Chapter 1

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My eyes open wide as I find myself in my bed. My body is covered in sweat and I don't know the time. Quickly I blindly search for my phone as I look for my glasses also. I see the time. 6:45am. "Shit" I thought as I run to the bathroom to take a quick shower. After my shower I swiftly and diligently put on a pair of ripped jeans, a white crop top, and a loose plaid shirt. " Hi Aunt Val!" I said as I ran down the stairs into the kitchen. "Hey, Li. You should go to bed earlier, if you're going to be running like this in the house." Aunt Val said. "I know I know" I muttered under my breath as I finished putting on my socks and sneakers and quickly pulling my curly hair into a ponytail. I grabbed my lunch and took three protein bars into my bag with my Aunt Val's famous lemonade and ice tea blend into my bag. " You ready, Aliane?" a tired and deep voice yelled from outside. "Yup, Uncle Mat, let's get going." I said as I ran into the car. I live with my Uncle Mat and Aunt Valerie after the big incident when I was nine. I'm soo happy to have an aunt and uncle that care so much for me. It turns out they were historians that also based themselves in the world of ancient worlds especially ancient Egypt. "Why am I having this dream again. What's going on. It's nowhere near the anniversary of when they vanished. Why do I keep remembering the photo album. What's so important about it?" I pop out of my daydream and realize that Uncle Mat was trying to get my attention. "Hey, c'mon, I gotta go to work, Li." he said. I apologize quickly and give him a hug goodbye as I leave the car. I get tackled by a hug as I walk into the threshold of the high school. "I missed you!" said a tiny redheaded freckled girl. I hug my best friend, Lora. Lora is a petite girl of 5 feet and 2 inches and she has a very bright red hair. Her eyes are brown with specks of blue and at the end of her eyes, they curve up a little bit. As we exchange schedules, Lora tells me of her summer flings and such. "Ohhhh, guess what? WE have a new exchange student from Coverhill High!" I raise my eyebrows when I hear Coverhill High. It's a school for elites, smart people, rich people, or very lucky people. I was even more surprised when I hear the name. "It's THE Aaron Lockwood" Right after Lora tells me this bit of news, the first period bell rings. "Bye Li, see you next period." Lora yells as she runs in the opposite hall. I walk into my A period, Physics class. After all the morning routines such as the Pledge of Allegiance, attendance call, introductions of new students, etc someone comes walking in with a powerful presence. He's at least 6 feet tall with broad shoulders and deep brown hair. "Jesus Christ, he gorgeous! Oh my god, my heart's racing sooo fast right now." I think. "And who might you be, young man?" asks in a demanding voice. "Aaron Lockwood ma'am." the handsome boy says. All the girls in the class start to giggle and fawn over him. After quick introductions, Aaron looks for a seat and there is only one open one. NEXT… TO… ME! He walks over to the desk next to mine and asks in a teasing voice. "Is this seat taken?". I stammer a no and he sits down next to me. It's been about 20 minutes into the class and I'm already feeling bored. From the corner of my eyes, I stare at Aaron and take him in more deeply. I realize that he is more lean than muscular. Yet I could still see the faint trace of his abs from his tight shirt. He turns to me and takes a glance of me and all I see is gold eyes. Pure gold eyes. They're shining so bright and he seemed to not notice. In shock, I turn quickly, but glance at him again. His eyes are a deep brown with tints of green and gold. "Huh, that was odd. I swear his eyes were gold a second there. Maybe it was the sunlight?" "Miss Aliane?" I come out of my daydream to see waiting. I ask her to repeat the question and I stare at her dumbfounded. I see a slip of paper next to my notebook with the letter A on it. "Is it A?" I say questioning myself. "Yes, yes it is." says and turns back to the board to teach. I look at Aaron and see his eyes glittering in a mischievous way. I mouth a "thank you" and turn to the lesson. After my next couple of classes, I head to the cafeteria for lunch. I run to my lunch table where Lora, Kaia, Max, and Olive sit. My group of friends. Kaia is a pretty Arabian teen that hates rules and loves to dye her hair in different shades of color. Max is tall and good looking guy, but doesn't believe he is. He plays all the jock sports, but doesn't hang with the jocks. He has light brown hair that reaches to the nape of his neck. Last but not least, Oliver. Oliver is a smart and intelligent boy. He has short curly hair and has chestnut colored skin. As I'm eating and laughing with my friends, there is a hush throughout the whole cafeteria. I turn around and see Aaron Lockwood with a lunch tray in his hand. He smirks as we make eye contact and walks toward our table. He sits down with us and everyone begins to whisper among their tablemates. I'm stunned at the fact that THE Aaron Lockwood is sitting with us. "Hi, I'm Aaron—", "Lockwood! We know!" Lora interrupts as Aaron was speaking. Lora apologizes and allows Aaron to speak. "Sorry, I came to the table because I saw a familiar face I liked" he says as he looks at me. I blush profusely and we all chatter and laugh with him as we eat. Yet I realize at one time, that his eyes shine bright gold. The pure gold and once I blink it's gone. The golden eyes are replaced with deep brown eyes once more. After lunch I go to my classes and more than once I see Aaron and his smirk. At the end of the day, as I'm walking home I hear footsteps. Then all I see is Aaron. "Hey is it okay if I walk with you?"

I nod yes and we both quietly walk. After a while the silence is broken by a barking dog that starts to run towards us. I don't know what to do and then all I feel is heavy tackle and soft grass. I open my eyes to see myself on top of Aaron as the dog runs away. I feel his sturdy chest underneath my hands and I begin to blush until I am beet red. Aaron smiles at me and there is a tint of pink on his cheeks. He picks himself up and helps me up too. We continue to walk until we reach my house. We part ways and I see him get picked up by a small black limo.

A.N.- Hi! This is my first note to y'all and I would like to point out some things. First thing, anything in italics is a thought. So this : "I love cake" is a thought. Second, The Lockwoods is part of a very elite and rich society. They are practically kinda like the Kardashians when it comes to money. Third, I changed the MC's name from Aliana to Aliane. Fourth, Aliane is Li and she is of mixed race. Lora is Asian-white (mixed race), Kaia's obvious, Max is white (obvious), and Oliver is African-american. Fourth,Thank you sooo much for reading and please leave a review. I want to make this enjoyable for me and you. Have a nice day/Night!