Read and Review. I'm not overly religious. But I believe He's up there

A little boy, born with a light, so new and so bright!

Every day, there were hugs and kisses (more than enough love to go around).

Every Sunday, this family of three, they would be off to church to celebrate their love for one another.

But, that all vanished right out the door one night: Daddy had lost his job.

That's the night a little boy came face to face with the devil!

Now a little boy sits in his room.

He's crying and praying for someone (anyone) to come and set him free.

Take away all the pain— all the suffering.

Daddy now drinks the devil's nasty water.

Mommy could care less as she shoots up another.

Why no one comes (the little boy don't understand).

The light, still new, but dying out. That is how a non-believer was born!

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