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Daddy and Mommy were given a gift (a precious gift) through the act of a sin.

But they didn't see it as a gift.

Mommy started to cry when she saw that plus sign. Daddy started to yell and swear.

Daddy hit Mommy on the head and then he went out for a drive. He was acting like it's a lie.

Where has Daddy gone to?

He disappeared for months at a time. He didn't even take the time to see his baby boy being born.

But, now a baby is here! He didn't ask to be born! Why treat him like it's his fault?

Mommy blames her beautiful baby boy for ruining her life.

Mommy blames him for taking away all her chances to be somebody!

She was going to be a singer, A famous pop star that was Beloved by all.

Daddy blames his beautiful baby boy for ruining his life.

Daddy blames him for stomping on his dreams!

He was going to be a football player, A famous sports star that was Beloved by all.

Now they're stuck with this baby and hating their lives because they know they could have had it all.

Why blame the baby, though? It wasn't his fault.

The baby's growing up and getting much older.

He hates his life! He hates his parents!

The baby boy keeps begging for a hero to set him free.

"I can handle the solitude: I'm so used to it!" The baby boy would say.

"It could be worse. They could hit me." The baby boy would add.

One day though, Daddy just walked out. Daddy left no trace.

That's when Mommy lost it. Mommy beat her baby boy.

He cried out in agony but— Mommy didn't stop.

Then Mommy took out her gun. Mommy knew what she had to do.

The baby boy knew what Mommy was doing.

Mommy placed the gun to his head. He cried, yes, but he didn't fight it. He was accepting his fate.

Mommy pulled the trigger and a little boy died.

That's the day a little boy came face to face with the devil!

Now a little boy can't sit in his room.

A little boy can't cry or pray for someone (anyone) to come and set him free.

There isn't any more pain. There isn't any more suffering.

Because Mommy just took his life before he had a chance to live it!

A little boy was saved! No more pain! No more suffering! That's how a believer was born!

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