An ember met a firework

In the heat of July night.

Neither one of fire made

Expected such a sight.


The ember wafted from the earth,

From smoke and wood and ash,

Swirling through the starlit sky,

Expecting not the crash.


The firework was yet to come

Alive, to see the stars,

To rush into the great unknown

And send such colours far.


Dancing through the leaves

Up above the shadows long,

The ember gazed upon the night,

The breeze carrying song.


Erupting into open space

With overbearing sound,

The firework gazed over all,

So far above the ground


While twirling up above the trees

Where lights refuse to shine,

The glowing two come face to face,

Collide grandeur sublime.


Colours dull into the night,

Until there is nothing

But starlit skies where fireworks

And embers ever sing.