I look down the street again, no cars. I pace between the succulents in the landscaped space between the parking lot and the road. I look up again just as a police car turns the corner and drives to her complex. I start walking. The car parks in front of her building. Mr. Sung and a cop get out. They walk to the front door and go inside. I am not far behind. He told me to stay home, but I want to see this.

The elevator doors close as I enter the lobby. I don't wait for it to return. I walk through the doors and to the back near the pool fence. The cop is standing outside, looking up at the apartment doors. Donna's door opens and she comes running out. The cop puts his hand on his gun. I run up behind him and grab it. It's heavy, is all I think as I point it and pull the trigger. The noise is louder than I expected and kickback makes me stumble. She falls just outside her door. Mr. Sung is right behind her. The gun falls on the ground as the cop grabs my arms and pins them behind my back. Donna, one red hand holding her arm, gapes through the railing and down at me.