long were you awake?!" She asked, sitting up in a hurry as the darkness hid her blushing face.

His chuckles filled her ears as he rolled over to face her. "Long enough to hear everything you said and more. I was wondering why you never told me during the day." He smiled, nuzzling her softly. "You don't have to say you love me because I already know. I always knew dear. I doubt you'd kiss me every chance you get otherwise."

His hands reached up to caress hers. "I know you've got commitment issues, but I'm glad you told me. Even if I had to hear it second hand from a nighttime confession. You know I love and adore you."

She smiled and hugged him tightly. "I know, and I adore you too… I can't even sleep in my own bed anymore, it's too cold. I never thought I'd love sleeping in an embrace, but with you everything is perfect."

Her lips attacked his again with a breathless "Kiss me" and she let out a moan as he obliged her wish, passionately.

His hands ran down her back, exciting her sleepy muscles as he pulled her into his lap, his tongue piercing her lips and entering her mouth as she slid her hands under his shirt.

She pulled away and let him run kisses down her neck, and she smiled slowly, letting the love he felt for her wash over her mind, body, and soul.

"I might not be able to show you… h-how much I care" She whispered, as his teeth grazed her neck. "But let me show you. Please."

He looked into her eyes, the green searchlights looking through her, looking for any bit of doubt before nodding. "Okay, show me."

So she kissed him again and proceeded to show what she couldn't tell.

Outside the storm started up again, but to her, it didn't matter.

Only their love did.


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