I gave an empty dish to my daddy as he washed and my mommy wiped. We were a perfect family. " Now honey, it's time to go to bed" Mom said after we finished cleaning up all the plates. " Ok mommy, but can we do our routine" I said to my mom. " Of course, you can cutie pie" Mommy said. I saw in the corner of my eye, Daddy rolling his eyes and we started my night night routine. I had contest with Daddy to see who could keep all the foam in their mouth when brushing our teeth. Then Mommy read me a song and Daddy sang my night night song. Mommy and Daddy tucked me in and I fell asleep. I wake up hearing stuff breaking. I snuggle in my bed scared and not knowing what to do. After a while, I hear nothing. I slowly get out of my bed and go downstairs. I hold my breath to not make a single sound. I find my mom tied to a chair and my dad with a knife next to him in the wall. Everything in our house is destroyed. A woman with cat-like eyes changing colors every second and a tail coming out of her behind. I screamed and threw a piece of a vase at the cat lady. She dodges it easily and hisses at me. The cat lady looks away from me and talks to my parents. "lm tukhbirni 'abadaan eanak. kan ladayk safqat mae him wakunt 'aelam 'anak la yumkin kasaruh. sawf 'ushahid alfatat alsaghirat sirana hataa eumriha. kun hadhiraan wamuhawalatan likasr laenat ealayk ealaa wajh alsareat." My parents nod at the lady quickly and the cat lady unties my mom and my parents run to me. "I'm sorry baby, but a bad man has to take us away because of a promise we made a long time." Mommy tells me in a soft voice. I shake my head no. " I won't let you go." I yelled at them. My dad just hugs me tightly and quietly says he loves me and to take our picture album. I nod sadly and we have one final group hug and kiss. When I open my eyes after blinking, my parents are gone and only a black and golden cat is left staring at me. WEEEEEEEEEEEEE-WOOOOOOOOOOOO! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-WOOOOOOOOOOO!