Chapter 5

Hutch awoke in the morning and for a moment he had to think about where he was but he didn't have to think long about who he was with as the naked Nan had pretzeled her body around his under the covers.

Nan's eyes popped open and she smiled when she saw him looking into her eyes. "I like camp," she grinned as she gave him a good morning kiss and then hopped out of bed. "The easy thing about being a nudist is I don't have to do a whole lot of dressing or prepping!"

She went to her overnight bag on her bunk across the room, retrieved her toothbrush, and started for the door.

"All I have to do is walk out the door!" She laughed before disappearing to use the facilities.

Later, when both were ready, they walked together to the eating hall to enjoy breakfast. Some people were wearing various levels of clothing — a smock, a light bathrobe, a tee shirt – but many others were naked.

"I'm not sure if I'll ever get used to walking naked through the buffet line," Nan noted when she returned to their table with a plate of food.

"But at least you don't have to worry about what you're going to wear today!" Hutch quipped.

"One of the reoccurring themes I've picked up on here is that in a perfect world our bodies shouldn't matter so much," Nan observed as they ate. "Naturism and nudism comes pretty close to the ideal that nobody needs to worry about their body because it's body-neutral here."

"But there's still a sense of class and style by the jewelry, belly button rings, tattoos, and even pubic hair styles," Hutch reminded her.

"Perhaps," Nan agreed.

"I still feel naked without clothes," Hutch joked. "I miss my clothes because they protect me from who I have to be."

There were plenty of activities for Hutch and Nan to occupy themselves once they were done with breakfast. A naked non-domination outdoor church service was being conducted on one of the athletic fields. There was naked line dancing to music being held in the gym and yet, as bizarre as some of the scenes appeared at first glance, there was nothing really any stranger than anything else they had witnessed during their visit.

There were also the same activities as the previous day – volleyball, trail walking, canoeing and swimming among them. By now, the sight of another naked body was hardly anything new or worth looking at no matter who the person might be – an attractive twenty-something year old woman, a handsome man in his mid-eighties, or a young teenager just beginning to blossom.

Nan interviewed a few more people and Hutch got permission to take a couple of 'action' photos (mostly from behind) to potentially accompany the final story. When Nan decided that she had enough material and information, they returned to the cabin, got dressed, packed up their belongings and headed for the car, stopping by the main office to thank Bruce for his hospitality and permission to write the story.

Nan and Hutch didn't talk until they were in the car, leaving Camp Sunshine.

"I can now safely say that I've seen it all," Hutch said.

"All I know is that I've seen too many soft dicks hanging from men old enough to my father as well as ten-year-old boys to count," Nan said.

"I guess anything beautiful can become boring with enough exposure," Hutch observed.

"If I hadn't been there naked myself I might not think nudity was that much of a big deal!" Nan laughed.

"Well, The Naked Truth is that I was naked with you," Hutch grinned.

"And now we're together," Nan smiled.

"As it was always meant to be," Hutch concluded.

"But I'm still going to be the bitch in the office," she warned.

"You're not a bitch," Hutch let her know. "You're tough but you're fair."

"I just won't be naked," she joked.

"Lajoy is going to shit when he reads your story," Hutch grinned.

"Not bad for an old broad, huh?" Nan smirked.