" Hello! Welcome to Acapella Café, how may I help you?" a woman asked with a smile. The customer smiled back. " I'll have a French vanilla cappuccino, please." the woman behind the counter nodded, grabbing a cup in the size requested, and scrawled the name of the customer on the cup's body before turning to the coffee machine, filling the order and placing it on the counter quickly. With a smile, serve with a smile, the woman repeated to herself as she set the cup on the counter.

" Thank you for choosing Acapella Café, please come again!" the woman internally winced, hearing herself speak in such a chipper tone. It was too early to be this happy, even if she were just acting. The café was a thriving business, and her manager had warned her multiple times to at least act happy, even if she weren't in reality. The woman checked the clock, thirty more minutes until her break. She turned back to the counter just as another customer walked up, and she plastered her happy smile back in place. " Welcome to Acapella Café, how may I help you?" she asked, repeating the same question she always did and had done since she started working at the establishment two years ago. The man seemed to think for a moment, staring at her for a period of time. " I'll have one mocha latte, please." the man in front of her finally said. She nodded, reigning in her urge to fan herself. This man, was hot. Too hot.

He had dirty blonde hair, brown eyes with little flecks of amber, and a tall, strong build. She didn't know who he was, but she sure wanted to. Or at least have a fun spring break with him. " And your name?" she asked, sharpie in hand. He grinned, " Adrian." he said, and she nodded, scribbling the name on the cup before turning around to make the order.

Once it was finished, she set it on the counter and he picked it up. " Thanks, Harmony." he said, having clearly read her nametag, which was decorated with various music notes. She nodded absently, sighing to herself as he walked away. Damnit, she thought. So close, yet miles away.

The next day, it was slower than ever. It was also quieter. Not that she was complaining, hell, she was ecstatic for the change in pace. She hated it when the café was filled to capacity. It gave her major headaches. She yawned, rubbing her eyes tiredly. A loud crash from the backroom startled her, so much so that she almost stabbed herself in the eye. The woman cursed, dropping behind the counter onto one knee, as her left eye burned. This was just her damn luck. " Shiiiiii-" she cut herself off, remembering that there were a few people in the café that weren't old enough to hear such language. And she really didn't want to get bitched at by her manager for swearing.

She brought a finger to carefully assess the damage, and pulled back with a contact lens on her finger. Her eye still burned like someone had poured bleach on it, but it wasn't as bad as before. " Hello?" a voice startled her further, sending her shooting up from her knelt position. " I'm sorry. How-How may I help you?" she asked, one eye closed. It was the guy again. Adrian.

" Hello again. What can I get you?" she asked. " One mocha latte." she nodded, grabbing a cup and filling the order with one hand, the other occupied with her contact. " So, what's with your eye?" he asked, a shred of concern in his tone. " Oh, uh, contact got knocked out." she lamely said. " I was just about to go fix it." she set his coffee cup on the counter and was about to turn away when he gently grabbed her extended wrist.

She turned to him, confusion written plainly on her face. " I want to see." her blank look made him rephrase. " I want to see your eyes, without the contacts, I mean." his request threw her off. Clearly, because she gave him a double take, shocked.

" You-You wanna see my eyes without the contacts?" she asked incredulously, prompting the man in front of her to grin. " Yup. While I find your blue eyes cute, I wanna see your real eye color." she gulped, hand still over her eyes. " Harmony, your shift's over!" the woman sighed. " O-Okay.." she said, taking off her apron, and walking to the bathroom.

" Give me a minute." she pleaded with the man, who nodded. Within a few minutes, she emerged from the bathroom, a hand over her eyes, only a small gap between two fingers so she could see where she was walking. " You ready?" she asked and he nodded. She took a breath, before removing her hand from her closed eyes, which slowly opened to reveal her true eye color. She watched him through worried, hopeful hazel-green eyes, fidgeting and twirling a strand of poison red hair around her finger. Dyed, of course. She'd dyed her hair when she'd gotten bored. The reason behind her contacts was another story. Her eyes were a replica of her father's, whom had left her, her brother and her mother alone to fend for themselves. She had seen the pain in her mother's eyes whenever she looked at her daughter, so she got the contacts to stop seeing that look. After he left, she did all she could to distract both herself and her mother and brother. Did all she could to keep them from thinking about him.

She hadn't seen him in fifteen years, and she hoped that he was having a terrible life. He deserved it for leaving them alone. Snapping out of her thoughts due to fingers waving themselves in her face, she tuned back to the real world to see Adrian with his hand inches from her nose. " There you are, space cadet. Did you see Mars?" he teased and she frowned. " Funny." she said sarcastically, a bit of her true attitude peaking through. " Something you want to ask me?" she asked.

" Yeah. Are you from Tennessee?" he asked. " Why? Because I'm the only ten you see?" she inquired. " Nah, you're more like an eighty." that one threw her off too. She'd never heard that one. " Did you fall from Heaven?" he asked her. " No, but I did scratch my knee crawling out of Hell." she retorted.

" Do you have a Band-Aid?" he asked. " No, why?" this was getting on her nerves. " Because I fell for you." a couple of girls at a nearby table 'aww'ed at this. " Feel my shirt." he said and she decided to just humor him. He was hot, sure, but she kinda wanted to smack him right now. So she felt the sleeve of his shirt. " You know what this is? Boyfriend material." she nearly bashed her head against the wall. Just how cheesy could this guy get?

" Are you done?" she asked. " No. What do you call a goddess with a phone number?" he asked her. " I don't know! What?!" she was so done now. He leaned in close and lifted her chin with his hand. " You." he said. She backed away, face red. Her shift was over. She could go. So she did. She already had her stuff, and so she scuttled passed him and out the door.

" You can't deny you want me! I can tell!" he shouted as she exited the building. He was right. She did want him.

" That's so cheesy!" a little girl's voice cried. Her mother laughed, clutching her stomach. " It was, I admit. But, it's true." the little girl turned to her mother, shock apparent on her face. " That can't be how you met daddy!" she cried, refusing to believe such a cheesy story. Her mother shook her head. " It's true, baby." she said. Her daughter was just like her. She hated cheesy things. One day after preschool, she had told her mother the only cheesy things she wanted in her life was pizza and mozzarella sticks. Her mother had laughed like it was the funniest joke she'd ever heard.

Little Avery was just like her mother, but looked more like her father than anything. She had blonde hair and green eyes with a tinge of amber in them, but had inherited her mother's personality. Her twin sister Avalon, however, had gotten her mother's brunette hair and her father's brown eyes with her father's disposition. The sisters were deeply devoted to eachother, and did everything together. " Why would daddy say something so cheesy? And why would you not hit him for it?" she asked her mother.

" I don't know, sweetheart. I wanted to hit him, that's for sure. But, I didn't." she said. Avery huffed. Later that day, when her husband came home, she told him of her day. He chuckled, hearing his daughter's reaction to how they first met. " I'm not surprised that's what she said. She is just like you, Harmony." he said, wrapping his arms around her waist and brought her closer to him. " And just think," she began.

" That this all started with a damn latte."

Okay, so I had this idea about an hour ago and just couldn't let it slip away. God I had fun writing those cheesy ass pick up lines. Honestly, why not? I wanted to write something funny. Something kinda fluffy. Here it is.